F**K it… Go Run!

23 Oct

F**K it go run!

Yesterday I read a funny and true article about runners and the crazy things we do and think. Also read another quote about how you can be lost, depressed, hurting inside etc… but a run always can lift you up.

I’m in a dark place these days, life has been a struggle. Something’s worse than others work often times is kicking me in the rear, the stress of family, the stress and sadness of bad performances in races you put your heart and soul into and for some reason come up short on race day. The unfulfilled part of my heart that lacks creativity and excitement and things that feel rewarding, just so much going on inside me right now that some days are just tough to get out of bed. Some days just well suck and if I could stay asleep forever it seems like the better option than waking up and facing the day.  (I could get more in depth about some of my struggles but won’t)

It’s lately that I have started to understand people who have serious depression and sometimes maybe do the crazy things they do. When a person falls into that dark hole and if they don’t have positive supporting people around them I can see how they may never make it out of that hole again. Lucky for me I do have a lot of wonderful supportive people in my life people that if I put the cry out that I’m struggling will reach out and talk to you. But what I have that maybe other people don’t in this world and maybe they need to discover this is Running!

My love for running, the thought of going for a run makes me want to wake up most days and at least enjoy that peaceful time of the day! It’s why on a beautiful 60 degree sunny day in the fall I might just say F**K it to work and leave and go outside for a run! I can always be talked into a run even if I ran earlier in the day. Because simply running is the best part of my day!

So to all of you who are struggling with things in life, maybe life is kicking you in the nuts and you just feel like you can’t get up. If you have stressful work, and feel overwhelmed, maybe your family is really demanding and wearing you down because all you do is shuttle kids here or shuttle kids there. Whatever it is… you should at least once a day just say F**K it I’m going for a run it can be 20 minutes or 2 hours does not matter point is get outside, get the blood flowing and enjoy some free time, sometime in the open air just you and your thoughts or with a friend either way is good for the soul!

Weather conditions can’t slow you down either! This morning it was pouring rain, but I still got dressed and said I’m going running F**K it! so I did and well the rain stopped and stayed away while I ran. This is the same attitude you carry into the winter as well for you northern peeps. Minus 5 degrees F**K it! Go for a run!

So as I go through life and deal with depression and frustrations, or even when I’m happy and feeling good. I find that most every day at some point I need to say F**K it and go for a run!

Happy Running everyone!! No matter how far, how fast or slow if you are moving those legs and enjoying nature and one of the greatest freedoms (Running) then you are improving your soul!




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