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NCAA Triathlon Varsity sport!

21 Nov

NCAA Triathlon emerging sport for Women!

As a competitive age group Triathlete and huge fan of the sport I choose to write about NCAA Triathlon for Women today. So many people do not even know that Triathlon is an NCAA Varsity sport now for women and that 34 schools across the country have it and within the next year or two that number should hit 40+ making Triathlon a sanctioned sport by the NCAA and then look out as it explodes!

This past weekend in Tempe, AZ was the National Championships for NCAA Triathlon. They broke things out into two races. The first race was Division 3 schools, the second race they combined Division 1 and Division 2 athletes all though scoring only counted in their respected division they were out on the course at the same time as each other.
NCAA Triathlon is a sprint distance race. 750m swim, 20k bike, 5k run. The courses are always a loop style course and the bike portion are draft legal just like they race at the Olympic and ITU elite levels. It makes for very exciting racing and spectator friendly courses.

The National Champion team titles went to some familiar schools again in 2019.
Division 1 Arizona state University won again, Division 2 Queens University of Charlotte won, and Division 3 North Central College took home their 4th straight team title! Those Three schools have really set the standard in NCAA Triathlon over the last 3-4 years with taking home team titles consecutively at Nationals.

But with that said, Early National signing day opened last Wednesday 11/13/19 and schools have been announcing athletes that have signed! It’s been really fun to follow and see where girls end up. Like I said I’m a huge fan of the sport and follow it closely, also my daughter Bella has been racing against a lot of these girls for many years. Coach Gina out at University of San Francisco had a great signing day! Looks like she signed 5 athletes for her new program and grabbed what has got to be the #1 recruit in the nation Gillian Cridge. The University of South Dakota grabbed Paige Horner out of Johnston, IA who is an amazing athlete and will certainly help boost that team in 2020! Both South Dakota and San Francisco are D1 schools and I believe will have some fire power now to make the race a lot more interesting in 2020 against ASU.
Also Wagner University (Stanton Island, NY) signed two really great athletes, and ESU (Eastern Tennessee university) grabbed some quality athletes like Sade (who is a sweet kid, Bella and her have raced and met) This is what I have seen out of the Division 1 schools so far.

Daemen Tri announce 2019
In Division 2 I have not seen a lot of the school’s post about athletes signing to help bolster their teams and chase after Queens University. Except for Daemen College (Amherst, NY) where my daughter Bella signed. Bella is one of the top athletes coming out in this 2020 class and could have went Division 1 at some of the schools mentioned above and has beaten a lot of the girl’s head to head that did sign at those Division 1 schools above. But Bella choose her schools based on other factors that just being a Division 1 athletic program school. The athletics was very important but what was more important was her degree and the education piece of things. She also loves the girls on the team and Coach Metz! And so, does dad! I believe with the addition of Bella to the Daemen roster and whatever else Coach Metz has coming in that this team is going to really contend in 2020 for a podium spot at National Championships and maybe even dethrone Queens! And that is very exciting!

In Division 3 I have not seen a lot here also about athletes that have signed. But I know a couple of these coaches well and they are amazing!! Bella almost went to school there.
Coach Kim out at Northern Vermont University I’m sure will have some good talent coming in, and she is a great coach! If you like a rural campus in the mountains this place is beautiful! And Coach Jenny at NCC (4-time team National champs D3) is an outstanding coach and great person! I guarantee you she has some talent coming in to make that very strong team even stronger! So, it will be exciting to see over the next few months where girls go and what the rest of these schools add to their already strong teams!

The last message I want to get out there to anyone who reads my blog. High school girls’ coaches and schools are looking for quality athletes, and quality people. You don’t have to have past experience in Triathlon. This is why USA Triathlon has been supporting and helping put on combines across the country at high schools so that we can build a list of girls that have swim or run backgrounds and would be interested in talking with a Triathlon coach. I plan to host a combine in Minnesota come spring of 2020! A lot of these colleges especially D2 or D3 level are looking at athletes with strong swim or run background and then coaching the rest. Did you know that 2016 Olympic gold medal winner Gwen Jorgenson came out of a program like this? She was a cross country runner and a swimmer never did Triathlon and got recruited into a program and coached up and then boom became the best in the world! Same for current #1 in the world Katie Zafares, she was a steeple chase runner at Syracuse university and now is #1 in the world on the ITU circuit. So, girls you don’t have to have the past Triathlon experience like some of these girls listed above do coming out of junior elite cup races and what not. If you have a solid swim or run background you can Try a Tri and join an NCAA team and compete in college! Think about it, and please reach out to me if you want help? I’m happy to coach, mentor, and educate on Triathlon and the NCAA process and introduce you to coaches.

