Sorry I’ve been away for too long…

21 Dec

What have I been doing blog?

Sorry to my few faithful followers that I have not written anything in awhile but life has been busy and finding time to sit down inspired and right something meaningful just has not happened.

So what have I been doing since Ironman a month ago? I ran two 5k races one dressed in a Turkey costume in which I started dead last and ran to pass people and raise money for the Second Harvest food shelf. It was super fun and I raised $14,500 for the food shelf so it was a really good day! Then a week later I ran in the first annual Mustache run 5k in an effort to raise money for pancreatic cancer awareness. I went out and won the race (setting a course record) ha ha it was the first one so of course it’s a record. It was a lot of fun and a bunch of runners I coach my friends all did it together as a group.

I’ve also been running a lot of miles and feeling really good!! It’s time to get my focus onto training for the Boston marathon in April so I did not take too much time to rest after Ironman. (pretty much only two days of rest) My last two weeks of running have been a 70 mile week, a 68 mile week, and now this week is a back down and I’ll finish it in the low to mid 50’s.
I have not swam one stroke since I finished Ironman and the only cycling I have done is on a spin bike teaching class except for one day when I watched the football game while riding for an hour. But the cycling is about to pick up again soon and the pool will see me next week sometime. I have been lifting weights though and getting myself back into the weight room twice a week. Nothing heavy just some simple strength training for running light weight and lots of reps with short rest.
Work has been pretty busy for this time of year which is hit or miss as you just never know. But I have been selling all my listings I have on the market and have been out showing homes to buyers. Now is such a great time to buy real estate with low interest rates and still pretty low house prices. And predictions are prices will slowly rise next year so call me lets go buy something!
I recently got to take my daughter to her first concert. (she is 10 years old) Shannon and I took her to my favorite rock club in the world First Avenue to see Of Monsters and Men. The show was amazing and Bella had a blast! I really love doing things with Bella and introducing her to some culture like the arts because the arts mean so much to me and I feel like more people need to embrace them. I love all styles of music as long as the artist has some talent and is real about it. And I want to expose Bella to all kinds of music and let her express herself freely and openly.

So as we head into the holiday season and into a New Year I will get some blogs going to maybe help trigger your mind on how you can challenge yourself in the New Year.
So until next time I wish you all a very Happy and safe holiday season!



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