Don’t overlook the small moments in life.

3 Nov

“Character may be manifested in the great moments, but it is made in the small ones” ~ Phillips Brooks

Day three of my blog series hope you have enjoyed it thus far.
I found that quote today as I was reading other ones and well it just seemed perfect as a person who is an endurance athlete and works with endurance athletes.

The “great moments” we always blow up and think about and give praise to etc… like when we run that PR time in a marathon or have a podium finish at a Triathlon or win that football game or hockey game etc… And that’s great we should make a big deal of those special moments and we should enjoy the glory of those type of big moments.
But as the quote says those great moments are made with small ones. So we need to look at are small victories along the way and praise those as well. We need to give credit to those small defining moments that paved the path for us to have that great moment.
As a endurance athlete when I look back at my races like the Chicago marathon this year where I Ran a PR time. Sure that day that moment was magnified and special because that was the day I got that official time in the books. But the days that lead up to that race how I handled my training, my taper etc… are the small moments the key moments in life that allowed me to have that special day. And I give all the credit to those small moments along the way to set me up for the big moment.

So as you go through life chasing goals don’t short change your small moments, don’t overlook your training days or a race you run prior to the goal race as just another day. Look to those small moments and give them some praise.

Coach MB

The Ironman countdown is on!! Friday was a 50 minute swim and a 7.5 mile run, Saturday (today) was an 11 mile run and a 32 minute swim. My taper is starting to begin and my body is welcoming it.
My mental game and focus is game on!


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