Peace and Love!

22 Apr

Peace, Love and Happiness


Today I blog about how the world needs to unite and come together. Every day when I log into yahoo to check my email I see some new headline of something awful.

Today I see a story about 5 people dead in Seattle in a shooting. Last week we had the Boston bombings. In which those hit very close to home for me since I was there. And I watched more CNN last week than ever in my life as I follow the Boston case. We had the crazy person who shot up a movie theater this summer in Colorado, the Sandy Hook shootings you name it people are out of control and the world is becoming a very scary place.


Tragedy happens I get it but it just seems like more and more it happens these days than when I was growing up and people are getting more stupid and crazy by the minute which scares me for raising a child in this stuff. I  was very impressed how the world has rallied around the city of Boston and all the law enforcement in Boston is amazing how they all supported each other and worked around the clock to find the suspects and then take them down. Boston you are an amazing city and will always have a special place in my heart. I’ve never lived there but I run that marathon every year and it’s one of my favorite destinations to visit! The people are just plain awesome and really welcome the runners with open arms.


So people of the world I hope you hear my cry and the cry of many others that we need to put differences aside and we need to bring some happiness into the world! We really need some good stories for everyone to rally behind we need to stop senseless acts of violence and stop the fighting. We need to find mutual respect in each other and get a little 1960’s hippie peace and love in us!


I know it is very wishful thinking of me to think that the world will unite more and these selfish crazy acts that keep occurring will end. But if we all do our part to bring love and joy to each other maybe slowly we can make a difference and just maybe the world can start to unite as one.

My thoughts and prayers are with all the peoples families who were just affected by the Seattle shootings, the Waco Texas explosion, the Boston bombings and all the other crazy tragedy that could be avoided if people just stopped and cared about one another. If people just showed a little peace, love, and happiness.


I encourage you to break out some Bob Marley, The Beatles, any uplifting happy music that brings the words of joy and unite to you. Listen to it get lost in the words and hope it makes you go out and do a good deed for someone. And do it just because.


God Bless you all! Peace and Love!!



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