It’s the little things….

18 Jul

It’s the simple things in life…

A happy life is made up of little things…a gift sent, a letter written, a call made, a recommendation given, transportation provided, a cake made, a book lent, a check sent.

– Carol Holmes

The above quote made me think today how much the small things in life really add up and matter. Also it’s Wednesday and I coached my group of runners this morning and every time I get to see them and run with them I always come home in a good mood. So back to the simple things and how they add up in a day and can really make us smile.

Life is not always about the big win, it’s about all the small things that lead up to that big win. Like in marathon training or Triathlon training; it’s a long road to get to the end to race day and along the way you encounter a lot of small victories that you should embrace and enjoy. Take each workout along the way serious and with meaning, find happiness in accomplishing each workout and then building upon them and as you build and build and build finally you reach the end and that race day the “big win” the light at the end of the tunnel and what you have been focused on for months. Of course accomplishing that major goal you set out for is very fulfilling and special but as you look back at how you got there you relive all the special little moments you had along the way and smile. We learn a lot about ourselves as we go and if we overlook the little things the small moments we might miss some really special times and some extra smiles that could have helped us have a better day.

So remember this when you know one of your friends is having a tough time, maybe they had a bad workout and are upset about it? Do something little for them, send them a note give them a call or take them to coffee. Whatever it might be that little bit of time you give them that little extra boost to give them a smile will go a long way in their day and hopefully help you feel much better also.

Cheers to you all make it a great day!

So I have not blogged since the weekend and as you know this past weekend was the MPLS Triathlon and the Life Time Kid’s Triathlon.
I raced on Saturday in the MPLS Triathlon doing the Olympic distance course. I finished 4th overall and 2nd in my age group. It was a hot day and my race time was decent not as fast as I had planned but I’m happy with it. What had me disappointed was my run, this was the slowest I have run that course in 4 years. The heat was a factor yes but I still should have been able to dig deeper and pull out a faster run. 38 minutes in the 10k just does not cut it for me. However I did bike well on a very technical course and busted out the fastest bike split. My swim needs work, it felt like I swam faster than this but I guess not. The day was a success but leaves me hungry and focused to work harder so maybe that is a good thing because I have a huge race coming up in Des Moines later this year.
As for the Life Time Kid’s Triathlon Bella had a great race!! Again it left her angry because she missed that podium spot by 10 seconds. She had thought the awards were given like most kid’s Triathlons and 9 year old girls was a division, 10 year old girls a division and so on. But they lumped 9/10 year old together so she got nudged out by 3 10 year old girls. Needless to say Bella was still 9th overall in the JR. division which is 9/10 year old boys and girls and was like over 150 kids. So she beat most of the boys out there!! That I’m very proud of. She had a fast swim, averaged 16mph on the bike and ran at 6:33 mile pace. Not too bad but she has work ahead of her for the Ironkids National Championships.
So it was a great weekend of racing and spending time with my daughter who I just love so much! Watching her race and compete and show that eye of the tiger is just awesome! Well it’s back to training and fixing the things I learned from my race.


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