Unleash your power!

13 Jul

“You are very powerful, provided you know how powerful you are.” -Yogi Bhajan

As we come into the weekend and tomorrow is the MPLS Triathlon one of the premier Triathlon events in the country it makes me think of that quote above. That quote I saw in the Chi-Running newsletter and it really hit home with me. I’m a huge fan of Danny Dreyer and the Chi-Running books and I’m a huge fan of finding your spiritual side of running. Mind-Body-Spirit I think about that often as that came out of one of my favorite books. “running within”

Back to the above quote; we are very powerful and each one of us has a great amount of strength in us both physical and mental. But in order to use all that power and reach our max potential we must have confidence and believe in ourselves and know just how powerful we are.
I often meet athlete’s who lack this type of confidence but yet they have it in them and I know it. So as a coach I try and unleash this confidence this “power” and teach the athlete how to reach max potential and push themselves in new directions and push those limits to places they never dreamed they could go.

The mind is very powerful and in order to ever excel at anything in life we must have a strong and powerful mind. We must have complete belief in ourselves that if we work hard and stay positive we can accomplish anything and we don’t have to shy away from big challenges.
There is a lot of athletes who have so much power in them, and really are strong cyclist or runner or whatever but they always feel they are not good enough to keep up with some others in a group sometimes and thus hold themselves back and maybe never really push that little bit more and show themselves that hey I am very powerful and I am worthy of competing with this group etc…

So as you wake up each morning think about this and say to yourself. “I am powerful, I can do this and anything I want, the only thing that will hold me back from reaching max potential is I and my lack of belief”
Keep that forward thinking, keep reaching for new limits and unleash that power!

You are powerful!!
This morning I was up nice and early to drive from Chanhassen to White Bear Lake and do a radio interview on 96.3 Ktwin radio. I was on talking about the Minneapolis Triathlon tomorrow and the Torchlight 5k next Wednesday July 18th. Both amazing events and both events I will be racing in. They are produced by Life Time Fitness Athletic events a company I work for.
If you have never been to either event I say get out and experience them this year!
Today I have a small workout in a little bit to prepare for the Triathlon as I’m about to drive down to the course and do my warm-ups. It has been storming most the morning so I’m hoping it blows out of here. