Post Ironman thoughts

21 Nov

Post Ironman thoughts… next season?

At Ironman they have these bags you can pack called “special needs bags” These are bags you can put stuff in and stop on the bike and run course and pick up and get your treats. I never packed a special needs bag and never stopped for one. But in my race packet they had this great sheet that is giving explanation to each color as based on your race # you were given a special color for the needs bags.
My color was Blue based on my bib# and this is what it said about blue.
“ Blue- is often associated with depth and stability. It symbolizes trust, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, power, seriousness and stability.” ~ Today is your day. Make it happen!
When I read that I really liked it, and felt like race day was my day! Sure I did not go as fast as I wanted or thought I could, sure I did not qualify for Kona like I set out to do. But I’m an Ironman finisher and very proud of that! No regrets, No excuses! I gave it my all and well my all was what I ended up with.

So the big questions people have asked me since finishing Ironman.
1. Are you getting the M-dot tattoo? NO!! I’m a wimp and the thought of getting a tattoo not for me.
2. Will you do another Ironman? YES I will!! For sure!! It was truly an amazing experience! I also feel like I have more in me and I do have a Kona qualifying place/time in me and can get my times into the low 9 hour range. How many times will it take to get there and how many will I do in my life? Don’t have answers to those questions but I know more Ironman’s are in my future! 2013 I don’t think I will do one as I need a year off from that kind of training schedule and I want to focus on some shorter distance races.

In all I think Ironman is one of the most amazing, inspiring and grueling endurance events a person can do and be part of. There is nothing easy about it, and I don’t care if you finish last in 16:59:58 or you finish in 9 hours you are both still Ironman and it was one hard day that you will never forget. I give all the respect in the world to any Ironman finisher!

2013 season? This is still a question mark for me I have committed to a few events.
1. Austin Texas Livestrong marathon in Feb.
2. Boston marathon in April
Outside of those two events I have not registered for anything. I do have a qualifying slot in the 5150 US Championships again I just need to register or might re-qualify for that event at another race and elevate my status. I do plan to race the Apple Duathlon and try to qualify for the World Championships, I’m also thinking I might race the USAT National championships which are in Milwaukee this year? I have qualified the last two years for these so if I qualify again for 2013 most likely I will be there.
My thoughts on picking races in 2013 is focus on the marathon and run fast in Boston and then even faster in my fall marathon, focus on some Duathlon’s and chasing world championships, and then focus on Olympic distance Triathlon’s and continue to grow and get faster (especially swimming).
My mind also is floating into the world of ultra marathons and more trail running so a 50 miler seems like something I might take on this year in prep for a 2014 100 miler. There is a lot of various types of events and challenges I want to take on and go after so the next few weeks as I recover and do light workouts, work on training plans for the people I coach and myself. I will look over races and look at calendars and think about 2013 and what I want to challenge myself with. I know I only have a few “A” or peak performance type races in me and the others will be in prep for those races so I need to think about that as I line up my schedule. But for now I need to relax and savor the moment I had on Sunday when my name was called out and said “You are an Ironman”.

I highly recommend going to watch an Ironman and better yet doing one! It is a life changing moment it is one that brings you tears of joy, tears of pain, and really can help change your mental game. During an Ironman so many things can go wrong and most likely will and if you handle that right if you keep the right attitude you can have one memorable amazing moment! The people on the course will always help lift you up so you just need to soak it in and go with it! I feel even more relaxed and calm and inspired now after being part of Ironman (competing and watching the last finishers). That race has given me even more strength as an athlete both physically and mentally it has taught me a lot about myself and I’m excited to carry that into my coaching and my everyday life. I truly believe I can accomplish anything and no matter what obstacles try to get in my way I can overcome them and succeed. I taught myself to fight through dark moments and that even when the body is fighting back and saying I’m exhausted, I’m sick, I’m not sure if I can go on that if you dig deep mentally and you will yourself to power on and push yourself with all you have you can move and pick up the pace and finish. If you look at my run splits for the marathon portion you will see that. Miles 22/23 were in the 9 minute range and then all the sort I kicked into 7:15 pace and even closed mile 26 at a 6:46 mile! So that moment that happened right there in my life was huge for me and one that will always lift me up when times get dark during any event because I know I can overcome the pain and I can power myself to a strong finish.

So believe in yourself, never get down on yourself, never go into those dark places and get negative. Just keep fighting, keep pushing and follow your mind, your heart and forget what your body is telling you and you also can come out with a huge smile!! No matter what your outcome is you always have to have your head high and be proud!



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