How will you challenge yourself in 2013?

30 Nov

GREEN; “ It represents speed and symbolizes growth. It suggest stability and endurance.”
Superperson- “Faster than a speeding bullet”

Something I kept out of my race packet from Ironman Arizona is this sheet that talks about the special needs bags and based on your race number which color of box to drop at. Then it had these little meanings with each color like the one I wrote above about Green.
I really like the color green not my favorite color those are black and gold but I do like it a lot. I also felt like that meaning is my plan for next year. GROWTH and how I plan to grow as a person and as an athlete and how I all ready have since competing in Ironman Arizona. And the part about faster than a speeding bullet is key because that is one major focus of my 2013 season is to get faster!! Since one of my major goal events is really a short distance race a Duathlon of 5k, 33k, 5k it means I need to really activate my fast twitch muscle fibers and go for it!

I always have lots of goals and lots of things I’m chasing but the one big one I have my sights on next season is to race the Apple Duathlon and at that event qualify for the World Duathlon Championships in Canada this summer. I want to make Team USA! It’s going to take a lot of hard work and a lot of speed but I’m ready for the challenge and will be pushing myself like never before. The great thing is the more I train the more I take care of my body with diet and rest the better I am recovering and able to get after it. So Canada here I come!

I’m not one for reflecting on the past too much, as I like to always live in the moment but I can’t stop thinking about Ironman Arizona and what an amazing experience that was! I’m so happy with my race and would not change a thing about how it turned out. But I’m also fired up knowing I can do better, I can go much faster! I also think about all the amazing people that day who became Ironman finishers and how inspiring and motivating they are and that is just like fuel for me to want to chase it again and go after my ultimate goal of qualifying for Kona. So I said no to Ironman in 2013, but little secret I am working an angle trying to secure a spot in Ironman Madison in 2013 so if it works out then I’ll be giving 140.6 another go.

I love the sport of Triathlon and I love to run. since Ironman I have not swim, and only biked a little however my run miles have picked up and it has been feeling great. My main focus right now is the Boston marathon and prepping myself for that course again.

So I’m not 100% sure what 2013 will have in-store for me? I know a couple goals and I know it will be about; 1. Endurance 2. Speed

I encourage everyone to look into 2013 and challenge themselves take themselves outside their comfort zone and push themselves into new limits beyond what they ever thought was possible. And if you can go watch an Ironman event they are life changing! I have never seen anything more exciting and inspiring than watching people become Ironman!! And especially in the last two hours of the event.

So Best of luck as you look into 2013 and think about all the new things you are going to try!

Today I’m giving a plug to Pearl Izumi makers of some awesome apparel! I’m part of Team Pearl Izumi and must say I just love their gear, from shoes, to shorts, to tights, to socks, to hats all of it.
Today I tested out a pair of the new Ultra wind blocker running tights and loved them!
I also wore a pair of the Elite tall wool sock and was very impressed! And the new barrier beanie is very nice for winter running.

The other piece of gear I just love is my Trek speed concept 9.9 Triathlon bike. If you’re looking for a new bike this season to race on look no further than the speed concept line from Trek. Truly amazing bikes!


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