Apple Duathlon 2016

31 May

This past weekend hosted many great endurance events around Minnesota and the country.

One being the Apple Duathlon that takes place on the Saturday of Memorial day weekend every year. This is an excellent event! One of the best run Duathlon’s in the country its USAT certified and part of the Duathlon race series every year.

The course is a very nice course consisting of 5k run, 33k bike, 5k run. weather is always a bit of an issue here with headwinds etc…  this year the weather kind of held out nicely for us, as it stay dry during the race but soon after the rain kicked up.  We did deal with some head and cross winds out in the hilly section of the bike course but had a nice little tail/cross wind back into town. Overall it turned out to be a glorious day!


So as a coach I always get a few athletes and we head up and race this wonderful event.  2016 I took 4 athletes up and then myself to race. All of us except 1 (Julie) have raced this course before. This was Julie first Duathlon ever and when she finished she said “damn that was hard! much harder than a Triathlon”!  The funny thing pre-race was Julie said I’ll drive separate because I won’t win an award so then I can leave early and not wait around. Well what did Julie do in her first Duathlon??  She won her age group! And had an awesome race!! She also set a 5k PR time in the first 5k run of the event.. and by like a minute!! That’s huge!

My other athletes; Pete won his age division and had really good 5k runs and a solid bike not a lot faster than the previous year on this course but a very good day out there! Krisana she won her age division also and placed as the 10th female overall. She is a beast of a runner and is getting stronger on her bike (shaving 2 minutes on her bike time from year before).

Then I had the USAT Duathlon 40-44 National Champion Manuela Knispell and again she went out and won her age division, was 1st overall female master, and was 9th overall female. She is a month out from National Championships in Bend and is starting to get into shape and look strong and poised to defend her title.   Myself “Coach” I went out and had a great workout and respectable race! I won my age group and finished 9th overall in a very deep men’s field. I was happy with my effort but know I have things to work on before Nationals. My bike split was decent but not as good as the year before or as good as I need it to be.  Hills and wind play these mind games with me and I had to deal with them early in the race and then overcome them to power strong and ride hard to gap my competition which I beat 2nd place by like 5 minutes.

So that’s right 5 athletes from Team Gotta Have Heart Training went and raced and 5 first place trophies!  That’s pretty awesome and as a coach not much more I could ask for. I love coaching these guys and the amazing efforts they put out. They all train really hard, with focus, with passion, with dedication and determination and that type of attitude and work ethic pays off for them on race day!

Being a coach is wonderful! I love helping these people chase and reach goals they set. I love helping them open their minds, get out of their shells and push limits.

If you are looking for a coach hit me.. we are having a lot of fun and success at Gotta Have Heart Training.


Team Heart post Apple Du 2016

Post Apple duathlon 2016 Team Gotta Have Heart athletes!

Coach MB


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