Start with “Why”

19 Oct

As a coach I work with many types of athletes I see all kinds of people with all kinds of goals from competitive age group athletes to elite athletes to high level varsity high school athletes.

Some have great passion and motivation and some lack that. Some have the drive to keep moving and progressing and some don’t. Some are truly runners, swimmers, or cyclists and just live to do that each and every day and some are seasonal more bucket list recreational types.

As a coach this can be frustrating because I’m looking for athletes that have a vision, a goal and a passion for what they do and want to achieve. I’m a very dedicated and committed coach who will work very hard to keep the athlete focused and hold them accountable! I believe my success lies within their success and so I want them to succeed because I want to succeed as “coach” and not fail.


So this leads me to this question for each person to answer.  “Why” you need to identify why you are doing something you need to have a clear goal in mind a vision and the motivation to want to see that goal to the end. And when you can answer why you are doing something it will help keep you focused and taking the steps needed to achieve that success. The “Why” can be anything from weight loss, to podium finish, to a Boston qualifying time in the marathon?

The “Why” goes hand in hand with my other question I always ask and that is “How bad do you want it”  Because when you want something bad enough you will work hard for it, you won’t make excuses and you will make the sacrifices needed which are they really sacrifices if it’s something you love and want? Think about that question because no they aren’t if it truly matters to you and you can answer the “Why” question and the How bad do you want it question then taking the steps to reach that goal are not really sacrifices.

So now once you answer the question why? Once you say I want it bad! And you can look in the mirror and say I’m very passionate about this, and then you can begin to set the plan in motion the steps you must take to achieve that goal and ultimately feel satisfied and have that success.

Next phase of this now that we have established the above questions is the plan, the steps to success.  You have to break things down into small steps, small little victories along the way to the end goal. I have found having small little goals set for yourself along the way little goals that you can keep achieving along the way can really help keep you motivated, feeling positive and chasing that goal. So think small to reach big. Hiring a coach that builds you a training plan and communicates with you and keeps you accountable it a great step you can take in chasing that goal. But when you hire that coach and he has a plan for you and a system to follow even if that system takes some work if you can go back to the question “why” and the other question “how bad do you want it” you will find it much easier to follow that system and plan that coach as set for you. And we all know coach is smart and will lead you to the promise land! (ha ha) but some truth here for sure.

I wish you all the best of luck as you look deep inside yourself and answer these questions. And I’m sure you will find that when you can answer the why you will see you have passion for that particular thing and you will find it quite easy to stay the course and pursue what you love.

When you lack passion you will lack performance and you will find every excuse not to do something not to follow through and therefore never achieve success or those goals.

Find your passion, find your WHY and make it happen!



Coach MB

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