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You have to Fight for it.

30 Jan

In life you set goals, you have dreams and things you want to achieve. These goals and dreams and success you want never comes easy and if it does come easy then we want to set a new challenge one that is much harder and makes us work that much more for it. Because the harder the challenge the happier we are when we reach it! the more pride we have the more confidence.


Now it is easy to set goals and it’s easy to talk and dream and say we want things. But when it really comes down to it we have to want it! And we have to be willing to fight for it. I had a run last week when this thought process starting building in my head. It was windy out and I was a touch tired but my workout called for me to hit some paces and have some periods of harder efforts. As I ran my miles solo down the winter roads and fighting the elements I kept telling myself you want it so you have to fight for it. The mind was trying to tell my body to quit and slow down and give in, then the other side of my mind would fight back and say no you must fight for it and earn it. Now I might not have hit all the paces I wanted to that day but I had a mental break through in that my effort was there. My effort was such that it felt like I was working harder than if I had actually hit my goal paces and that never give up quit I had that day was positive for me and gave me the confidence I need and want during a training cycle.

Every day we get up we have to fight for things, maybe it’s a promotion at work; it’s a fitness goal whatever it is we won’t have that success unless we fight and push our limits and earn it.

I meet people all the time that can talk a big game but when they get into the workout and the pain sets in things get hard they can easily back off the pedal and give up not push that wall back and make progress toward the success they dream and speak of. These are those big moments when as an athlete you have to fight for it. When you dig deep inside yourself and you push as hard as you can go that day and you stay mentally engaged and strong and chase that success you dream of.

In a race I’ve seen it so many times, one athlete gets out front and then sort of goes on cruise control, but then another athlete from the pack surges forward takes the lead and goes on to win the race. Now maybe that athlete who had the lead really try and had nothing left to match the other athlete, but I would bet more times than not the intensity of that race got so high that the one athlete was willing to fight for it more than the other and endure that pain and therefore win the race.  It’s all such a mental battle and telling yourself things like “fight for I” “how bad do you want it” etc… questions that you can ask yourself and use as motivation are key in truly reaching your success.  So stay positive and keep fighting! Don’t give up or back down when things get hard, embrace the pain and feel that sense of pride when you complete it!

The same type of mantra fight for it applies to those who can easily skip a workout, make an excuse of why they can’t wake up, why they can’t squeeze in their workout even if they have to cut it short because of time or something. When something matters to you then you will always find away to make it happen and fight for it. So on those days during those times when you can make lame excuses and not follow through and fight for it and you skip your workout ask yourself does it matter to you. Do you want it? And is it worth fighting for!?


Be inspired, stay inspired, stay motivated and remember you are motivating and others are watching so fight for it!



Coach MB

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Setting Goals! Chasing Goals!

19 Jan

Any competitive athlete or any athlete or person for that matter needs to be goal driven. Setting goals is ways to help keep you focused keep you on task and committed.

When it comes to setting goals as an athlete; and thinking about your race season, thinking about a goal within a certain race here is how I do things and maybe some tips to help you.


Every year about December or January I start thinking about the upcoming race season I think about the races I want to do and which races are my “A” races the ones I have goals for and what races are my “B” races that I just train through and take a little light hearted.

As an athlete you can really only peak a few times a year and you can really only look at having a few big races that you focus you’re training on and chase within a year.  But many of us like to race a lot as its fun! So we must look at many of our races as having fun no expectations and just train right through on our way to the big picture goal of the season.

But your goals might not be a certain race or time at the race or even place? They might be about weight loss or just finishing the distance or whatever you choose.

The Steps you need to follow to reach goals and have success.

Commitment! You must be committed to what you are doing, what you are chasing. You can’t be a person who talks but struggles to follow through. If you want to have success you must wake up each morning with a positive attitude and you must chase it!

Passion; you need to have passion for what you are doing as this passion will help you stay focused and on the path to reach your goal. This passion helps you stay committed.

