Gotta Have Heart

21 Jun

Gotta Have Heart!


As a running coach last season I came up with the motto “Gotta Have Heart” this had double meaning in my message to the group. 1. You have to have heart to pump the blood and supply oxygen to your muscles so that you can run and train etc… 2. The most important part of how I use it is that you have to have heart to train and push yourself to your limits. As in you need to have guts and you have to be strong and mentally focused to endure the demands of training for a marathon or a 10 mile race. So the group of athletes I coach we often say to each other

“Gotta Have Heart” when it is time to race and chase those goals. Because if you don’t have heart and are not willing to put yourself out there dip into the unknown and try something new how can you succeed and reach your goals?


So this season as you train and prepare yourself to run the Twin Cities marathon, TC 10 mile maybe the Red, White and Boom half marathon whatever event it is. Think to yourself.. Gotta Have Heart! Go out there with a clear mind and focus and believe in yourself that anything you want to accomplish you can and will! As long as you have heart!


Best of luck and happy training… not only your heart the muscle but your heart (guts) the inner strength that truly is what will get you 26.2 miles and across that finish line.



Coach MB

Mike Buenting

USA Track and Field Certified coach

Life Time Run certified coach

Member of TEAM USA and competing in the World Duathlon Championships August 2013.  


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