10 tips for training and racing.

9 Jun

Coach Buenting’s tips:


  1. Training for a 10k, 5k whatever the distance is takes discipline and dedication. You can’t make excuses and skip workouts. So rise and shine and stay after it! Suggestion would be to run at least every other day and make sure you run the distance of the actual event at least once (unless it’s a marathon) as part of your training it will give you the mental confidence to complete the race.
  2. Training tip #2    “ Training for a race takes more than just a few runs and the same pace. Do speed intervals to work on getting faster, do hill repeats to build strength, do easy slower than race pace runs to recover and build cardio endurance. Having a coach can help guide you with this but as long as you stay true to yourself and mix up your runs you can have success.”
  3. Cross-training like cycling or swimming is a great way to fill in off days from running and build cardio endurance while taking it easy on your body. And to build strength and work other muscles groups that don’t get as much use when running.
  4. Nutrition is a huge piece of racing and the healthy lifestyle that comes with running. During training experiment with various foods and see how your body reacts and what works for you. Everyone is a little different remember that. have some good proteins, some carbs, and try and avoid too much sugar to help keep inflammation down.
  5. Hydration is a huge part of running and endurance sports. Drink plenty of water on the days leading into your race, and then the morning of the race have a good 16 ounces of water at least 2 hours prior to the start of the race. Try and stop taking in too many fluids about 45 minutes prior to the start of the race to make sure it has time to digest and you are ready to run.
  6. Respect your body; massage, proper stretching, Epson salt baths, ice baths, compression socks. Are all good things to do regularly. You need to take care of those aching sore muscles from the daily stress and workload of training.
  7. Warm the muscles before you use them. Before a workout, before a race make sure you take time to warm-up the muscles by doing some active stretching, some easy running, maybe ride a bike, something to get a little sweat going, get the blood pumping and the muscles to warm-up before you take off and race hard. (this will help avoid injury)
  8. Proper shoes are a huge part of running, everyone has different feet and not every shoe is right for you. suggestion go to a local running store (like TC Running in Minnesota) and have a professional check your gait and stride and look at your feet and then get you in the proper shoes that fit your body type.
  9. Always bring a good race attitude! Always come to a workout, a race whatever with a smile, with energy and with a positive outlook. If your having a bad day it happens don’t worry about it. Shrug it off learn from it and move on to the next day the next race. Always feel proud that you are out there doing it and giving it your best on that given day.
  10. Strength training is a key to staying healthy. Core strength is huge in running to help pull everything together. So do planks do push-ups daily and build a strong core, and some good upper body strength for running up hills. (not heavy weight lifting) just some easy strength things to help form and correct little weaknesses in your stride/gait.

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