Bella at the A/B finals swim meet!

23 Jul

Bella with a few of her ribbons and medals at the A/B finals swim meet

Bella Bun at the A/B finals swim meet.

This past weekend was the big finale in swim meets as kids try one last time to get state qualifying times for their different events. In order to swim this weekend you needed to have an A or B time in each event you wanted to swim which is not easy for these kids so just having those times is pretty impressive and then to get a “champ” time and make state is a really big deal!

My daughter Bella swims for the Minnetonka swim club and is 9 years old. She swam in 8 events this weekend (4 each day) so to have that many A/B times is pretty cool! Then each day she did a time trial at the end to make swimming in 5 events each day.

Saturday was a pretty special day for her one of her favorite strokes is the breast stroke and I must say she is pretty darn good at it. So on Saturday she swam the 100 breast stroke; she won her heat and improved her time but she missed a “champ” time by 3 seconds! What I love about this little girl and love seeing at such a young age in her is her competitiveness and her knowing how to push herself when she really wants something. So after the 100 breast stroke she came up to me and said I want to time trial it can I have $5 I said “ 3 seconds is a lot of time but sure” She said “Dad I had more in me I know I can go faster” So her game face was on and she was focused! Bella knew what she needed to do but as a 9 year old you always worry that maybe they don’t know how to push and do what is needed to make such a big jump and after swimming two more races before her time trial I was thinking she will be tired because she was not getting a lot of rest in between events. But the time came she got on the block and when she hit the water she was all business! I watched that little girl push herself and go after what she needed and when she hit the wall bam “CHAMP” time!! Girl is going to the state swim meet next weekend at the University of MN for the 100 breast stroke.
That drive in her is what made me excited knowing that she really wanted something, knowing she was willing to push herself and go after it. That is what makes me smile all of us need that drive and determination in us. We all need to want something badly that we are willing to find our limits and then push beyond them and reach that end result our goal!

Sunday at the meet was a little bitter but again I’m so proud of her and saw something else in her that I really admire. She swam 4 events today improving on her times but not getting those “champ” times. Then she swam the 50 breast stroke again she came up just a little short in her heat so the same question. “Can I time trial please?” This time she only needed like just over 1 second from the time she got in her heat. But she would have to swim her time trial just minutes after doing the 200 freestyle so I was thinking little girl will be worn out and might come up short not because she is not fast enough but because she is so tired. Well gun went off she hit the water and was off! I was screaming and she was swimming like a machine very focused. When she hit the wall I hit my watch and my watch read 48.16 which would have been a “champ” time so I was pumped I ran over to her and said I think you made it!! Then she said “yeah I think so the timer told me I was 48:18” so we both were excited but then somehow the “official” timer said it was 48:61 and she was crushed! She needed a 48:29 to get a state qualifying time and she just barely missed it. The look on her face was tough for me as she was so sad and deflated. But she was also pissed and had this new drive in her that said I can do it and I’m going to work hard and nail it next time. She was not satisfied even though I was so proud of her on how well she did she knew she came up short and short is not good enough. So now she is hungry and this should spill over into a new focus in her training and chasing those times down. As athletes we have to think the same way when we come up short and are left unsatisfied we have to re-group, re-focus and get fired up to work harder and chase after that goal and reach it next time out.

Overall it was a great weekend; she won a bunch of medals and ribbons at the meet against some very competitive swimmers. I think she had 2 or 3 4th place finished overall and 2 5th places finish overall.

Dad is smiling and just so very proud of his little girl who means the world to me!
Good luck at state Bella bun and all the swimmers who will be competing, you are all very inspiring!


As for my workouts this weekend:
Saturday: 16 mile run with the group I coach in the pouring rain pace was relaxed for me all though had a 3 mile stretch of pacing out Chris and running some 6:38 pace miles
Then after the swim meet I rode 30 miles on my TT bike just staying relaxed and not hammering it to hard all though I had stretches of putting it down with ease. Overall avg was around 23mph

Sunday: slept in and missed my long bike ride, then at Bella’s swim meet they had a 30 minute delay for weather so I took off on a run not having a clue where I was going or how fast I was running. Just had a stop watch and went by time. I ran for 35:15 and ran very aerobic pace and easy breathing but also quick. So my guess is close to 6 miles and around 6:10 pace or so.
Then when I got home from the swim meet I took out that Trek speed concept and busted 31 miles over rolling hills again keeping the pace easy around 23mph avg. all though on long straights I would push 25 mph with ease.


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