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NCAA Triathlon Varsity sport!

21 Nov

NCAA Triathlon emerging sport for Women!

As a competitive age group Triathlete and huge fan of the sport I choose to write about NCAA Triathlon for Women today. So many people do not even know that Triathlon is an NCAA Varsity sport now for women and that 34 schools across the country have it and within the next year or two that number should hit 40+ making Triathlon a sanctioned sport by the NCAA and then look out as it explodes!

This past weekend in Tempe, AZ was the National Championships for NCAA Triathlon. They broke things out into two races. The first race was Division 3 schools, the second race they combined Division 1 and Division 2 athletes all though scoring only counted in their respected division they were out on the course at the same time as each other.
NCAA Triathlon is a sprint distance race. 750m swim, 20k bike, 5k run. The courses are always a loop style course and the bike portion are draft legal just like they race at the Olympic and ITU elite levels. It makes for very exciting racing and spectator friendly courses.

The National Champion team titles went to some familiar schools again in 2019.
Division 1 Arizona state University won again, Division 2 Queens University of Charlotte won, and Division 3 North Central College took home their 4th straight team title! Those Three schools have really set the standard in NCAA Triathlon over the last 3-4 years with taking home team titles consecutively at Nationals.

But with that said, Early National signing day opened last Wednesday 11/13/19 and schools have been announcing athletes that have signed! It’s been really fun to follow and see where girls end up. Like I said I’m a huge fan of the sport and follow it closely, also my daughter Bella has been racing against a lot of these girls for many years. Coach Gina out at University of San Francisco had a great signing day! Looks like she signed 5 athletes for her new program and grabbed what has got to be the #1 recruit in the nation Gillian Cridge. The University of South Dakota grabbed Paige Horner out of Johnston, IA who is an amazing athlete and will certainly help boost that team in 2020! Both South Dakota and San Francisco are D1 schools and I believe will have some fire power now to make the race a lot more interesting in 2020 against ASU.
Also Wagner University (Stanton Island, NY) signed two really great athletes, and ESU (Eastern Tennessee university) grabbed some quality athletes like Sade (who is a sweet kid, Bella and her have raced and met) This is what I have seen out of the Division 1 schools so far.

Daemen Tri announce 2019
In Division 2 I have not seen a lot of the school’s post about athletes signing to help bolster their teams and chase after Queens University. Except for Daemen College (Amherst, NY) where my daughter Bella signed. Bella is one of the top athletes coming out in this 2020 class and could have went Division 1 at some of the schools mentioned above and has beaten a lot of the girl’s head to head that did sign at those Division 1 schools above. But Bella choose her schools based on other factors that just being a Division 1 athletic program school. The athletics was very important but what was more important was her degree and the education piece of things. She also loves the girls on the team and Coach Metz! And so, does dad! I believe with the addition of Bella to the Daemen roster and whatever else Coach Metz has coming in that this team is going to really contend in 2020 for a podium spot at National Championships and maybe even dethrone Queens! And that is very exciting!

In Division 3 I have not seen a lot here also about athletes that have signed. But I know a couple of these coaches well and they are amazing!! Bella almost went to school there.
Coach Kim out at Northern Vermont University I’m sure will have some good talent coming in, and she is a great coach! If you like a rural campus in the mountains this place is beautiful! And Coach Jenny at NCC (4-time team National champs D3) is an outstanding coach and great person! I guarantee you she has some talent coming in to make that very strong team even stronger! So, it will be exciting to see over the next few months where girls go and what the rest of these schools add to their already strong teams!

The last message I want to get out there to anyone who reads my blog. High school girls’ coaches and schools are looking for quality athletes, and quality people. You don’t have to have past experience in Triathlon. This is why USA Triathlon has been supporting and helping put on combines across the country at high schools so that we can build a list of girls that have swim or run backgrounds and would be interested in talking with a Triathlon coach. I plan to host a combine in Minnesota come spring of 2020! A lot of these colleges especially D2 or D3 level are looking at athletes with strong swim or run background and then coaching the rest. Did you know that 2016 Olympic gold medal winner Gwen Jorgenson came out of a program like this? She was a cross country runner and a swimmer never did Triathlon and got recruited into a program and coached up and then boom became the best in the world! Same for current #1 in the world Katie Zafares, she was a steeple chase runner at Syracuse university and now is #1 in the world on the ITU circuit. So, girls you don’t have to have the past Triathlon experience like some of these girls listed above do coming out of junior elite cup races and what not. If you have a solid swim or run background you can Try a Tri and join an NCAA team and compete in college! Think about it, and please reach out to me if you want help? I’m happy to coach, mentor, and educate on Triathlon and the NCAA process and introduce you to coaches.

