I can’t really means I won’t

19 Aug

Today’s blog comes from a great quote that my friend Stu said during a podcast interview he did. Stu is an athlete I coach and has great passion and commitment to the sport of Triathlon! He goes big and he pushes his limits!! His attitude is so inspiring and impressive because Stu is not the fastest guy, and he has lead a life of people telling him he is not fast enough or good enough and what does Stu do each and every day? He waves his middle finger at them and proves them wrong! He lives life with a No excuses attitude which is exactly what I preach to the athletes I coach! No excuses! We all make sacrifice, we all have crazy lives, tired bodies whatever it may be but when you commit to something, when you set goals, and you want to chase dreams you have to live each day with No excuses! And you just have to get out and make it happen!


Stu had a wonderful line today that said lots of people say “I can’t do that”  like they can’t run or bike or swim or whatever it might be and we are not just talking distance stuff, crazy stuff we are talking simply running a mile and at whatever pace. But it can equate to anything. as Stu said it’s really “I won’t” because as long as you are healthy you can do anything you want, but it’s more of a matter of you won’t do it.  We live in a world where so many people come down with disabilities or things that truly limit their mobility or ability to do something as simple as run. And often times those people want to move and run and be active so they find ways to overcome their setbacks. And that’s a beautiful inspiring thing. However many people have the talents to run or whatever yet say “I can’t” when really they need to say I won’t because they can!  So life gets down to the simple responses of I won’t or I will not I can’t or I can. See what I’m saying?

It’s like people who can’t get out of bed in the morning meet their training group for workouts, they make excuses of why they can’t etc… it’s again not based on they can’t it’s based on they won’t! They don’t have the drive, or commitment or passion to stay focused and make the sacrifice needed to be great and to stay accountable. So they get lost and unfocused, and float around making excuses and use words like “I can’t” instead of just admitting “I won’t” wake up that early, I won’t run, I won’t stay committed and focused. Which that is OK like Stu says, it’s fine to admit you won’t do something just don’t say you can’t do something when you truly can.

Word choice can often be a fine line for us when describing things, answering questions etc… as we can mean one thing but the words we choose can lead a different perception. I’m often confused because yes my word choices are not always as they should be even though in my crazy head I know what I’m saying.


So hopefully you all find that shift within yourself to change your word choice, you perception of I can’t too I won’t but hopefully you really turn it into I will! And you start making yourself better by doing great things chasing dreams and goals that scare you and made you use the words “I can’t”   Because if you have the gift the health to do things like run then do it! it’s amazing how much better you will feel after even a 1 mile run or walk around the block something to move that body, pump that blood and work towards being healthy!


I believe a 1 mile race or a 5k is just as awesome of an accomplishment as a marathon or a Sprint Triathlon to an Ironman distance Triathlon! As my friend Cindy says I might not be the fastest out there but I’m pretty sure I’m faster than all my friends who are in bed hitting the snooze alarm! Amen!!

So make it happen and take on life with no excuses!


Thanks Stu and Cindy for the inspiration of my blog today. thanks for being strong and dedicated athletes working towards your goals and for being coachable and having fun while making yourself better!



Coach MB

www.gottahavehearttraining.comTeam Heart Chisago 70.3 


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