Consistency; this is a huge one! Be consistent with your training, your diet all of it. You can’t cheat and skip workouts, you can’ change things around all the time. If you are training for a marathon you have no choice but to run the miles or reaching that goal won’t happen!

Set the plan and follow it; this goes with consistency. You need to design a training plan, hire a coach who does his for you something along these lines. You need to have a clear plan in place and then you need to follow it with consistency. How are you going to achieve that goal?

No Excuses; OK this one comes with an (astric)  because yes things can happen. Not that they are excuses but sure we get sick, we get injured, work, family things can come up and mess with us but overall we can’t make excuses we just have to get up and put the work in!

Adapt and change along the way; Life tosses us curveballs all the time and when I race I always have a few different goals my A,B,C goals. This way if weather is bad and I have to dial back the pace I can adjust my goal on the fly and still find the positive in the race. If an injury occurs during training, or some other outside factor you did not see coming and it gets you off course step back adjust and move forward with a new goal in mind. Be willing to always adapt to things and do it with a good positive attitude.


Setting goals makes life fun! Chasing goals makes life even more fun! To me it’s the journey it’s the hard work I put in each day to make myself better! I love to compete to get on that start line push my limits and see what happens. So my life is all about the various goals I want to chase and how I’m going to get there. The goals help me with my consistency, my commitment and staying focused!  My passion and desire for sport is what keep me motivated and setting new goals and always pushing my limits.

Find what you love, what makes you smile and get out of bed and keep doing it!

Don’t be afraid to get out of the comfort zone, don’t be sacred of hard things and accept a hard challenge and do your best in taking on that challenge!


Be inspiring, be amazing! Stay positive! And see you on the race course!


Coach MB


Making Changes…. sigh it’s good!

28 Dec

So as we wind down 2016 and launch into 2017 soon it’s time to reflect back and think about new goals and maybe some changes?

Change is that scary word and I think about it some, act on it a little but recently I have been forced to make huge changes and as hard as they are I think it will eventually take me down a good path.

Couple weeks ago I woke up early on a Sunday morning with my foot a little swollen around the joint of my second toe. Foot was also little sore when walking and doing the dorsal flex type motion. I did not think a lot of it and sort of went about my day which was a swim workout and swimming felt great. However that night into Monday morning things kept getting worse and by Monday morning my foot was gigantic and throbbing in pain! This continued into Tuesday and so finally I booked an appointment to see my DR. they did X-rays and ruled out any bone stuff so we did blood work and got to talking about things and that lead us down the path of GOUT! They scheduled me to see a specialist on Wednesday someone who could drain the massive amount of fluid built up in my foot and causing me a lot of pain. At this appointment they jammed a needle into that toe joint and withdrew a lot of fluid and inside that fluid was a bunch of tiny crystals floating around that cut like glass! Confirmed I have Gout!

My Grandpa and my dad both had this and it’s hereditary so even being as fit as I am it gave me a good shot of getting it. However my diet does lead down the path of things that really trigger these acute flare ups. With my heavy diet of late; enjoying Red wine, Red meat, and too much sugar. It’s the off season for me right now and I’m just training to maintain so I’ve let myself go in the ways of enjoying some things I don’t eat during racing season much. Like sugar cereals, more candy bars than normal, some soda and so on. The other issue lately is the holidays and lot’s of social events and maybe more wine or beer than normal in my diet.  So with all of this combined it cause this very painful flare up and has brought on many changes for me. And there goes that scary word… Change!

Since this has happened I went on a 9-10 day bender without things I love something that has never happened in my life. No Red wine, No Red meat, and no running (only because I could not, swollen painful foot).  This has been so hard for me but the change in my diet mostly in saying goodbye soda, goodbye junk food has been making me feel pretty good. Less red meat, less meat and more salads and eating lighter meals has been good as well. But I think the best thing for me has been cutting out the sweets, the donuts and those easy to reach for chocolate truffles floating around in my house. But now that I’m three weeks into this I’m back to running (YAY!!) and I’m really feeling pretty good. And as hard as it has been to just say no, it’s getting a lot easier and I’m finding out that once you get through that initial week or two of going without soon you don’t crave those things and it’s all good.

