Emotions… How they can affect performance.

28 Oct

Emotions are part of being human emotions can be positive and they can be negative the can enhance our performance and decrease it. Emotions come in many different forms emotions are our feelings and reactions to things that happen to us.

When we have negative, sad emotions things that are building up inside of us from some outside frustrations maybe how a person has treated us, maybe that sadness of a fight/argument with a friend or family member. Those types of emotions that come from that will decrease your performance it will suck energy you need to perform and make you feel tired and strain during the workout or race. I love running for letting go of emotions like this but I also know during this time my performance lacks. I run and all of us run for various reasons and one of those reasons I think a lot of people use running for is to let go of some emotions of the sad variety and just clear their head. Running is a wonderful tool for this just be warned that all that extra energy used being emotional inside about what is troubling you will decrease performance and make the workout feel hard.

The goal and key is to hopefully eliminate these types of emotions around race days when you need your max energy and focus for the race.

Using Emotions as fuel can be powerful. Anger and that internal fire to prove someone wrong can be huge in motivating an athlete to push through pain and really perform at a high level.  The emotion can start out as a negative maybe a coach or a outside source is making you feel a little bad and not believing in you that you can rise to the challenge and so you take that emotion and turn it into fuel into a positive of angry energy to push through the race and come out with another kind of emotion Smiles and sense of confidence and a little I told you so.

Sometimes I have used this approach in coaching I have tried to anger the athlete in a touch of a way that it motivates them and fires them up to go kick ass and really perform strong. Now one must be careful with this approach as depending on the person you are trying this with it could backfire.

I love to race and push on emotions on the powerful passionate confident angry type of emotions that become good fuel and don’t drain my energy. Those days when you feel your back is against the wall and everyone is rooting against you and hoping you fail that is sometimes when I really shine and I’ve seen a lot of athletes really shine here! There is something to be said for performing with a chip on your shoulder so to speak.

The emotions of arrogance and feeling over confident these are very tricky. We all need to feel confident and believe in ourselves in our ability to perform and reach goal. But we also can become quite lazy and maybe not give that 100% effort when we have our emotions going so much in this direction. These types of emotions don’t per say drain your energy level but more don’t use all your energy and typically leave you saying ugh I had more in the tank and I failed because I did not prepare myself for this event because I thought it would be easy because I’m so good. I’ve seen this as a coach often times athletes that have a lot of success and are truly talented that they don’t always get up for each event and then when another athlete comes in riding that crazy emotion of anger and the chip on their shoulder the athlete with that emotion of arrogance gets beat. So be cautious if you fall into this zone be confident as you need that but never under estimate your competition and think you can slack off cause you have the race won.

So as humans as people who have hearts, and many different emotions that flow through us and rapidly change assess what emotions are happening inside of you, think about how you can try and control your emotions and either ignore the negative sad ones that drain so much energy from you that it becomes a struggle to move your legs, or how you can take the anger focused, driven type of emotions and turn them into fire to kick some butt and perform at a high level reaching goals.

The goal is to find out how you can take your emotions and turns them into positive fuel not have them suck your energy away.

Make sense?


Go be great! And run high on emotions!!


Coach MB



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