I love the sport of Triathlon and I love what USA Triathlon has started! Tim Yount is passionate about this and that is exactly what we need! So, I ask any of you out there to just get out and support the sport of Triathlon as a parent doing age group races or a child that maybe wants to work their way onto a NCAA team! And to any Colleges needing to hire a coach I’m avail and looking! I would love to coach a NCAA team, or a youth development team that helps funnel kids into the NCAA system.

No Limits, Never Give up, anything is possible!
Coach MB

Looking Forward Never back!

20 Jan

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us” ~ Emerson

I read that quote the other day in this great article in my most recent issue of USA Triathlon the article was titled “Your very last run” About changing your attitude and perception.

That quote really strikes me in such a positive way and the article really brought a good perspective to me in regards to how I train and embrace the freedom of being able to run, bike and swim.

Think about it “what lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters” take just that part so true so often we are hung up on such small things these tiny matters that appear and seem to derail us get us out of rhythm and affect our training or our lives. But if we focus on what lies within us then we will see that those other things are tiny and so easily overcome. We need to focus on our inner strengths the things that make us who we are as people and as athletes. We need to take those words and remember them daily not dwelling on the past or getting to focused on the future but yet live within the moment enjoying life making the most of where we are at that given time. Do you ever go for a run and instead of just enjoying that free moment you have at the time soaking in your surroundings nature you drift into your mind and fixate on things you have to do maybe focus on something that happened in the past and instead of living in that moment embracing the freedom of running you get all out of whack on these tiny matters.

I think sometimes we need to open up our mind and get back to being a kid focus on that run, bike or swim no worries about pace, distance, heart rate any of that and just live in the moment and move forward. I’m guilty of fixating on workouts like all of us and sometimes we have to when training for a big event and chasing goals. But I’m also a huge believer of living in the moment and enjoying what is given to me at that time and not worry about tomorrow or what happened yesterday. I often think about what if this is my final moment on earth? Would I want to go out how things are? Would I want my final run or ride to be like this? My father was taken from me at an early age and every day we all see young people die people that should have so much more time with us but yet they are taken away. Think about that as you wake up tomorrow and go out for your workout. Think if tomorrow my last run is or swim how do I want to enjoy that moment? Free yourself from all the detailed workouts, paces, etc…. and just go run to run. No music, no worries just look at nature listen to your heart pound and move forward never looking back.

Make 2012 a great year, make it a year of change a year of living in the moment. And move forward never looking back. Focus on what lies within yourself not what lies around you. Become alive and embrace the fact that you are healthy that you can run or ride or swim. Don’t worry if you are not as fast as you want to be or as fast as your friends. Don’t worry about those time goals just be happy to be alive and to be able to perform to move forward.

If you get a chance to read the article written that inspired my thoughts here do so. It was written by Cheryl D. Hart and it really opened my eyes and confirmed feelings I have things I have said and wrote in the past.

Coach MB

2012 Looking forward never back!

Today’s workout: It was minus 17 degrees this morning so I was stuck on a treadmill for a nice easy run 6 miles at 6:45 pace. Then I had a nice swim workout before I taught a 60 minute cycle class. I’m a little sleep deprived and feeling tired today maybe even coming down with a bug? So well see how I feel in the morning and how hard I push myself. I’m also very due for a massage so that will be a call made tomorrow.

