Make it happen!

4 Nov

Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen. ~ Michael Jordan

Day 4 of my quote blog series. And today the quote comes from one of my all time favorite athletes one of my all time favorite people someone who I have always looked up to and respected a person who I loved to watch play the game not because he was physically so much better than everyone else but because he was mentally so much better than everyone else. Michael Jordan was simply amazing!

“Some people want it” Everyone wants success; everyone wants to achieve great things this is the given part of this.

“some wish it would happen” This is most of the world, so we all want it, we all want to achieve major goals, have success and be great. But the key word here is “wish” It’s so easy to just wish for things but then do nothing to make it happen. So as it may be wishing is great to get the mind going but then follow through with the next part of this quote and make it happen.

“others make it happen” this is the key part of this quote the part that got me. Others make it happen i like to make things happen, sure I want it, sure I dream about it and wish it could happen but I also go out each day and make it happen. To run a marathon to complete a Triathlon any of it you first have to want it, but then you have to go make it happen! You don’t just wake up and say I want to run a marathon and then not train for it so that come race day you end up not going out there and running because you realize you are not in shape.
When you want something and you want to make it happen it takes a series of small events (like what I blogged about yesterday enjoy the small moments) the training, the preparation time in order to have yourself ready to go make it happen. And really part of making it happen is that training phase because you are taking the steps needed in order to achieve the great success many wish would just happen without making it happen. Make sense? Think about it.

Now go make it happen and quit wishing!

Today is day one of my Ironman taper!! If sun and warmth come out I may ride a few miles if not it’s a full rest day.


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