Making changes can be good as an athlete sometimes its simple changes like; more strength work or more cross training. Things to mix it up little, things you don’t like as much as running but know they are good for you and will make you stronger and keep you healthier.  

So as you head into the New Year think about small things you can change that might go a long way in making you feel better and faster and stronger.  Diet things, strength work things and so on.  Once you get through that first few weeks of change and you stay committed to it and make it a habit life gets easier and soon you will forget about those guilty pleasures you use to crave.


Best of luck in 2017! Set goals, find your passion and chase those dreams!


Coach MB

You either want it, or you don’t! You either make excuses or you don’t!

3 Dec

Happy Saturday, I just finished my long run for the week as many runners most likely did as well. I’m in a base building phase right now before my serious training begins in a few weeks.

The run went very well and I’m feeling quite strong and good right now.

But my run today is not what my blog is about or the message today the message today is something I think about when I’m out running. Most Saturday’s a group of athletes I coach gather with me and we run together motivate each other and push each other. It’s really a special time of my day and hopefully their day.

Anyway back to my message; you either want it, or you don’t! You either make excuses or you don’t!  I think of this because as a coach and just as an athlete a person who talks to lots of people who talk the talk but so often don’t walk the walk.

It’s really a simple question; do you want it? If you talk about doing something and it can be anything it can be a 5k or a marathon it could even be something non-athletic related. If you can go through the motions of signing up for the event, or talking about how you want to do an event etc…; but then when it really comes down to having to do the work like “training” so many just sort of get lost and don’t follow through with things. This brings up the other part of this blog post. You either make excuses, or you don’t! I hear so many excuses all the time from people it drives me crazy! Because if the person truly wanted it they would not have any excuses they would simply do what they need to do in order to prepare for the goal they have committed to. So if you can make excuses and skip workouts and not commit to your training then do you really want it? I would say NOT because you simply are not showing the passion, commitment, and motivation one needs in order to achieve success and actually complete what they say they want.

Like my friend Stu says you need to replace saying “I can’t” with “I won’t” because really you can but you choose not to. And that’s OK nobody ever says you have to do anything but I’m a believer that if you say you’re going to do something, if you say you want something, and if you commit (like sign up for a race) then you damn well better do it and get committed and focused and not quit. Because at one time you said I can and I want but then when you found out just how hard it is to do you made the excuses to back out and quit. That’s not a good example for anyone and really what does it do for you?

I’m very much wired in this way and many of the people I surround myself are wired this way also. I’m passionate, I’m focused, and I’m dedicated! When I commit to something I go in 110% and I don’t give up ever! I always find my focus and motivation and I always push my limits. I don’t believe in doing things half way so I can always answer the question with “I want it” and I never make excuses. I respect all the people out there who think and act this way and they are the people who achieve goals and inspire and motivate others. They are the ones making a difference in this world.

Being an athlete a person who chases goals is not always easy but if you have the right mind set mental strength and the commitment it’s always easy to make the right choices and live with no excuses and no regrets and simply just get after it!

So how do you answer those questions?

Do you want it? Will you make excuses, or not?

Don’t say you can’t because you can, just say I won’t and I don’t want it. Then nobody will think anything of it and all is good. But if you say “You want it” and I can then don’t make excuses and don’t quit. Stay strong focused and passionate and chase that goal!

Anyone can accomplish anything if they truly want it and are willing to do the work. Never set limits on yourself and always believe in yourself!

Go be amazing! And train with passion!


Coach MB


Is it talent? or just hard work! it’s hard work!

17 Nov

My good friend Stu today sent me this great caption of Connor McGregor and next to it said the following words.

