Proud coach!

9 Nov

I love coaching athletes. I love helping people set goals and then achieve those goals. I love taking your everyday age grouper and making them believe in themselves, building them full of confidence that they can accomplish some pretty amazing things! And how to live life without setting limits.


I use Training Peaks as my way to write training plans for the athletes and then communicate with the athlete through notes in Training Peaks after I review their workout data and read their notes about how it went. One of my favorite times of the day is in the morning after I have finished my workout and I make my smoothie sit at the computer log into Training peaks and start coaching.

The success these people have is remarkable, nothing makes me smile more than when an athlete the day before talks with me scared about their workout, scared about their paces and then the next day when they complete that workout and nail it, maybe even go little faster than planned and actually feel good after. Now that is success and that is awesome! When I read the notes that ooze with confidence and makes that athlete glow that is some powerful and cool stuff! And it’s the simple things that go along way with me also like the word “Thank you” when that athlete accomplishes something really hard and does it with great success and has that confidence in them then they say thanks coach. That really means the world to me and you can’t put a price on that.

As endurance athletes we love a good challenge, we are goal setters and we like plans to follow and be pretty strict about. But we also get very scared and we have many fears about some things we dream of or inspire to accomplish. When we limit ourselves like this with these fears, the fear of failure really is what it is or the fear of pain because most of us don’t love that painful feeling. We hold ourselves back and never really see all the potential that lies within us.

So as a coach I find my soothing easy ways to encourage the athlete to not be afraid, to take on that challenge and if they fail so be it; who cares! I pump them up full of belief and confidence even if the goal they are chasing seems like a long shot and all the scientific data says nope they can’t accomplish that. Because that data can often be wrong! And the only true way to find out what you are capable of is to try it, swing for the fence as I say and just let loose and go for it.

As a coach I love nothing more than when an athlete does exactly that gets way outside their comfort zone and just goes for it with a positive and care free attitude. When the athlete does this they almost always come back to me with a huge smile and say Thanks! Wow I did that!

And that is when coach smiles with pride!

Today after many of my athletes did their workouts I read some seriously awesome notes that made me smile with that proud coach smile! Because I could see the happiness and confidence that was just built inside that person!


So keep believing in yourself! Don’t be afraid to let loose and just go for it as you will never know if you can accomplish something unless you try. You will never grow and become the person you can be unless you push limits and live without fear!

So go be great, make yourself proud and make coach proud!


Coach MB


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