I love the sport of Triathlon and I love what USA Triathlon has started! Tim Yount is passionate about this and that is exactly what we need! So, I ask any of you out there to just get out and support the sport of Triathlon as a parent doing age group races or a child that maybe wants to work their way onto a NCAA team! And to any Colleges needing to hire a coach I’m avail and looking! I would love to coach a NCAA team, or a youth development team that helps funnel kids into the NCAA system.

No Limits, Never Give up, anything is possible!
Coach MB

City of Lakes Half marathon

12 Sep

Sunday well yesterday was the MDRA City of Lakes Half marathon. This is a race that has been around for years first as a 25k now just a half marathon. It’s a beautiful course making loops around Lake Calhoun and Lake Harriet in Minneapolis. It’s also a very fast race that draws a very competitive crowd! Minnesota USATF has a team race circuit and this is a race on the circuit that draws out the best of the Twin cities runners also little bit of cash prizes for them to chase.

As a coach I have integrated this race into my athletes training plan each fall and my own training plan to prepare or tune up for their fall marathons next month. I think racing a half marathon a month or so out from your goal marathon is a great idea, a great tool to give us a gauge of current fitness and to maybe make last minute adjustments to the training plan and race day goals.

Also racing events like this is a fun way to bring out many of the athletes I coach and that train together and unify as a team and enjoy a special moment of racing together and cheering for each other. The support of the athletes on Team Gotta Have Heart is really quite impressive every stays and cheers in all the runners after they finish, they high five, maybe help pace someone etc… it’s really a great show of sportsmanship. As a coach I could not be more proud of these amazing athletes and the efforts they all give, even on days when conditions might not be right or they might be flat.

2016 City Of Lakes was not a day that a lot of PR times were had and people really ran at potential or hit goals. But yet they all ran with a lot of heart and guts and performed quite well!

The weather was not perfect with humidity high, and the winds strong and bright sunshine! The temps were mild which helped but that humidity is tough!

Becky Youngberg was first in her age group and placed in the top 15 overall for women, Krisana Hoff was second in her age group and also placed in the top 15 overall for women. Coach MB he was 2nd in his age group and was 26th place overall in the race. (My time this year was 2 minutes slower than my 2015 time) I’ll talk about my race later….

Shannon or SW came within 10 seconds of her half marathon PR and Alex well he did run a half marathon PR so those are great success stories! Ingrid, Cindy and Charlie all ran strong half marathon times, not PR times but solid training in prep for Twin cities marathon in a month.

Pete and Mark the speedy little duo had strong races, not perfect races hitting their goals, but they ran strong and faster than they did in 2015 so that’s success! And they nailed a lot of marathon pace miles which was really the goal.

Back to my race the goal was (Run smart) this is a struggle for me especially in a event like this full of fast dudes itching to get after it. my competitive nature typically takes me out flying and then hanging on for dear life late. But my plan for this year was start little more like marathon pace not half marathon pace and run smooth and steady and try to find a kick late. Well the plan was executed perfectly for 7 miles holding right where I wanted to be in the 5:52 zone and on pace for a 1:16 something like year prior. Then came mile 8 and this set of rolling hills on the back side of Lake Harriet and then came a 6:09 mile split and I knew ugh my legs were losing energy and this race might turn into a grind. But as I turned and headed North along the east side of Lake Harriet I found some tempo again and got a 6min mile out of me. But then came Lake Calhoun and back to 6:10 mile pace I landed. I did not want to be that slow, but also for me to run 6:10 pace and feel in a comfort zone of sorts at 6:10 pace was a booster for my upcoming marathon makes me feel I can hold that tempo for 26.2. The race kept clicking away the winds got stronger and soon the winds were smacking us in the face making the energy level we had to kick out to run the same pace or faster was getting harder. In the end I finished with a 1:18:44 exactly 6min per mile pace. Nothing special not a PR or close to it. but a solid effort and great training run.  I was little disappointed but not too much overall it was the perfect tempo run to prime me for marathon day. My shoe choice was not the smartest, typically I’m a New Balance 1500 guy but yesterday I choose to wear my tiny little Japanese racing flats made by Addidias the Tuchmasen.  They are about 3.5 ounces and thin no cushioning hardly at all and my legs certainly felt that in the late miles of the race I think those shoes will be saved for 5k races now.

