The Power of a good run, the power of good friends and running with them.

24 Aug

It’s no secret I love to run! Running is my happy place, it’s my passion and without it I’m not so happy. Running is that quiet place you can go and get lost with your thoughts, some good music or a great conversation with friends. You don’t have to run fast or long it can be any distance or speed you just need to move and keep one foot in front of the other.


To me running is a wonderful gift God gave us and sadly a gift that so many people waste. Sure running is not everyone’s thing but sometimes I think it could be but the person is afraid to start or it hurts a little when they start so they are scared to continue and keep running to get stronger so it no longer hurts yet gives them a sense of accomplishment a joyful happy feeling and positive energy.

I began coaching runners years ago and have had a lot of success with people of all types. Helping a new runner finish their first marathon and even qualify for the Boston marathon. Or taking an established runner and making them faster chasing crazy time goals.  Part of my coaching over the years has been hosting “group” workouts and doing things in group settings with various pace groups and support of the other athletes. It’s an amazing group of people that keep each other accountable, motivate each other and push each other to get better.


Over the years I hear loads of excuses, I hear people say they just can’t get out of bed to make a 5:30am run for whatever reason and blah blah blah. But for myself no matter how tired I am, no matter if I went to a concert the night before and am running on 4 hours sleep I wake up and meet my peeps and go for that run! And you know what I never ever regret it! It’s always the best part of my day, it’s always such a uplifting, motivating happy time of day to see these people I coach, people I have become friends with and run some miles with them.

The power of a good run, endorphins is for real! It’s that euphoric feeling that non-runners are missing out on and why I try to motivate anyone I know to run. My words of wisdom to you today are commit to the run, commit to your friends, your training partners etc… and even if you have a late night, stress in life going on etc… don’t let those things become excuses and slow you down. Stay the course wake up run those miles with your friends or solo, just run the miles get that smile and enjoy life! Because once the run is done you will feel so much better! Even if it means a cat nap in the middle of the day, or loads of caffeine to power you through the day it’s all worth it for that 30-60 minutes of running bliss!

Good friends are special, people that make you laugh, that support you and that you can count on. I look at the athletes I coach as my friends and when someone needs me I try and be there for them. I have a good friend Dan and Dan is battling cancer right now but has this amazing positive spirit to stay active to run, to bike and do things as best he can even when his energy level is low from treatments. Today my friend Dan wanted a running partner and all though I had just got home from finishing my workout with the group I coach there was no way I was going to say no to a run with Dan. I met up with Dan and we did a 5k run nice easy pace for me, little bit of work for him but the time we spent out there talking and running and just breathing that hot humid air was amazing! It gave me such a lift and happy feeling. These are the kinds of feelings you can have if you run, and respect the run.

I thank all my friends who take time to run with me, bike with me, swim with me and share these wonderful journeys with me. Together we motivate each other and together we become stronger and better people! So Dan even though I was super tied thanks for getting me out the door to run some more with you and share that moment!

People go make memories and moments run some miles with friends or family and breathe the fresh air or hot humid air.



Coach MB   


One Response to “The Power of a good run, the power of good friends and running with them.”

  1. Runlikethereswinewaiting August 25, 2016 at 4:36 am #

    just started running at 29…going on 3 months and I’m hooked!!! Great read! 🙂

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