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Making Changes…. sigh it’s good!

28 Dec

So as we wind down 2016 and launch into 2017 soon it’s time to reflect back and think about new goals and maybe some changes?

Change is that scary word and I think about it some, act on it a little but recently I have been forced to make huge changes and as hard as they are I think it will eventually take me down a good path.

Couple weeks ago I woke up early on a Sunday morning with my foot a little swollen around the joint of my second toe. Foot was also little sore when walking and doing the dorsal flex type motion. I did not think a lot of it and sort of went about my day which was a swim workout and swimming felt great. However that night into Monday morning things kept getting worse and by Monday morning my foot was gigantic and throbbing in pain! This continued into Tuesday and so finally I booked an appointment to see my DR. they did X-rays and ruled out any bone stuff so we did blood work and got to talking about things and that lead us down the path of GOUT! They scheduled me to see a specialist on Wednesday someone who could drain the massive amount of fluid built up in my foot and causing me a lot of pain. At this appointment they jammed a needle into that toe joint and withdrew a lot of fluid and inside that fluid was a bunch of tiny crystals floating around that cut like glass! Confirmed I have Gout!

My Grandpa and my dad both had this and it’s hereditary so even being as fit as I am it gave me a good shot of getting it. However my diet does lead down the path of things that really trigger these acute flare ups. With my heavy diet of late; enjoying Red wine, Red meat, and too much sugar. It’s the off season for me right now and I’m just training to maintain so I’ve let myself go in the ways of enjoying some things I don’t eat during racing season much. Like sugar cereals, more candy bars than normal, some soda and so on. The other issue lately is the holidays and lot’s of social events and maybe more wine or beer than normal in my diet.  So with all of this combined it cause this very painful flare up and has brought on many changes for me. And there goes that scary word… Change!

Since this has happened I went on a 9-10 day bender without things I love something that has never happened in my life. No Red wine, No Red meat, and no running (only because I could not, swollen painful foot).  This has been so hard for me but the change in my diet mostly in saying goodbye soda, goodbye junk food has been making me feel pretty good. Less red meat, less meat and more salads and eating lighter meals has been good as well. But I think the best thing for me has been cutting out the sweets, the donuts and those easy to reach for chocolate truffles floating around in my house. But now that I’m three weeks into this I’m back to running (YAY!!) and I’m really feeling pretty good. And as hard as it has been to just say no, it’s getting a lot easier and I’m finding out that once you get through that initial week or two of going without soon you don’t crave those things and it’s all good.

Making changes can be good as an athlete sometimes its simple changes like; more strength work or more cross training. Things to mix it up little, things you don’t like as much as running but know they are good for you and will make you stronger and keep you healthier.  

So as you head into the New Year think about small things you can change that might go a long way in making you feel better and faster and stronger.  Diet things, strength work things and so on.  Once you get through that first few weeks of change and you stay committed to it and make it a habit life gets easier and soon you will forget about those guilty pleasures you use to crave.


Best of luck in 2017! Set goals, find your passion and chase those dreams!


Coach MB