So as the race is behind me and the others we can all look at the data and think do we adjust marathon goals? Or do we stay on track and chalk up some of the off performances to conditions.

For myself I might adjust things slightly and hope for cooler less humid weather and maybe have a kick in the late miles.

Thanks to all my athletes for racing with me and making it such a fun day on the course! Thanks for all the hard work you put into your training.

Best of luck to everyone out there and keep that relentless forward motion!


Coach MB



Sometimes you don’t need a finish line to have the journey.

8 Sep

Today’s blog comes to me after a morning phone call with one of my athletes and then an after of deep random thoughts.

As a coach, as an athlete I so often speak about “The Journey” and then the race being the carrot the prize at the end of it all. I think the real joy often times in racing and doing long endurance races like Ironman distance (140.6) Triathlon is the training, the long many months of training and hard work you put in, the sweat, blood, tears, laughs you share with friends and teammates and people you train with. The journey the ups and downs, the good days, the bad days and the in between days; early morning wake up calls and all the sacrifices you make along the way to prepare yourself for race day.

We all focus so much on the race it’s self and that’s good truly we want that race, the goal time, the finisher medal all of it! That really brings us joy and confidence. But many times when you train for long distance event things can happen along the way, road blocks or sometimes road closures! Things that either slows us down and we have to overcome or things that flat out stop us in our tracks and don’t allow us to finish the journey or maybe compete in the race and get that carrot we have been chasing.  Injuries are most often times what takes us out of the game! Injuries happen no matter if you are an age grouper or an elite no matter if you do everything right or you do some dumb stuff it’s just part of life, it’s just part of training and racing.

This morning phone call was with my buddy Stu, and Stu has been training for IMWI but couple weeks ago Stu found out he has a fractured sacrum and the pain is intense as you can imagine. Now for two weeks Stu has been wrestling with do I still try and tough it out and do IMWI? Or do I just give up and rest heal and get back in the game faster. This has been a tough thing to answer for him. Of course the smart thing, dude rest!! And heal and forget about IMWI and just get healthy, then the other side is dude it’s Ironman!!  Toughen up and go earn that $650 T-shirt and medal! You can do it and how bad ass is that to say you did IMWI on a fractured sacrum. So there you go the two thoughts going on. Well after a lot of soul searching I’m happy to know it sounds like Stu is going to make the smart choice the one the voice of reason angel is making and that is REST don’t do IMWI and risk more damage to yourself. The reward for doing IMWI is small compared to the risk that could happen during such a grueling race in the condition he is in.

So this is where I speak about “The Journey” and how the journey is what this is all about! Stu can to experience an amazing journey that began back in January. Stu got to make loads of friends this past 9months training, share in 100 mile bike rides with friends, long early morning swims, some running miles, beers, concerts, funny text chains and even some racing all in prep for his big day at IMWI. So people as you enter into long distance events like an Ironman know things can go south and things can take you out of the game or slow your game down. But know that if you embrace the journey embrace the comradely with the people you train with, if you log the miles, build the fitness and have months of fun along the way but get within reach of home plate but just can’t quite get home and do the race it’s OK. Yes it will sting, yes it will make sure sad but find the positive in it, think about the journey think about all the great moments you shared with people with yourself as you prepared for that race and then smile and be at peace. This won’t be easy to do I know, I’ve been there and understand these things but I do know we can’t control many things, and I do know failure happens more than success but if we shift our thoughts our mind to look at failure as a positive we can become stronger, smarter, better and be much happier! And I’m not saying that Stu or anyone who does not make a start line after the journey is failing. I’m just saying that as an athlete we might think that way and so we have to take the negative thoughts and spin them to positive ones.

We have to reflect back on all the things we enjoyed along the way and that if we did not commit to that race that then prompted us to hire a coach, join a training group, make new friends with people training for same or similar events we might have missed out on a lot of fun, on life! And it’s this that I call “The Journey” and why the Journey is so powerful and so special!

So hopefully you all stay strong and healthy and reach your start lines, achieve your goals and success! But if something happens and spins you off course and stops you dead in your tracks hopefully you got to experience a journey along the way and can find happiness in that.

Best of luck!


Coach MB


(photo is from this past summer The Journey of Stu, Manuela and I post a 100 mile ride)



Overcoming obstacles!

