The body can do amazing things, don’t let the mind tell you otherwise.

1 Aug

As a coach of endurance athletes, of all shapes and sizes and speeds. That do Triathlon, marathon, 5k, Duathlon and everything in between. I get to see a lot of various personalities and get to see a lot of people do some amazing things they never thought would be possible.

What I have learned with myself and with athletes I coach. The body can do a lot; it can endure a lot of pain, a lot of stress, a lot of hard work. But most often times it’s the person’s mind that slows them down and limits them from accomplishing things they maybe dream of or think they can’t do but really could do. The mind is such a powerful thing, it can push you through hard dark moments and it can slow you down and derail your race as well.

A few things people lack and need to work on!

  1. Believe in themselves, they need to believe they truly can do these things and that the body can truly endure the tired legs, the sore muscles etc… and perform for them.
  2. Confidence; this sort of goes with #1 “Believe” that you need to have confidence in yourself, in your ability that you can accomplish these things you can push limits and go farther than you thought or faster etc…   don’t be intimidated don’t think you are not good enough or fast enough. Believe in yourself and show your confidence.
  3. Consistency;  the key to anything in life is being consistent.  The biggest thing I see with a lot of athletes is they sign up for a race, or say “I’m a runner” but then for some reason they let one rest day turn into 2 and next thing they skip weeks or months of running. They let life happen; they make excuses why they can’t run even 3 miles in a day. They lose their focus and will to wake up in the morning even when they have friends trying to hold them accountable and meet up for workouts etc…   when you let this happen, when you make excuses and quit and get out of a consistent rhythm it is a very slippery and long road back.  So the key to success and making progress is to stay consistent! Now of course you take time off and rest etc… and truly what I’m saying here does not mean a constant state of hard focused workouts it just means during a month or so of time off find 3-4 days per week and still run, bike, swim something active and keep a certain fitness level and base so you can keep fit. This helps when you decide to come back to sport and train for something that you won’t have as long to get back into form. When you quit and go cold turkey after a great training season all you do is reset the clock and never gain ground you never keep that consistent flow that allows you to keep progressing and getting better. Because you are always in the re-start mode.  Don’t be that person!  And truthfully if you are a runner with a passion to run then you run and skipping too many days or too much time off would drive you crazy!! So if you can take months off then maybe you are not so passionate about running.


At the end of the day with all of this it comes back to one simple question.

“How bad do you want it”  if the answer is you want it, and it matters to you then you will find away to make it happen, adjust schedules with good time management, set those alarm clocks etc… and log the workouts needed.

If you can’t stay the course, and do what is needed to reach your goal, if you make excuses, and so on… then I guess you answered no it does not matter and no you don’t want it.


So don’t be afraid to push your limits, don’t be afraid to go the distance, and don’t think the body is not capable of great things because the body can do the work as long as your mind is strong and believes!

I witness amazing efforts and great feats of pushing limits everyday as a coach and it warms my soul and makes me smile when you do that first 100 mile bike ride with someone, or that first 20mile run, watch them do their first Triathlon and so on. They are always scared as hell before and question can they really do this but when they finish they are all smiles and gain a new sense of confidence!



Coach MB


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