“There’s no talent here, this is hard work. This is an obsession talent does not exist, we are all equals as human beings. You could be anyone if you put in the time. You will reach the top, and that’s that. I am not talented, I am obsessed. “

I read that a few times today, thought about it and said right on!! I think about my own self and how I also am obsessed, and how hard I work and have worked over the years. The success I have that you all see does not just come easy from talent. That comes from many years of dedication and focus and an obsession and passion for being fit and endurance sports. I have not always been as fast as I am now and that goes for many athletes you see having loads of success. I compete in a lot of big races each year and there is some very strong and good athletes out there of all ages. Sure you can say they are talented but truly what they are is obsessed and passionate. They get up each day with a plan a goal and they see that plan through they don’t make excuses and they flat out get after it!

So as you sit back and say I’m not as talented as that person no way I can beat them or be like them. Stop and think to yourself and say, do I work as hard as they do? Am I obsessed with chasing goals and trying to be the best I can?  Do I wake up each day make no excuses and find ways to train and train with a purpose with a smile and a positive attitude even when the workout calls for something you might not love or be strong at?

I will always say talent will be trumped by hard work! And those athletes that think they are so talented that they get lazy and don’t continue to work hard and push themselves day in and day out to get better, well those athletes eventually start getting beat by the ones willing to rise each day and work hard put out massive efforts and never give up!

I truly believe if you put in the time you will see the results and that you should never limit yourself! But you should always believe in yourself and you should always set high goals and no limits! The process to get to the top might take months or it might take years but regardless of that as long as you get working hard and pushing yourself day in and day out you will eventually taste that success you dream of. You will be victorious because you are obsessed and you worked your butt off!

I believe a little obsession is a good thing; it’s like having a strong passion for something. So don’t be afraid to channel that and go for it!

Enjoy your obsessions, enjoy your passions and never give up! Don’t think someone is more talented to you, just work harder than they do and you will soon be the one that everybody thinks is so talented!


Happy Training and remember you have to love to train!


Coach MB



Love to Train!

16 Nov

This morning Pro-Triathlete Andy Potts posted something about how you need to love to train.

It said; “Love to train, Everyone loves to race. You gotta love to train. The daily quest for self improvement and the constant drive knowing that you can and will get better.”  

That quote simply made me come alive!! Because as many of us I love to race I truly love all about racing. Seeing my friends in transition, the excitement and thrill of competition and that taste of success!

But in order for us to expierence all of those things we must train and we must find passion and love in training. The no glory hours spent in your basement on a bike trainer the countless hours spent running in the dark or the monitnoy of lap after lap in the pool. But those people who find joy in this and can stay commited and passionate during those lonely hours of training those are the people who become stronger and make themselves better in so many ways besides just on race day!

The real success and improvement within ourselves happens on training day! It happens when we rise at 4:30am and hit the pool at 5:30am and swim lap after lap trying to hit our intervals. Or we crawl into our basements on a dark winter morning turn on some music and ride that bike on the trainer with the sweat pouring off us as we look at the same stuff posted on our walls. When you can find joy in that wow the things that will happen to you are quite amazing!! It’s within these moments of training that the magic happens!

I’m a coach and use “group” training as part of what I offer this group training can help make athletes love to train more. If you have friends and other like minded nuts to meet up with on a dark morning and then go do your workouts together pushing each other that can really spark a love to train inside you. Because then the training becomes more than just a lonely workout it becomes building lasting sweat filled freindships! The group helps give the athlete the motivation they might need to get out of bed and do the workout and the group can help the athlete push outside their comfort zone as well.

But not always is a group avail or needed or even good. Sometimes we just have to have the passion within ourselves to train the passion and dedication that makes us wake up in the morning and go rock that workout our coach gave us! These athletes I find build something else besides a fit body. They build mental toughness! They build an enternal strength that come race day pays off in a big way. This type of athlete is use to being alone, use to pushing themselves beyond limits and how to hurt without that paerson next to them holding their hand. Sure it can be lonely some days but it’s also very good! If you can pry yourself out of a warm bed in the winter time and go log the workout, esepcically when it’s a hard tempo/interval workout and you need to really focus and push through the pain cave that is huge!