30 Aug

“Obstacles are put in our way to see if what you want is really worth fighting for”

That quote says a lot and means a lot.  It’s so true and it’s something I try and ask myself, and ask each athlete I coach daily and get them to answer.  


An obstacle can be something as crazy as a person with his stress fracture, or someone with cancer, or a person fighting back from a serious bike crash.  Those three examples are extreme serious obstacles that slow people down but don’t have to make them quit or stop pursuing dreams and their passions.

So when an athlete is positive, so mentally tough, so competitive and driven they will beat the odds and come back sooner than anyone will tell them! This is the kind of person that can answer “It’s worth fighting for” it matters and I’m overcoming that obstacle.


Sometimes an obstacle can be as simple as “I can’t leave my kids for 45 minutes” or “Work is so busy and stressful” or whatever outside noise is slowing you down from staying focused and enjoying your passion for even 30-45 minutes a day.


Obstacles can be minor injury like a calf strain, or tight sore legs, maybe a tweaked hamstring something like that in which maybe you can fight through the pain, or still do some form of exercise to stay fit and not completely derail your training and future goals.

Sure they slow us down, maybe make us take a few extra rest days or alter how we do things.

But again they don’t have to make us quit and give up! Unless of course it’s not worth fighting for and it does not truly matter to us.


But what I’ve learned over the years is that if it really matters to you if you truly want it! If you want that goal you set out for you will do everything you can to overcome the obstacle, you will fight and be mentally strong and make it happen to jump that hurdle do what you need to do and find that success, reach that goal!


Life is hard and certainly training for and competing in endurance sports or anything even a 1 mile running race is hard! And we have to fight daily to make our schedules work to fit in our own personal time for training, to get proper sleep, alter diets so we recover and stay healthy and don’t gain a bunch of weight.  But when something is hard to obtain it makes obtaining it that much sweeter! When we have to endure all sorts of pain, sacrifice, and overcome some obstacles to reach our goal and we do then we cherish that goal even more.

So don’t be afraid to fight for something that matters to you, don’t be afraid to overcome those obstacles and stay focused and positive.  Don’t let outside noise or life get in the way and slow you down because I honestly believe if something truly matters to you if you commit to something then you find away to see it through and complete it! You don’t let obstacles get in your way, you go around those obstacles and you keep pushing for the end result you want!


Go be great! Go chase goals! And stay positive and in the moment!



Coach MB




To Race fast, you must train faster…

25 Aug

As a coach I’ve always taught this to my athletes and always preached it, especially during long runs. Why would you do all your long runs at (Long slow distance) pace when you have a time goal for the marathon? Like qualify for the Boston marathon. I think one big reason why I have had so much success as a coach over the years and have a huge resume of clients I’ve helped qualify for the Boston marathon and run PR marathon times is simply because of the workouts I give them and how I challenge them to attack the long run with faster race pace miles mixed in.


It takes a lot of confidence first, a lot of trust and belief in the coach, the system and yourself to make these adaptations to running faster during a long training run. But if you do is properly, if you manage all the other workouts and miles through the week properly your body can handle this, respond well and carry you to that time goal you have set for yourself.


This is one big reason I left a place I use to work and coach. Because their philosophy was to train runners to run slow, they always promoted the LSD approach to the long run. I always trained myself and applied the get some tempo into those legs. My idea of LSD often times might be 30-45 seconds off goal race pace not 90 seconds to 2 minutes like many others say.

I don’t encourage running the entire long run at race pace, or every long run at race pace. But I highly encourage the runner to challenge themselves some after 5 miles of easy warm-up or so and I like to mix interval type workouts into the long run. also I might only do these types of workouts every other week? So maybe one week the runner does a long run at 30-45 seconds off goal race pace so the heart rate is in zone 3 and aerobic, the paces feels in control and does not tax the runner too much. Then the next week for the long run we mix in that race pace tempo so after they get good and warmed up then I will give them certain intervals maybe by miles? Maybe by time? But these are done at race tempo with a certain recovery shag mixed in after each harder interval. Like maybe 2miles at race tempo, 1 mile shag etc…

This way we incorporate race tempo into the legs as they are getting fatigued from running long mileage and helps them not only physically get stronger and prepare for race day and race paces, but it gets them mentally stronger, and more confidence.

The long run can build such confidence in a runner, if they go out and do 20 miles and have some race tempo in there and feel good at the end, or maybe even tired at the end as they should but they hit all their paces during the workout well that is huge and will give them loads of confidence.  And the main thing to do is build confidence in an athlete.

