Boston marathon 2013! 26.2 for John!

11 Apr

Boston marathon 2013… it’s a different year for sure!


Time passes by and things change by the minute. Each year as I prepare myself and a group of runners to go out to Boston and run the marathon we have to deal with an overcome many challenges and lots of adversity. Which is what makes the journey so special and when you cross that finish line it’s a very special moment!! Getting that Boston marathon finishers medal is one of the greatest accomplishments ever for a runner.


Runners work so hard to qualify and make the start line for this race and so as you run that famous course on Monday reflect back of your journey getting there and take in every moment and enjoy it. I have a lot of great Boston marathon stories over the last 4 years I have run it and this April 15th will make Boston #5 for me.


The town of Hopkington is just crazy! Huge crowds all the runners it’s like a mini festival. Once you load into your corral the excitement really builds! The course starts fast with the first mile pretty much downhill then over the next several miles it rolls slightly but overall with a negative grade. When you hit the Newton Hills around mile 16 this is when the race really begins and you better be prepared and have run smart up until this point. This part of the course between mile 16-21.5 can eat you alive if you don’t run smart. The hills are really not that hard, they are a bit long but it’s more of where they land in the race. So don’t be afraid of them just stay steady with your pace and keep your heart rate relaxed and calm. Short steady stride up the hill and then float down the hill. Once you crest Heartbreak Hill and descend into Boston College things really come alive! Crowds are insane and the course now gets flatter and fast! So this is when I say have something in the tank and go for it! You have one more little bump to deal with it and really it’s not much but because it’s within the last mile you really feel it. And as you go up that little bump and make the left turn onto Boylston you now see the finish line and your heart starts racing the emotions in you start to boil and it’s very exciting!


So what makes 2013 Boston different a few things.

  1. We have had awful training conditions here in Minnesota. Not one nice day for a training run. We have had bitter cold temps, strong wind, lots of snow and ice, rain you name it. Even our final group training run in April was in a snow storm.
  2. Myself I had a small bout with some tendonitis and shin splints and was sort of down for 5 weeks with very limited running. Some others had a few small little bumps like this along the way also that maybe slowed them for a week or two but have bounced back and look strong now. Little aches and pains and injuries are just part of running. They happen.
  3. The biggest thing this year that has really been weighing heavy on me and many of the others from Life Time Run traveling east this weekend. Is that our good friend and the run coach out of the Eagan Life Time the guy who helps organize a lot of the events out in Boston for the team to do was in a serious car accident this past weekend and will not be making the trip. Coach John is in critical care right now and fighting. John will be back and heal he is a fighter and the lord is looking over him and will take care of him. So it’s tough you have mixed emotions of how to run and how well will you run when you think about John. But as I always say you have to live in the moment because you never know when something like this could happen? You have to go out and embrace each breathe and make the most of it! So John on Monday you can count on a bunch of runners from Life Time Run going out and soaking in every moment and doing it in your name! As the 2013 Boston marathon has become the year of Run 26.2 for John!


Good luck on Monday everyone!! And John I’m thinking of you, praying for you and will run my hardest and fastest marathon for you on Monday!! It’s 26.2 for John!!


Go out and be great!  Have a blessed day!





One Response to “Boston marathon 2013! 26.2 for John!”

  1. Ann Lendino April 11, 2013 at 3:18 pm #

    I enjoyed reading this. Training with you all has been a pleasure. I have never woken up before 6am to do workouts until I met you all. I wasn’t sure that first morning if this was the group for me w/ everyone being so fast, but you all are so supportive so I did come back for more. Thanks Mike for all your hard work as a coach. You are truly dedicated to what you do and it makes us want to work hard for you. Good luck everyone!

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