I like to call training the “journey” and I love the journey! The journey to me the training is a mix of both group time and solo time. I do a nice mix and match with my workouts of sharing time with friends and sharing time alone.  Sharing time training with friends is amazing! I have built so many good friendships over the years with athletes I coach and train with; because face it when you are sweating and working hard and pursuing goals things just get simple they get down to the essence of life and if you have a person or group that you can share that with day in and day out and always be there for each other to lift each other up well those can become some pretty powerful friendships.

But I do love to train alone and work on the mental focus the focus to push into that pain cave when I really hurt and nobody is watching. Sometimes it’s those moments during my training that really shape me as an athlete and give me some great stuff to reflect back on during tough moments of a race.


So there is many ways for an athlete to train and get through the journey to race day. And at the end of it all the athlete just simply has to love to train! They have to love getting up in the morning and pushing those limits when there is no medal, no finisher shirt and nothing more than simply some sweat and a satification feeling inside of I just did that and it felt awesome!

Find your passion, your love for training and watch all the changes happen!


Coach MB


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Without passion and desire… Well?

7 Nov

As we go through life as athletes or just regular everyday life with work family all of that. If we lack passion and desire and a true sense of confidence in ourselves then we struggle to succeed and things can become painful as we come up short over and over.

What struck me to go in this direction with my blog today is my beloved Iowa Hawkeyes football team that is very much underachieving this season and looks like a complete mess! They look like a bunch of guys just going through motions but with no fire or passion or heart. No excitement in their eyes to play the game, to study and to improve. It’s interesting that a team that was picked to suck last year went 12-0 in the regular season won close games and played with a lot of passion. 2016 comes around and they are picked to be good again with some many starters returning and then they go out and play lazy with no fire, they play sloppy they play like they don’t care. This of course pains me and all of Hawkeye nation but I look at this team and I think about my own self over the years as coach and as an athlete and now come my best to use the 2016 Hawkeyes as an analogy for us endurance athletes.

Saturday night Iowa played Penn state and just got hammered! The Defensive gave up 599 yards the most any Iowa team has given up since 1999. And when I read the post game interviews the theme was from both PSU players and Iowa players was Iowa had not fire or desire or passion in their eyes. They went through motions of playing the game but they really never played the game, they never really fought made adjustments and showed heart to correct a sinking ship that night in Happy Valley. This is the same kind of thing I’ve seen from athletes I coach over the years. They sign up for events they put them in their calendar and they train for them but they train without a clear mind and focused. They train lacking some heart and passion and they sort of just go through the motions. Sometimes they train hard, sometimes they don’t sometimes they do the workouts and some days they just skip and let life distract them. That is no way to chase success and live life! That is not going to get you any place but heart ache ville and lost. If you lack the passion and desire but yet try and fool yourself and make yourself hap heartily go through the motions of training and preparing come race day you won’t truly be ready and you certainly won’t be mentally ready to perform. And then comes failure, then comes the negative feelings, then comes the lack of confidence and the big downward spiral.

You can look the part, be all fit looking and so on but if mentally you are not fired up and full of passion and desire. If you are not 100% committed to what you are doing and focused, if you are not ready to adapt when things go south and make the changes as needed to keep moving forward in a positive manner then ouch it’s going to be failure and leave you in one bad place.