So as a coach I love to give them challenging hard workouts but yet workouts that can be hit and the athlete can complete and feel successful. Sure sometimes failure is going to happen but failure is great as it always teaches us lessons that lets us achieve success later.


So as you plan your workouts this weekend and over the next several weeks preparing for those fall marathons, 10 mile races, half marathons etc… think about mixing in some “race” pace tempo miles, think about running those runs you use to take so relaxed and slow and pushing the tempo up a couple notches and making them a bit quicker.  Don’t race the workout, don’t beat yourself up but a slow build and running not so dramatically slower than race pace will help you prepare a lot better for race day and hitting your time goal.


Happy Running

Coach MB


Training on tired legs! Suck it up :)

23 Aug

As a coach I hear it all the time, “I’m so tired” “I lack energy” “I can’t do that I just ran yesterday” and blah blah blah.  Sure sometimes we do need to listen to our body and shut it down not saying you always need to push through. But often times we do need to push and do that workout the day post long run or hard effort. This is why a training schedule a coach sets for you is so important to follow and keep in-tact not altering days all the time. Because as a coach we know the progressions for you to build, how much to push, when to push and how to space out the certain workouts that is going to be hard and the key workouts. We know how to mix in the recovery workouts and how to keep those easy and used to recover your body. So as an athlete try and really communicate well with your coach, and follow the plan and structure they give you because it had thought, and it makes sense. And when you think you can alter things and just randomly move workouts around it often times leads to trouble and injury and no good.

But now back to training on tired legs.  I’m of the belief and have seen it with my own body that sure as we make the adjustment to train this way, increase volume and increase some intensity it has to be done in a slow progression you have to have patients and you have to understand that you will be sore and tired at first but if you stay focused, dedicated to the plan and stay mentally strong it will get better, you will get over the hump and soon your body will be able to handle this type of volume better.

When I’m training myself or an athlete for a longer type endurance event like marathon, 70.3 or 140.6 distance Triathlon etc… we often times will slow down some of the hard efforts, but increase that volume and I love to push longer stretches of workouts before a rest day to wear down the legs, make the body tired and then throw some hard workout in there and see if the body can respond and hit the paces when it’s tired. That workout becomes more of a mental battle than a physical one often times. We must train the mind to believe we can do the work we can push even though the legs and body are screaming hey I’m tired! If we give into the legs and that weak feeling of I’m tired we can’t grow and get stronger and faster so we must focus the mind to be tough and to push through. When I race a marathon I’m never feeling fresh and good at mile 21 so I train myself to be tired and then hit paces tired just like how I might feel at mile 21 of that marathon.  Make sense? A key type of workout for me during a goal marathon cycle is, long run on Saturday 17-22 miles which might be done more aerobic and not any race pace miles in it. So the intensity is a touch lower but it’s still a long time on feet and running that it will fatigue me. Then on Sunday I bounce back with a shorter run 8-10 miles but done with intensity like after 2miles warm-up I will push to try and run the remainder of my miles at race tempo.  The goal is to hold and hit goal race paces when I’m exhausted from a long week of training with no rest and the day previous was a big workout. If I can hit those paces on Sunday it gives me such a major mental boost and confidence that I’m ready come race day to succeed!

Now doing these types of workouts and efforts is not easy, and certainly can’t be done early in a training cycle but once you are into the middle of a cycle have your endurance up and the body has been responding well then it’s great to mix in and really test yourself.

The next part of going more like 10 days of consecutive workouts before a rest day; (this is my favorite way to attack things if the athlete is able and willing to do this sort of work) is that after weeks of this type of hard training when they roll into “Taper” and get the extra rest, backed off mileage etc… of a good taper come race day they are so fired up and ready to race the legs recover the body feels good and typically the race goes well! But for an athlete to handle this type of work load it takes a really strong mind, a very focused and dedicated athlete and someone who can embrace a little pain J.  For most athletes I coach I always give them one rest day per week so 6 days on and one day off.


The main point I’m trying to express today is train that body to perform when it’s tired, because those days become more of a mental toughness day which we all need! And when you succeed with your workout on those tired legs it gives you such confidence and then you grow as a person, an athlete and get that much better! So don’t be afraid to take on these kind of challenges your coach might give you and know this is the reason why we do that to you. We don’t do this because we are mean and trying to kill you.. ha ha it’s to teach you some things about your body, your mind and prepare you for race day and those tired dark moments!


Happy Training, Happy Racing! Best of luck!

