Maple Grove Triathlon/Duathlon 2016 = success!

29 Aug

This past Saturday was the Maple Grove Triathlon and Duathlon. They have an Olympic or Sprint distance Triathlon, and then last year added a Duathlon which is also of the sprint distance being two 5k runs with an 11 mile bike in the middle. I found this to be a really nice event, nice course, location and well run event. The weather could have been better and could have been worse. We all woke up looked at our weather apps and thought yay!! Looks perfect then sometime between leaving transition and race start we got sprinkles, and we had light rain at times during the race making things wet and even at the end of the bike portion rains got a touch heavier. But the cloud cover and temps made for great running weather!

The downer was post race the skies really opened up and poured on us and of course with no dry clothes or extra clothes to put on after the race everyone was freezing cold and soaked. Which made for an uneventful let’s just bail from the awards ceremony. And that was tough to do since my crew of amazing gifted athletes all rocked podium spots!

MG-Tri was a goal race for two of my athletes Krisana and Liv as they were both doing the Olympic distance Triathlon in hopes of being fast enough to qualify for USA Triathlon National Championships in 2017. Mission accomplished!  These two young ladies are so dedicated, so strong, and show such passion for sport. As their coach I get to spend a lot of time with them and train with them and it’s very special! They are also my very good friends. This past summer Krisana, Liv and myself along with many others on Team Gotta Have Heart (the group of athletes I coach) spent hours pushing each other, motivating each other and having a lot of success on the race courses! It’s fun because each of them has their strength and their weakness and as a team we can all improve on these things and help each other.

So race day in Maple Grove left both of these women having PR performances for the Olympic distance! Liv went a 2:18 breaking that elusive 2:20 mark so many women in Triathlon chase, she did it with a great swim, monster bike and a solid run! Krisana (in only her second year as a Triathlete) went just over 2:20 that day with a swim that needs work a monster bike and one amazing super fast run! These times put Liv 3rd overall female, and Krisana #1 in her age group and 6th overall female.  And both have secured spots in 2017 USAT Nationals! Mission accomplished!

Another athlete I coach Michelle (who is not a swimmer) decided to do the Duathlon at this event and coach thought hey good idea! So Michelle and I did that took on this little Sprint Duathlon course.  It was a great course and really fun, just wish I had someone to race with and push me a little. I lead the race from the get go and ended up the overall winner of the Duathlon in 1:04:30 not pushing my limits still kicked out a 17:10 first 5k, 24.2mph bike leg, and another 17:50 5k  felt great and had fun! But the next closest person to me was Michelle who was 2nd overall and then of course #1 female but she was 10 minutes back from me so I never saw her.  She equally crushed that course!! With some blazing 5k runs and a solid bike. The 2nd place female was also 10 minutes back of Michelle.  We had fun earning our first place coffee mugs.

Race day turned out to be a great success and everyone reached their goals so you can’t ask for more than that. But the real beauty in days and moments like this is the months we share training together. The journey I like to call it, and then the traveling to the race site together, the warm-ups the post race coffee and all the great friendship time we share. It’s truly special for me to have moments like this with my friends, my athletes. Really makes racing, training all of it so much better!! So I say thank you to my girls!

Maple Grove we will be back… I enjoyed your event we all did! And of course having Jerry McNeal as the announcer makes it all that much better! He is the encyclopedia of Minnesota multi sport!

So stay focused everyone, stay committed, stay dedicated to your training; the plan and set those goals and chase them! Live life without limits! Live life with no regrets! And take on challenges that scare you!



Coach MB



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