Attitude is the key to a happy life!

3 Jan

Enjoying life is all about attitude, being an endurance athlete and going after success is all about attitude. Life is hard, training is hard, racing is hard we have curveballs constantly tossed at us we deal with adversity all the time, but if we have the right attitude about things a positive attitude then we can overcome these things we can improve and make life a whole lot better.

I write today about attitude because as a coach I always hear athletes sort of complain, sort of show that less than excited emotion sometimes based on what the workout might be. Like maybe a Triathlete is not a great swimmer (that would be me also) so we see that swim workout in the schedule and think ugh do we really want to swim? And during the workout as we struggle and maybe get humbled by the faster swimmers around us it’s easy to sort of let our attitude and positive feelings for swimming and the great benefits of it fall apart and we show more frowns than smiles.

As a runner maybe its hill training day and a hard workout with hill repeats and we know it will hurt it will be a struggle. The goal is to come to the workout with a smile a positive attitude and tackle it as best you can. Give that 100% effort that day and embrace the challenge embrace your weakness with the right attitude and work on making that weakness more of strength.

Maybe we are in a race having great success and then all the sudden someone blazes past us, or the pain of the hard effort your kicking out kicks in and starts telling your mind this hurts slow down. You’re chasing a time goal in the marathon clicking off mile after mile at goal race pace then all the sudden you have a bad mile lose pace and start to get negative start getting that feeling of ugh this is hard I can’t obtain my goal so you really dial it back make excuses and basically quit on yourself.  When things like this happen and believe me they will! When those humbling moments come along that want to make you negative and get you off your game that is when having the right positive attitude, the mental toughness and strength to keep a smile, to be happy and keep pushing with relentless forward motion is so crucial! The word gratitude comes to mind in moments like this. I’ve been there so many times leading a race feeling good then all the sudden someone catches me passes me and my mind goes into that negative place my attitude switches from excitement and confidence to I suck and frustration.  Those are the feelings we must block out because even when that person surges on us and we are in so much pain and pushing at our limits to hang on with them if we keep a positive attitude about us work on recovering maybe we can battle back into that race and catch them again. But if we quickly go into the bad attitude negative feelings then we for sure have no chance.

So when your coach gives you that workout you don’t like say cross training if you’re a runner, strength work, a hard hill effort etc… don’t have a bad attitude about it and no excitement but rather go into with a positive attitude go into it ready to embrace and make the most of it. Same goes for during that race when things start to fall apart, don’t get negative on yourself, don’t quit just fire up that grateful happy attitude and say I got this, I can overcome this feeling fight through the pain whatever you need to do and keep pushing for that finish line and those goals you have set for yourself.


Just remember attitude is everything and will make life so much better if you carry a positive happy attitude even when adversity kicks you in the face!



Coach MB


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