I admire crazy! and Respect toughness!

6 Sep

Today’s blog is inspired by two athletes I coach… but actually many of the athletes I coach inspire me and fall under the category that inspire me to write this blog. Just happens that the two that got me think this way did some amazing things over the weekend so they are front of mind.


To me life is about taking risks, not setting any limits, doing crazy stuff! Not being afraid to chase things that seem unattainable and just flat out showing toughness and guts!

Well Sunday one of my closest friends and athlete I coach Manuela took on a race that scared the crap out of her. A race that when she registered for it left me thinking, Is she nuts? What the heck? OMG she might die! But it also left me jealous that I was not going to be able to do this race with her and experience this crazy challenge! The race compete for Team USA at World Championships long course Duathlon! (Powerman Zofigan Switzerland) This race is a 10k run, a 150k on the bike and a 30k run at the finish. All done on crazy trails and in the Swiss mountains with some serious elevation. Now Manuela had never done a race of this distance or anything close to it. She has run several marathons and very fast and successful so the running OK… she did bike a 56 mile bike race this summer as part of a Triathlon relay team so that was her farthest bike race to date. But putting all of that together was brand new to her so I understand her fears! I also coach her and train with her daily so I understand her pure strength and toughness and passion and desire for this! And of course I respect the heck out of her for wanting to take on this challenge and do this race and for her to step way outside her comfort zone and into the unknown! How did she do you ask? Well she went on to win the Silver medal and finish 2nd in her age group and be the 11th overall female! I’m sure many people were surprised including Manuela, was I? Not at all I knew she would rise up and be bad ass! I knew Manuela had it in her to compete at that level with that type of success! I believe very much in that mighty little one just like I believe very much in many of the athletes I coach. So when these athletes accomplish amazing results most times I can say “Told you so”

Now for an athlete to reach this type of success and have these amazing moments! These “I told you so” type of moments it takes some serious commitment, dedication, passion, desire, and focus! You can’t be a person who makes excuses, you can’t be a person who does not follow the plan, you can’t be a person that lacks motivation, drive, passion and focus. If you are a seasonal type of athlete that occasional runner, cyclist etc… that person who lets outside distractions derail training and you don’t follow your coaches plan and communicate with your coach well.  Then there is no way you can go have this type of success and expect amazing results, those results that your coach says “I told you so” because believe me as coach I know who is going to excel and who is not. I see it in their eyes, in their behavior all of it.


So figure out what type of person you are? Then go out and chase crazy whacky insane things and set no limits!

The next little thing that has me going down this path is my friend Stu that I coach. This dude found out a couple weeks ago he has a fractured sacrum!! Yep it’s bad! And once we figured this out it explained why we have been taking so much rest and why his back hurt so bad when he did do workouts etc… Stu has shown insane amounts of toughness lately and I love it! his guts his heart and his focus simply amazing! This past Sunday with a fractured sacrum and all Stu rode 26miles on the bike with some of us Triathlete peeps who have been training with him all summer. O yeah on Saturday he did a one hour swim! Talk about toughness! I can’t think of many people who would go out and do these workouts in the shape that Stu is in. And what is even more nuts and I just love it!! Stu still wants to do Ironman Madison this weekend!

Now doing Ironman with a fractured sacrum is maybe not the best idea but it’s not an awful idea J I just love his toughness! And I wish more athletes would show this kind of toughness sometimes maybe not race on fractured bones, but be able to suck it up when things get tough, fight through cramps, some muscles soreness the little aches and pains that come with hard training etc…  Manuela also endured some serious hard times in her race and had to show her toughness! She was cramping, and hurting and thinking how could I ever finish this race yet alone hold off that German girl and win the silver medal! Yet she never gave up, she kept fighting and she kept pushing! Love that spirit and determination that these two show!

What I’m saying to you people is, sometimes it hurts, sometimes you have to embrace being uncomfortable, and sometimes you have to suck it up and live in the pain cave and push your limits!

And most of all you can’t be afraid or scared to do crazy hard stuff! Things you dream of things that will make everyone around you say what the! But things that once you accomplish them will leave you feeling strong, confident and amazing!

So challenge yourself, but remember in order to reach success you have to be committed you can’t just go through the motions or say you want to do something and yet not keep the focus and follow the plan.

So go be great! And best of luck!

Cheers Coach MB


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