The Joys of coaching!

6 May

So I have been coaching adults for awhile now and I love it and will continue to do so for many years I hope. I get such pleasure out of helping people chase goals and dreams and then accomplish them! I love being at the races they compete in see the pain in their face and then the smile after when they see the clock and their results. I get just as much pleasure and have just as much fun watching them compete and succeed as I do when I race for myself.


This past year I have found another real joy and passion in coaching. When my daughter became a 6th grader and was able to join the Minnetonka middle school cross country team in the fall I offered up my time as a volunteer coach and started working with the kids. I just love it! The kids have such excitement and really bring a light hearted fun to running.

This spring I’m working with the distance runners on the track team and having that same kind of joy.

A huge part of what made me want to do this as a volunteer was that my daughter Bella runs on the team and it was a good way for me to spend more time with her and help coach her.

Bella is a very talented runner and it’s very fun to watch her compete. She has such heart and guts and loves to win! As a dad I have so much excitement cheering her on and helping her with her splits and race strategy as she learns to race at a high level!

Bella has a teammate Kylie who is even faster than she is and those two girls push each other day in and day out and pretty much dominate any race they are in taking first and second.

That as a coach is so fun to watch and see to know that I have a hand in helping these girls rock and kick butt!


Running with these kids has taught me life is more than work and chasing money, life is about this time with kids and seeing life through some fresh youthful eyes. Having fun and not being jaded or burnt out but experiencing new things and being super excited about it. The way these kids run with no fear and just lose and carefree is awesome! I need to figure out how to bottle some of this and pass it along to the adults I coach. If I could teach these adults to run more lose and carefree, stay relaxed and not so stressed it could be good! But it also would be nice to see some of that competitive drive and spirit in the adults that the kids have.  They just line up and show guts as they compete! With the kids it’s more about winning, and with the adults it’s more about time and improving on that. So it becomes two styles of coaching and two styles of racing. And that makes things fun and exciting!

So the last two days have really lit my competitive fire and juices. Watching so many athletes I coach run a half marathon on Sunday and do so well with PR times! And then tonight watching my Minnetonka girls compete at the Track and just dominate and own the distance events.

I’m so proud of all of them, kids and the adults! They show heart and they inspire me!



Coach MB


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