Attitude can make or break your day….

6 Aug


For my faithful blog readers sorry it has been awhile since I wrote anything. Not sure what my deal is? Other than I’m busy with work, busy training and busy trying to spend time with my family and o yeah watching the Olympics.

So the title is attitude which is funny this morning I got an email with a great quote about “attitude” in it and I often preach to athlete’s I coach and my daughter about having a good attitude and dealing with things the right way. And then this afternoon when something got me stirred up my attitude went to crap and I went against what I typically preach. UGH I hate it when that happens!

It’s so true that your attitude can make the difference in the outcome of your day, of your life, of anything. You can control your attitude and that’s the great thing about it. Something so frustrating and dumb like went has me all crazy right now could easily been avoided had I changed my attitude and stayed calm and realized it’s not that big of deal. This happens to us when we race and since most the time this blog is about the world of endurance sports I’ll dive into that. Like when we show up race morning and it’s raining or windy, or hot. Sure not ideal conditions but we have to cope with them and therefore if we have the right attitude about things it can make for a pleasant experience and a fun event. But if we have the negative or wrong attitude about it then it can make for a long day a crappy race and a really bad experience.

So no matter what happens, no matter what pisses you off if you can control your attitude, if you can keep a smile and stay positive it can make all the difference in the world to the outcome of your day, your event, your life. A good attitude is key to everything! Remember those words next time you want to explode or get negative about something out of your control.


So what have I been up to? Well Saturday myself and a bunch of the runners I coach went and ran a half marathon in ST Paul (The Minnesota Half marathon) it was a decent day out little humid but better than it has been. I went out testing my fitness and working on controlling a pace that I want to push in my next marathon. I did an average job of this, had a few miles that just got off target even though at the end my avg pace is about right where I want to be on race day. I ran a 1:17:50 for a 5:55 per mile avg pace. For the most part I stayed at sub 6 min mile pace but for some reason the head winds and the uphills of mile 9 had me sucking and I ran a 6:17 mile but then I bounced back on mile 10 and ran a 5:47 so what the? Anyway I finished 2nd overall so that was a success. I’ve been biking a lot and a week ago Sunday I did a 97 mile bike ride and averaged over 21mph not even working that hard and when I finished the ride I quick transitioned into my run shoes and busted out 3 miles and felt actually really good! Mile 1 was a 6:05 so then I tried slowing myself down because I think that will be fast for my Ironman race pace of the marathon. So over the three miles I averaged 6:15 and felt really quite good doing so other than being really hungry and overheating from the afternoon heat and sun.
I also raced a 10k trail race at Hyland park last week and finished 4th overall. So my fitness is good I’m a little tired but training is going well and I’m focused. All I think about is Ironman and kicking some butt. Well back to training I go!


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