And hey if you want a coach or a new coach let me know always looking for new dedicated athletes to work with.



Coach MB


The Power of a positive group to train with.

3 Aug

I’ve been coaching athletes for a long time now. Runners of all distance from 5k to marathon and even 50k ultras. I’ve coached Triathlete from sprint distance to Ironman, Duathlete (run, bike, run) and even kids for running and Triathlon. I coach here in Minnesota by using a “group” method and hosting group workouts, but I also coach athletes who live in other states like Missouri or Utah etc…. so I do coach remote and in a more 1:1 format.

Even the athletes I coach and use the “group” format with I still coach 1:1 and design their workouts to be geared toward them, toward their goals and at their paces etc…. But they get to do some of their workouts with the support of the “Team” the others I coach that I bring together and create this one big positive happy family of like minded people pushing each other.

So today’s blog post is about that, the power of Team Gotta Have Heart and how if you use the group in the right positive way just how much you can grow and how much better it can make you!

I’ve always known the group is powerful and this group I have assembled over the years is special! But sometimes you wonder if the group format is right? Or if you need to stay solo? Then this week an article about Gwen Jorgenson came out the Olympic Triathlete poised to win Gold in Rio! And how a few years back when she shifted and joined an elite training group it took her performance to a whole new level! The article kind of validated what I have been doing for years and confirmed that if you use the group properly and you show up to workouts just how powerful it is and how much better you get!

Over the years athletes have come and gone from my group, some fit in and some don’t and I’m cautious to find the right fit because this is a very special group of people and I love them dearly and they show a lot of guts and determination and of course HEART! And you need to be a team player, a supportive person, and a positive person to really fit in. The friendships that have been made between all of these people I coach is simply amazing! They have all come together maybe knowing someone in the group but mostly not, just found me by luck and as I introduce them and they show up week in and week out for workouts they develop these awesome long lasting supportive friendships.  So the group is more than just making you a bad ass athlete it also gives you a great social outlet and a lot of new like minded friends who will always have your back!  what you get from Team Gotta Have Heart is when one of the people in the group goes down like recently with Dan (brain cancer) and Jill (bike crash) everyone steps up and supports. They make meals, they get prayer chains going and so on. It’s really a cool thing!  And those who lose their way and float in and out of commitment with the group and staying consistent really miss out on a lot of great things and they miss out on staying fit.

So back to group training and when used properly will take your game to a whole new level! Knowing that you have friends showing up at say 5:30am for a workout should make you feel guilty and hold you accountable to get to bed at a decent time and set that alarm to rise and shine and come workout with them, and when you miss you should feel guilty and lousy! So this is step one of a positive group that will help you grow and become a better athlete.

Next the POSITIVE competition… I say it like that because within in a group setting I have seen unhealthy competition and people not handled it right so it creates jealousy or stupidity and bad vibes and nobody gets better. But if you understand it and use the competition within the group properly it will help you get faster and stronger and better! And along the way you will build even tighter friendships with some people that you are similar pace with and push each other day in and day out!  This is one of the best strengths of a great group like Team Gotta Have Heart.  I coach some wicked fast athletes and people of all paces so everyone always has someone to chase, someone to pace off and someone to help motivate and push them. Some days you just are not feeling it and you are off your game but your friend is feeling good and is running strong these are the days that the group can really help! Because that supportive friend next to you will help push you and keep you going hitting your paces when if you were alone you might slack off and run slower or even quit the workout early. Power of the group in action!

I see it all the time also where someone is struggling but they are such a competitor and have such passion that they won’t back down say in a track workout and they will push some limits to keep pace with their teammate and in the end both people grow and get stronger!

I can go on and on with so many examples that I have seen over the years within the groups I coach. I can show you results and all kinds of data the proves that this group, my method of coaching and support has made a lot of people faster and stronger and allowed them to have a lot of fun along the way! And make some wonderful lifelong friendships! I love this group I coach and I love those who are committed, passionate, and consistent and always wanting to push their limits. I will always be there for them and support them and have their backs! But they have to be willing to show the commitment and drive to wake up and show up and be consistent.  

If you want to train with Team Gotta Have Heart let me know. But looking for a good positive group to train with can take your game to a whole new level! So think about it! I’ve watched it work many wonders over the years!

I’m so proud of all the athletes I coach and even you in other states… the commitment and passion you show for sport and the good communication with me has also brought you a lot of success! Like Boston marathon qualifying etc…  So I can help you reach your goals even if you are in a faraway place like Munich or Kansas City. The main thing is I have passion, and compassion, and Heart! And my success lies within you having success and reaching your goals. So I will always push you until we reach those goals together!


