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2020 Triathlon season.. products I use, my races!

19 Feb

Welcome to my pre-season 2020 blast about the products I use, some goals and races you will find me at.

For the third year I’m happy to announce I’m back with my nutrition sponsor F2C Nutrition.
F2C is the most amazing stuff I’ve ever used. Canadian based company, that is Athlete focused and science driven. F2cnutrition.com (Mike15) for a 15% discount. F2C makes products that I use every day pre-workout, during-workout, and post-workout. I like to start my day with a bottle of ultra-durance and electro-durance. During my workouts especially longer ones and during all my races no matter the distance I drink Glyco-durance. Glyco-durance is the most amazing product I’ve ever used it’s a great blend of carbohydrates and electrolytes with low osmolarity. It also has a slow release of glucose into your system to give you that spark of energy you need during a long workout or race. Glyco-durance is also really easy on my system for no GI issues and it tastes great! The other product I use a lot of is hydra-durance this is my go to electrolyte mix used during workouts and racing as well. For recovery you can’t beat the 3:1 protein mix this stuff tastes amazing and it rebuilds those muscles you break down and helps keep you healthy and going day after day.

As part of the Elite team with F2C our race kits are made by Peaks Apparel (Xceed) this is a very high-level quality line of training and racing gear. Tri-suits, cycle jerseys, swim jammers and so on.
I’m also happy to be back with Rudy Project for another year. I’ve been with Rudy project for several years and love their bike helmets. I race in the boost 001, I train in the sterling, but I also have several other helmets of theirs aero helmets and every day road models that I use. I’m also a huge fan of the TrailyX sunglasses by Rudy and race and train is these as well as the life style pair “spinhawk”.

For my 3rd or 4th season I’m also back with Roka
Roka is the best swim gear I’ve ever used! I race in a Roka wet suit, I race and train with Roka R1 goggles, I use Roka jammers, and briefs for swim training, and I also train in Roka cycling bibs and Tri-shorts. Roka gear is very comfortable and quality high level stuff. It’s worth the money! Fast, aero, comfort! #Findfaster

And new for 2020 I’m now part of Team Amp-Human #iamamplified
Amp-Human is a lotion that uses bicarb and is absorbed into you through the lotion.
PR Lotion combines bicarb with our patented absorption technology to send bicarb where you need it most–your muscles.

Bicarb helps you do more of what you love and come back strong the next day by neutralizing acid in your muscles. PR Lotion is a revolutionary yet simple way to give your body more of what it needs when you train hard.
This is truly a game changing product!
Check out amphuman.com and order some up.

So now you know the products I use day in and day out and what I love about them! I’m so honored to work with such amazing companies! One thing about myself is I try and use products first before I ever agree to be sponsored by them and part of their teams. I want to believe in the product and love it before I endorse it. And I believe 100% in all these products and have huge collections of their stuff and use it daily. So trust that if I suggest it the stuff is legit!!

Now 2020 season what am I up to?
Well I’ve not confirmed all my goals and events. But I can say this.
April 5th 70.3 Texas is where my season will begin
This will be a race that I’m not sure how it will go? But I am very focused on and will push my limits to the max and go for a podium spot. Coming from Minnesota and with cold winters it appears all of my training for this race will be done indoors, pools, wahoo kicker, treadmills with some runs outdoors. That’s tough way to prepare but so far training is going well.
Then I’ll come home and race some local stuff like Apple Duathlon which is USA Triathlon Duathlon regional championships. And then the sprint distance of the Buffalo Triathlon which I was the overall winner of in 2019. Those will help me in my prep for a big goal race!
June 21 Ironman 70.3 Des Moines (North American Championships)
I plan to really be fit and peaking by this race and go after it!
In July I will race around Minnesota some of our great local races in prep for
August 10th and 11th and a trip to Milwaukee for USA Triathlon age group Nationals!
Again, another goal race I plan to come in very good condition for and give it a go chasing a podium spot.
But after that this is where I’m uncertain? I will race more and do something big in the fall I’ve just not decided yet and a lot of that has to do with my daughter Bella going off to college and competing in NCAA Triathlon for Daemen College. So I want to know their race schedule because I plan to attend all her races and cheer the team on!

Well 2020 race season can’t get here fast enough! I miss all the athletes and being in transition with them and out on the race courses suffering! 2019 was a really great season for me and I hope to improve on that in 2020.
So until then.. happy training, try some of these amazing products I use and thanks for all the cheers and support.


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