Be consistent! never stop preparing!

8 Nov

To be a consistent winner means preparing not just one day, one month or even one year — but for a lifetime.” ~ Bill Rodgers

“The marathon can humble you.” ~ Bill Rodgers

Today’s blog gives you two short and sweet quotes from running great Bill Rodgers. Bill won 4 Boston and 4 NYC marathons’ back in the 70’s and is one of America’s all time best marathon runners. Bill owns a little running shop I stop into often in Boston when I go to run the marathon.

Let’s break down the quotes:
“To be a consistent winner means preparing” the first part to be a winner to succeed at anything from running to business it takes a lot of preparation. You really have to study and work hard and focus on what it takes to win. And then do it over and over.

Next part: “not just one day, one month, or even one year—but for a lifetime” That says it all right there. To win in life and to have continual success at everything you do it takes preparing and hard work each and every day of your life. You can’t just do things one way for 6 months and expect to hold that kind of condition and be on top. When you want to win and push yourself into new limits and keep chasing new goals you set for yourself it takes a lifetime of hard work and pursuit. It takes always being on always preparing and always training mind-body-spirit. I know that as an endurance athlete and one that sets a lot of goals for myself and some pretty hard goals and as a competitor a person who does not like to lose it means I’m on 24/7 always training and always preparing for that next moment. So don’t think after a few weeks of some classes or reading one book is going to make you the expert and have you so well prepared that you can succeed and “win” each and every day because it might get you one victory but then you are going to have to focus again keep learning and keep preparing if you want that second, third, fourth win.

Be consistent in anything you do, always keep an open mind and always keep learning and growing.

Second quote today is really simple but I just love because I am a marathon runner.
“The marathon can humble you” Yes it can!! And anyone who has ran a marathon or two or ten knows exactly what I mean. I always say it 26.2 miles is no joke! So much has to go right in order to have a peak performance in the marathon. The marathon is a journey and if you don’t respect it you will fail and you will be humbled. You must train properly for it, you must eat properly, and you must have one hell of a good mental game. Things will go wrong during a 26.2 mile race they always do things will get hard, hydration might suffer some? Whatever the case might be you will always have to be prepared to deal with it. (going back to first quote about being consistent and preparing) and when you finish even if you have a great race you will still be humbled unless you won the thing. So respect the distance, respect the marathon and prepare to be humbled and enjoy it!
Best of luck to everyone out there working hard every day always preparing to succeed!


Ironman countdown is on!! 10 days until race day! Sun is coming out so I should be able to get a quick ride on my TT bike today before I ship it tomorrow and then I’ll get some run miles in as well and some miles at pace to work on my cadence. Feeling good and amped to race!!


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