Happy Training, Live life! Make it happen! Stay consistent! And always push those limits!



Coach MB

I am vision, I am sound!

22 Jan

Give me something to believe in;

Here I am on a Sunday morning rocking out to some tunes doing some work before I get ready to go teach a 2 hour cycle class at Life Time Fitness. I was reading stuff thinking what to blog about today and then a song comes on “I am vision, I am sound” by Bob Mould. Great song that I’ll be rocking in class today.

“Give me something to believe in” is the opening line of the song I heard those words and thought wow that’s it! In life every day we look for something to believe in something to give us strength to fight the fight and smile and be happy. The world is a messed up place full of anger, deception, and now more than ever as the economy is at a very low point we as people are looking for something to believe in something to give us hope something to fire us up and motivate us each and every day.

“Give me somewhere I can run to, Give me cause to leave this place” This is what so many of us want to do we want to run we want to leave the place we are in. Times get tough we feel like there is no hope so instead of finding something to believe in a reason to push on our first thought is to want to run and leave the place that has brought us that pain. This is not the answer we need to find that something to believe in maybe we need to create it? As the world around us crumbles we need to keep looking for something to believe in.

I look to song so often to help me find something to believe in, I look to the bible, to inspirational books of people who overcome disabilities and complete an Ironman or a marathon. I look to the support of my friends, my family the amazing group of athletes I get to spend time with coaching them or training with them. There is so much good out in the world there is hope for us to grab onto and things for us to believe in we just have to look past the negative, look past what the media focuses on and find these stories of belief!

As an athlete I sometimes think how can I really do that? Are my thoughts crazy? And as I prepare myself for that challenge and I’m fighting the doubt; then I find that story of someone who lost a leg and completed an Ironman with a prosthetic leg or that 80 year old man who runs a 3:20 marathon or the person who battled cancer and won and now is competing at a high level. There are so many wonderful stories out there so many stories that can give us something to believe in. We just have to open our eyes and look for them not be blinded by the negative stories that are everywhere, blinded with the self doubt we have in us.

“I am vision, I am sound” think about those words pretty cool!! The song Bob wrote really is more of a love song I believe about how he is the vision the sound. So as you’re looking for something to believe in as your looking for your motivation, your inspiration to fight the good fight and make life a happy and joyful place say “Who is my vision? My sound?” then say to yourself “I am vision, I am sound” as you are; you can have the same positive affect for people that you are looking for in them.

Get in tune with your senses get in tune with your surroundings and find something to believe in! It’s out there you just have to use your vision and your sound.


So as you all know Friday was a crazy wacky day in the ER but all turned out OK I’m feeling much better. I did run 17 miles on Saturday morning, then showed homes all day long to an out of town client. It was frigid cold but got it done! I think my stomach pains might have been stress? My mom says it still could have been a kidney stone and it shifted moved and when they took the scan it did not register? So who knows all I know is I feel better!

So time to get ready and go teach a 2 hour cycle class. “Hard core 100” is the workout an old spinervals workout written by Troy Jacobson.
Make today great, believe, breathe and smile!

Desire feeds desire.

16 Jan


Sticking with my inspiration from song this week today I choose a song by another band I just love!! Toad the Wet Sprocket and the song is titled “Desire”.

Desire as an athlete as an entrepreneur and as a very competitive person desire is very strong in me. I’m guessing desire is strong in almost all of us. And truly if you want to succeed at something you need desire as desire is the fire that drives us and keeps us focused and chasing things.

“I want to be clean, I want to be whole, I want control, I want to give up, I want to give in, destroy all that I have been” That is the opening versus of the song read those words think about them especially that last one destroy all I have been. In life maybe we have made mistakes maybe we have gone down a path that now we are not happy with and so we want to destroy what we have been. I want to give up, I want to give in those words we feel sometimes as things get really tough and the stress of trying to power through gets to be too much that we think about giving in. But then Desire comes and we want something so bad that we don’t give in and we keep wanting and wanting and going for that thing we desire.

“To break down walls and to escape be alone and hide my face I want to feel I want to touch I want to stop wanting it so much” Wow those words are kind of scary when we think about desire and what it can do to us. When we desire something we tend to want it and want it bad sometimes we might go too far in trying to reach it. Now wanting it too much can be a good thing and a bad thing depending on what you desire. For the sake of this blog and my own thoughts desire is a good thing and desire pushes me and it can push you as an endurance athlete. I desire podium finishes I desire kicking some butt on the course and racing with no regrets! So that desire powers me day in and day out it makes me want it and want it bad that I work hard in my training I keep my focus and keep chasing.

