Some other begining comes from some other beginings end

17 Dec

“Some other beginning comes from some other beginnings end” ~ Dan Wilson

Great song lyric from a talented songwriter! Those words have such meaning today as I finally write a blog post again.

Life is about doors opening, doors closing and keeping your eyes and ears open and a positive state of mind. I have been working in the fitness industry for a number of years now it’s my passion coaching athletes and helping them believe in themselves that they are capable of more than they think. Guiding people to reach goals and having fun in the journey. This passion I have for endurance sports has led me to various places to teach cycle classes, coach, work with youth on school teams etc… and I have loved all of it and enjoyed all of my experiences.

But this past summer a door closed on me and I was left wondering if I might teach cycle again? Work for another fitness center in this capacity to help people reach fitness goals. (I had all ready started my own coaching business earlier that spring which has been very successful) but having a studio to teach in was something I was missing and wondering if I might ever do again?

And then all the sudden two very passionate people, like minded people came calling to me and asking if I was interested in helping them with their business. And a new door began to open. Stacie and Chris Clark with Tiger Athletics have a great studio and some of the best equipment I have used! After I took a class and tested out the Watt Bike I was sold. This bike is really cool and can help take a person’s fitness and cycling to another level! There is a lot more to Tiger athletics than the Watt bike and cycle classes, but my main focus for now with this new beginning will be the cycle portion of the business. And I’m very excited!

So when life shuts one door on you, keep your head up and ears open! Keep a positive state of mind do what you do and do it well. Because if you do people will notice and a new door will open and a new challenge in life will be waiting for you. Life is so much about attitude and positive thoughts so keep them flowing!

So as we head into 2015! I’m very excited about the new door that has opened for me at Tiger Athletics and I’m excited about the growth of my coaching business

Happy Holiday’s everyone! Make 2015 a special year! Set no limits! And no excuses! Just make it happen!

Cheers Coach MB


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