Dealing with the blues…

24 Oct

Life is hard, life is interesting, life is full of ups and downs. Life is a journey that if you bring the right attitude, keep the faith and surround yourself with positive people it can be amazing. Yet even with faith and positivity and wonderful people around you and for some loads of money, fame and success why do some of us slip into these dark moments? These depression moments where we feel alone, feel sad and feel lost.

Recently there have been stories in the news about celebrities who have battled with this and it use to be when I read these I would think “how could that person be depressed” they have money and fame etc… but as I have been dealing with my own level of this I understand it. Life is not all about money and success but for those people who have tasted success and have had lots of high moments when they crash it can hurt and it can be hard and leave you sad.

Now I don’t put myself anywhere in the league of having any kind of major success and certainly not money. My own struggles into this dark place I found myself slipping into was more of a lot of things piled on top of one another and then me hitting my breaking point and feeling exhausted and so buried it seemed there might be no way back up. I was having a lot of alone time as well and that sense of being alone, and your mind just keeps wondering and struggling to find it’s happy place a place of positive vibes can leave you digging yourself deeper and deeper. Over the years I have battled off and on with feelings and moments like this, never as bad as I have been lately but I have these sad lost, confused depression type moments on occasion I just do a good job of covering them up. And maybe that is what lead to my most recent breakdown? Years of covering things up. I’m not going to dive into my issues and get too deep into how and why people end up in this dark place, but more I want to talk about the positive and the getting out.

I learned that by opening up, not being afraid to share that I’m hurting really helped and the outreach of my friends and people who know me, heck people that don’t even know me that well was amazing! Listening to others stories and hearing their prospective on life and things was very helpful. The key when you find yourself going down this dark road is to find people who will show you the road full of light! People who can help lift you back up and let you know it’s OK to feel that way but there is so much more positive stuff out there and you help bring those positive vibes to the world. I’m not going to preach faith on you either, but can say a good friend of mine took me aside and reminded me of the power of prayer and God and that if we just sit back and trust in his plan he can lead us down the right path and keep us smiling.

Another friend (actually several friends) reminded me of one big word. ATTITUDE and if we carry a positive and good attitude things can change quickly and that’s really the moral of my story today. No matter what happens to us throughout life if we carry the right attitude a good one a positive one things can be healed and fixed quickly, things can seem not so bad and life can be so much more enjoyable. I typically carry a good attitude and I preach good attitude to the athletes I coach. But in these recent weeks I forgot to carry my good attitude and forgot to practice what I preach. But working on fixing this issue has helped me a lot.

It’s helped that I have been able to look at myself and admit my faults, my issues and that what has brought some of my sadness is on my own self not blaming others.

Now this blog is typically about endurance sports etc… and this message can apply to that still if you think about it that way. As a successful athlete you may have some races or a season that you just crash and burn and do not live up to your past success and that’s OK if you carry the right attitude, and keep the right people around you and stay positive you can correct this get out of the funk and move forward into finding your groove and becoming successful again.

I leave with thanks for all those who reached out and gave me things to think about, positive things and in helping me adjust my attitude and work on smiling again! Today is a new day start fresh and move on.


Coach MB


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