Building a proper training plan

18 Dec

Training to avoid injury:

Yesterday we had a meeting for people who will be running the Boston marathon this year and as we discussed the training and events that we do as a group with Life Time Run it got me fired up and got the others fired up. This is also the time of year that many people will get back into training hard for other spring events, marathon, half marathon, Triathlon or whatever. The group I coach out of the Chanhassen Life Time Fitness is a mix of Boston runners, other spring marathon runners, half marathoner’s and a bunch of Triathletes. As a coach and knowing most of these athletes I choose to start some workouts a couple weeks ago which yes is typically early in a training cycle but there workouts where designed to be base building and getting people back into shape after they took a nice long recovery from their fall events.

The key’s to building a good training cycle:
1. Be slow about building weekly mileage don’t just jump in and start running 40 miles a week if all you have been doing is running 15-20 miles per week for the last month. You need to start slow add about 10% of your weekly mileage per week and every 2-3 weeks back off and have a lighter week for some recovery and then build it back up from where you left off.
2. Strength train; this is one many of us runners and Triathletes skip but it’s so crucial to staying healthy and strong to perform better. We need to take 1-2 days a week and do some strength training. Squats, light weight lifting build strength in the Glutes and hamstrings.
3. Core exercises; again something we tend to skip but really need to focus on. We all need a tight core we all want that six pack abs look so take 10-15 minutes per day and do some planks and core work. A strong core will pull everything together and into alignment and help keep you healthy.
4. Stretching; this is again very crucial and often times overlooked as we all get in a hurry to get on with our day after a run. Just take 10 minutes after your workout and stretch things out the muscles will thank you.
5. Yoga and Pilates; These are two great classes we could add to our training plan and would help you a lot with flexibility and strength and core.
6. Cross train; as a runner that does not do Triathlon you may not feel the need to cross train like swim or cycle. As a Triathlete of course you are doing these things because you have to train for them in your event. So Runners focus on some cross training not every day but at least one day a week do some cycling, swimming, kick boxing, if you live in a northern climate and it’s winter cross country ski or snow shoe. It all will help with some recovery and keep your cardio up and activate some muscles groups you don’t use running.
7. Sleep; this is a very important one often times life gets very busy work all day, up early to train family stuff at night and well we don’t get enough sleep. So try and focus on some good rest during the week and notice how much better those workouts start to be.
8. Diet; again something that we mean to watch and stay healthy with but often times fall off the wagon. Pay attention to what foods work well for you and give you energy and what foods don’t. But also after a long hard workout don’t deprive yourself of a treat because you earned it.

Those are a few key points to keep in mind as you start this next training cycle and start to bring yourself out of recovery rest mode and into intense training mode. Listen to your body don’t try to do too much and don’t always worry about what those around you are doing. Do what feels best for you consult your coach and work with that person to make sure your doing the right workouts but also not doing too much.

Stay healthy, have fun! Inspire! And Make 2012 a glorious year!

Coach MB

Add Rest days to your training plan.

14 Nov

Take time for proper rest:

As endurance athlete’s something we often forget to add into our training plans is “rest”! This is a very key element to any good training plan and something we all need to take seriously.

Rest can mean many different things, there is complete rest as in no exercise and then there can be what I call active rest or active recovery. Both very important and both have to be implemented into training plans.

Complete rest: I think at least once every two weeks you need a full day of complete rest. Sleep in and relax that day don’t do anything hard and stress the body but just allow the body to recover. These “complete” rest days get to be very crucial during the “taper” period of training and I always think that two days prior to a race needs to be a day of complete rest.

Active rest/recovery: This should be mixed in every week during training. Active rest would mean you’re still active doing something so as a runner maybe you swim? Or go for a hike or walk. It’s activity that is low stress on the body keeps the heart rate very relaxed and aerobic and allows the body to heal some from the previous days hard efforts but also keeps the body lose and active by not fully resting and doing nothing.

As you train for your next events and you look over your training plan from coach and see “rest” or “Active recovery” in the plan follow that advice and know that those workouts are just as key as the hard effort workouts.

Enjoy some down during the off season as well and make sure you really give yourself a good 4 weeks a year at the end of the season to rest. Take extra days of complete rest and mix in more active recovery days. Run, swim, and cycle for fun during this time don’t stress the body with hard efforts but do more basic aerobic workouts to just maintain some endurance.

Happy Training!
Coach MB
USA Track and Field Level one certified coach