To me a big part of a coach job is to help an athlete overcome this help them find their passion and fire, make them have fun and stay committed to achieve their goals. I like to bring hard work ethic and passion to my coaching, I also like to bring fun and find ways to inspire the athlete to keep moving forward and want it! There is a lot of motivating and inspiring movies, books and songs out there that if you open your mind when reading them or listening to them you can get your passion and motivation back. There is a thing like going to watch a race on TV or in person seeing say a wheeler or para-athlete compete and see how they overcome such adversity to reach their goals to maybe help motivate you. I use all these things to find ways to motivate an athlete if I feel they are losing it and yet have this goal dangling out in front of them.  This is one thing I think the Iowa coaching staff is lacking right now and they are not helping with the motivation of this team. It also comes from within the locker room and that team leadership from the older players, the superstars etc… in team sports the highs and lows can come so quickly and with the right leadership from within the team can be fixed. Individual sports are a little different but many individual sports have a team dynamic to them also. My coaching business has two elements to it. One is just coaching the athlete the 1:1 piece the virtual athlete that is out of state and I can’t see daily.  This requires a lot of my attention and effort to work direct with that athlete and keep them engaged keep that fire burning and their focus to follow the plan so they can have success! The second part of my business is the “group” workouts and Team aspect for those that live near me and will commute and meet with one awesome group of people. This is powerful! This can really push people in positive directions, keep them motivated and inspired and keeps them accountable. The power of having supportive people around you that are like minded and also chasing goals is pretty awesome! The energy that everyone gets feeding off each other, the knowing your friends will be there so you better be there is huge at keeping people honest. This also helps when you begin to lose your passion and desire as someone in the group might help you find it again. We all find motivation in different ways, we all find different things that drive us to success and as a coach it’s my job to learn about each of my athletes as best I can and then find those ways to keep them engaged and hungry.

But at the end of the day the athlete has to want it, the athlete has to have the passion and desire within them to push their limits and chase that success no matter what it takes.

These 2016 Iowa Hawkeyes have all the talent and pieces to win games, they just need to find their swagger, their confidence and look deep within themselves and the team and have that passion for the game help them focus and play smarter and harder.

If you are having some lackluster performances look deep within yourself and see if it’s more of a lack of passion and desire not that you are out of shape or not trained properly.

Find your passion, find your desire and keeping pushing limits and chasing goals!

Coach MB


Power of Music!

23 Dec

The power of music:

Music has been a major part of my life since I was a little kid. I recall sitting at my parent’s stereo as a kid blasting records by The Beatles, Rolling Stones, and that Leader of the Pack Song. Then has I got into about 4th grade I became a big Heavy Metal fan bands like Motley Crue, and ACDC had me going. The older I got the more open minded I got about my music the more I started to appreciate all styles and how they could set your mood. When I turned 15 I started playing the bass guitar and my friends and I started a band. We rocked out more Alternative rock type songs and during this time I was cranking my stereo with anything from Pearl Jam and Smashing Pumpkins to Metallica and Amy Grant. Over the years I keep acquiring a ear for anything that has meaning and a good beat. I love to listen to lyrics and understand where a song writer is coming from. I really appreciate good musicianship as well and I appreciate simplicity and the rawness of say a punk band.

Music can set the tone for a good day, it can pump you up for a workout and it can help lift your spirits when you’re down. Music can mellow you out and let you relax it can make you think and it can make you move. Without music the world would be so dull so boring. Everything I do revolve around rhythm and music when I run, cycle, swim anything it’s all about rhythm and music can set that beat for you.

I worked in the music business for many years and it was some of the best times of my life. I met truly some of the most amazing people I know during my years in music and still to this day some of my best friends are those I met during my days in the biz and worked with and created beautiful art with.

Music is the beautiful freedom that allows one to create and speak how they feel in an open forum through words and through instrumentation. The beauty of music is that the artist may have intended one meaning when writing the song but someone else may find another meaning within that same song. It’s all in the interpretation of one’s mind.

Some bands I’m listening to a lot of right now are:
The Black Keys
Ryan Adams
The Sword
Foo Fighters
The Posies
The Bangles
Janes Addiction
The Didjits
And so much more
Life shows and going to concerts is a passion of mine and 2011 has been a year for some pretty rocking shows! Not sure if I could label my top 5 performances of 2011 but I’m thinking
#1 Wilco at the State Theater this was just a brilliant show one of the best I’ve ever seen them do.
#2 Kyuss and The Sword at First Avenue
#3 U2 at TCF Bank Stadium
#4 Hellyeah at First Avenue
And I know there is many other great shows I saw and just am drawing a blank.

So get out your record collection dive in and enjoy some music! Open your mind and explore various styles listen to the writers lyrics and find meaning in them. Let music set the tone for your day and help turn it around when it goes south.

Thanks to all the artists out there pouring out their souls to entertain us all and bring harmony to the world!