Make time for the little things…. they matter!

28 Apr

The little things matter;


The 2014 season has taught me more than ever that the little things matter. You ask what do I mean by the little things. I’m talking about the strength work, core work, stretching, proper warm-ups, getting regular massage, Epson salt baths, chiropractic adjustments, eat healthy stay hydrated etc…

  1. Core;   You need a tight core because this is where it all starts. The core and low back muscles pull everything together and help you run with proper form, help you sit in aero position on a bike longer. So focus on core strength, planks, sit-ups, take a pilates class and all of the above.  The six pack does not only make you look hot, but it keeps you strong and healthy.
  2. Glutes;  Yep that big thing you sit on is one of the strongest muscles in your body and one that does not get properly worked and strengthened. If you are a runner you need to train the glutes to fire properly and work or you can have big problems and lead to a lot of painful injuries. Lumbar bridging is a great exercise to do, do them with both legs down do them as single leg bridges to fire each side separately. Squats also help or step downs. Make sure you have proper form and get the pirformis and glutes to fire.
  3. Upper body;  Runners you will be amazed at how much a strong upper body means in running.  Test run uphill with the arms behind your back and see how hard that is. Then run uphill using your arms. So get down and do some push-ups and keep the upper body strong.  (not bulk up and be body builder heavy weight lifting just toned and strong but lean muscle)

A few tips for keeping your body tuned up and doing the little things that go a long way.

  1. Regular massage   (once a month at least)
  2. Epson salt baths    (Twice a week at least)
  3. Ice baths
  4. See a Chiropractor or sports med DR for some adjustments, ART, cross friction massage etc… to stay tuned up.
  5. Good hydration…. Water drink it!
  6. Healthy nutrition! Cut out as much sugar as you can. Chia seeds are your friend.
  7. Stretch daily… take 10 minutes a day to stretch out
  8. Foam roller is wonderful tool, get one and use it.
  9. Compression socks, shorts, and kinesio tape….  All good for bringing blood flow to the area and helping recovery.
  10. Proper warm-up before you start your workout. I love active type warm-ups. Do some plyometrics, and things that get the blood pumping a little but work the various muscle groups and stretch you out some also.


And if all else fails and you do need to see some people for treatment here are my recommendations.

Premier sports and spine in Eden Prairie. Dr. Nolan is like the team DR for my training group.

952-479-0043 is the phone number for them (DR. Nolan, DR. Chris, or DR. Holly)

OSR physical therapy.  They have many locations but the best one is in Eden Prairie and seeing DR. Josh Rolfes   952-873-7400  is their phone number.   They also have an Alter G treadmill which is awesome for running on.

FIT Studios  (massage)   Gregg Sivesind

This dude is awesome!! he is on staff as the massage therapist for the University of MN cross country and track teams. So he understands runners!  612-578-6335


Those are my go to people for staying healthy. Give them a call and give them a try.


So in conclusion the key is focus on the little things take that extra 10 minutes a day to stretch, do some planks and push-ups etc… and watch how that goes a long way and helps you stay healthy.



Coach MB



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