Gotta Have Heart Training at TCM and TC-10 2014!

6 Oct

Team Gotta Have Heart at TCM and TC-10 2014.

Friday evening at a dinner with a number of the athletes I coach one athlete gave me a very sweet card. Title of the card is “Coaches are everyday hero’s”. The inside of the card read;

Coaches inspire hopes, nurture dreams, and encourage success. They show you that life means sometimes winning with honor… and sometimes losing with grace. They support the talented and comfort the troubled, and promote good character.

I really love those words and try to live by them as a coach, as a friend to some wonderful people I get to coach and work with. I’m so incredibly proud of these people and the dedication and passion they show on a daily basis. That dedication and passion along with coaches encourage success and nurturing of dreams helped produce some amazing results this past Sunday at the Twin Cities marathon and TC-10 mile.

Check out these amazing results from athletes coached by Gotta Have Heart Training

TC marathon:

Adam 3:04:43 (don’t think a PR time but a very fast time and about 10 minutes faster from his 2013 TCM)

Krisana 3:09:27   huge PR!!  (I have been coaching Krisana for a couple years now when I met her she was a 3:45 marathoner, since then has gone 3:28, 3:22 and now 3:09 in the last 3 years of fall marathons I’ve coached her. Not to mention her accomplishments in other distances)

Mike- 3:32:22   I have coached Mike for a few years and this was a PR marathon time for him from his 2012 Chicago race.

Nicole- 3:29:46   a Boston qualifying run!  first marathon in 10 years, and only 1 year after having a baby. Simply amazing! And impressive!

Greg- 3:41:27    (Nicole’s husband who ran with her for support not a PR for Greg but he ran hard with heart and gutted out a great performance)

Kelcey – 3:23:49    Not a PR but an amazingly good race!!

Megan- 4:38:09   PR!!! Amazing she gutted this thing out and did this well based on a year filled with injury, sickness, crazy work and family life etc…

TC-10 mile times:

Manuela- 1:04:56   2nd place masters female, huge PR from the 1:08 she ran in 2013.

Todd- 1:05:27     PR time great performance Todd I have been coaching for awhile as well and just keeps getting faster year in and year out!

John- 1:12:40   PR amazing race for John! This is just a tune up to his marathon coming up.

Becca- 1:12:57  another amazingly fast performance and PR. Great race!

Ann- 1:18:47    PR from the year previous and only a few weeks after she got a PR in the marathon and a Boston qualifying time.

Jeff- 1:16:41   believe this is a PR also and faster than 2013 10 mile time.

Jennifer- 1:19:40   PR time!!  Beat her 2013 time by at least a minute

Missy- 1:31:57    great race!! Very strong athlete! Who this spring in her first duathlon landed on the podium!

Leah- 1:18:58   after her crazy year this was pretty awesome! she will be running Boston 2015 as I coached her to a BQ in her 2013 fall marathon.

Angie- 1:18:40 PR and great fast time!  Angie is new to running, coached her for her first marathon this summer in which she broke 4 hours and keeps on getting faster and faster!

Melissa- 1:17:37   working her way back from having a baby a year ago! This was a great race for new mama!

Doug- well that fool forgot to put on his bib and his timing chip so no official results from him since they pulled him off the course. He did run pace with Leah however.

So as coach, as friend to all these people I’m just smiling ear to ear today over their gutting performances and all these fast times they kicked out! I believe in these people very much and make them believe in themselves help them set lofty goals and then chase them. I believe in my coaching ability also, the passion I have for multi sport, for running all of it and when that type of passion and knowledge meet with the right athlete who will communicate with the coach, follow the plan and stay dedicated and true this is the kind of results that happen.

So if you are looking for a coach, or a dedicated really fun group of people to train with check out

Congrats to all the finishers yesterday!


Coach MB


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