When you can’t control what’s happening

5 Oct

“when you can’t control what’s happening, challenge yourself to control the way you respond to what’s happening. That’s where your power is”
Finally a new blog post I know all my followers have been like dude get with it, bring us some wisdom!! Well here we go and inspired by this caption I saw on the positive coaching Facebook page.  These are words sometimes I struggle to follow but I do believe in them. We so often let out emotions get the best of us and take us into a direction we don’t really want to go but because we get so caught up into trying to control things out of our hands or negative energy we need to let go. When we do that and don’t control ourselves things spiral quickly and typically no good becomes of it.

As a coach of endurance athletes I often speak about saving energy for what you need, performing in the race and letting go of the negative energy that can come with trying to control bad weather, maybe one bad mile split, various things like this. These are exactly those types of things we can’t always control but how we react when those things happen and want to send us into a downward spiral that we can control. That we can say hey big deal one bad mile, or hey one hill done 3 to go in this course and then it’s flat running to the finish so let’s stay strong, stay focused and keep the positive thoughts flowing instead of. Man these hills suck, I hurt, this is painful, screw it I’m going to walk this race is going to crap. Things like that.

Sometimes we take such offense in how others treat us, or as a coach sometimes I get too caught up in a bad performance by one of my athletes and I let some thoughts and actions fly that should not. We are human it happens, but the more we can control it and stay focused on things we can control and staying positive and in the moment the better everyone will be.

The lesson is we can’t control others thoughts, perceptions, or actions towards us but we can control how we act when they do toss us that unwanted curve ball. We can’t control what mother nature brings us on race day, but we can control out attitude and actions as to how we will handle things and adjustments we might need to make. These are the types of things that will be tough to do sometimes but the more you win the battle of controlling what you can and letting go of what you can’t the better you will be.



Coach MB



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