The Taper…. love it or hate it, part of racing!

29 Apr

The Taper… as in taper and rest your body before a big race. I pretty much dislike the taper a lot and my theory on the taper and what works for me is more of a mini taper. Our bodies get accustomed to training the mileage, the workouts etc… and when we do to long of a taper we get rusty and out of rhythm. I think it is good to back down some in your weekly mileage but keep some intensity and pace in the workouts.


I am writing about the “Taper” today because some athletes I coach are in the taper right now as they prepare to race this weekend, myself and other athletes I coach just finished with the taper and our races. So I have experienced the taper recently and now am experiencing putting people through it.


The goal with the taper is to not go crazy! To not let all that down time and easy workouts drive you nuts and start second guessing your training, your fitness. The taper should be a time to get mentally strong and really focus on your event and how you will race it. Do visualization techniques and see you out on the course performing. How you will attack the hills, how you will pace yourself etc…  Whatever you do during taper time stay mentally strong and stay focused!


Don’t force workouts during the taper… if life gets in the way and you miss a workout big deal don’t let that derail you and freak you out. Just skip it and move on to the next day. The hard work has been done and during the last week of the taper you can’t do any kind of workout to change the outcome of your race except hurt it by maybe forcing something and getting injured. So stay calm and enjoy that extra day of rest.


During the taper, really focus on diet, hydration, stretching, and keeping the body loose.

I love a good massage during the taper as well. About 5 days out from the race so I have time to let any soreness from that massage subside. I do a lot of Epson salt baths to flush toxins out of my legs and I drink a lot of water!


So as you taper and prepare for your races just breathe stay calm and enjoy it don’t let the “Taper crazies” get to you.

Best of luck!



Coach MB


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