“Desire all, Desire is, desire feeds desire, desire breeds desire” So desire can be very powerful if you read those words and think about it. Desire breeds desire wow so true and yet sort of scary. As we desire things and pursue that desire we start to acquire and desire more things along the way this desire feeds desire and breeds desire. OK that was a lot of desire  but you get the point if you use your desire for something in a positive manner it can be powerful and it can help you reach that goal. But if you want it too much and desire it so bad you might push beyond limits that you should not and then the desire could make a negative effect. So be careful as you use your desire for things to work and stay focused. I want you to stay hungry and to never give up but do so in a positive and healthy way.
That song is from Toad’s album “coil” which is a great album like so many of their records are!

The power of song I have shown it this week in my writings so as you listen to music start to pay close attention to the lyrics and think about how those words make you feel. Find your meaning in the words and hopefully they can motivate you, inspire you and help you with the things you desire.

Coach MB

Today had a great workout!! Taught a 2 hour cycle class the work out was titled “Tough Love” it was 2 hours of butt kicking intervals. After class myself and some of my running buddies went out into this beautiful 40 degree Jan. day and ran 6 miles of trails in the Arboretum nice and easy.
It’s an early morning wakeup call tomorrow a lot of work outs!

Building a proper training plan

18 Dec

Training to avoid injury:

Yesterday we had a meeting for people who will be running the Boston marathon this year and as we discussed the training and events that we do as a group with Life Time Run it got me fired up and got the others fired up. This is also the time of year that many people will get back into training hard for other spring events, marathon, half marathon, Triathlon or whatever. The group I coach out of the Chanhassen Life Time Fitness is a mix of Boston runners, other spring marathon runners, half marathoner’s and a bunch of Triathletes. As a coach and knowing most of these athletes I choose to start some workouts a couple weeks ago which yes is typically early in a training cycle but there workouts where designed to be base building and getting people back into shape after they took a nice long recovery from their fall events.

The key’s to building a good training cycle:
1. Be slow about building weekly mileage don’t just jump in and start running 40 miles a week if all you have been doing is running 15-20 miles per week for the last month. You need to start slow add about 10% of your weekly mileage per week and every 2-3 weeks back off and have a lighter week for some recovery and then build it back up from where you left off.
2. Strength train; this is one many of us runners and Triathletes skip but it’s so crucial to staying healthy and strong to perform better. We need to take 1-2 days a week and do some strength training. Squats, light weight lifting build strength in the Glutes and hamstrings.
3. Core exercises; again something we tend to skip but really need to focus on. We all need a tight core we all want that six pack abs look so take 10-15 minutes per day and do some planks and core work. A strong core will pull everything together and into alignment and help keep you healthy.
4. Stretching; this is again very crucial and often times overlooked as we all get in a hurry to get on with our day after a run. Just take 10 minutes after your workout and stretch things out the muscles will thank you.
5. Yoga and Pilates; These are two great classes we could add to our training plan and would help you a lot with flexibility and strength and core.
6. Cross train; as a runner that does not do Triathlon you may not feel the need to cross train like swim or cycle. As a Triathlete of course you are doing these things because you have to train for them in your event. So Runners focus on some cross training not every day but at least one day a week do some cycling, swimming, kick boxing, if you live in a northern climate and it’s winter cross country ski or snow shoe. It all will help with some recovery and keep your cardio up and activate some muscles groups you don’t use running.
7. Sleep; this is a very important one often times life gets very busy work all day, up early to train family stuff at night and well we don’t get enough sleep. So try and focus on some good rest during the week and notice how much better those workouts start to be.
8. Diet; again something that we mean to watch and stay healthy with but often times fall off the wagon. Pay attention to what foods work well for you and give you energy and what foods don’t. But also after a long hard workout don’t deprive yourself of a treat because you earned it.

Those are a few key points to keep in mind as you start this next training cycle and start to bring yourself out of recovery rest mode and into intense training mode. Listen to your body don’t try to do too much and don’t always worry about what those around you are doing. Do what feels best for you consult your coach and work with that person to make sure your doing the right workouts but also not doing too much.

Stay healthy, have fun! Inspire! And Make 2012 a glorious year!

Coach MB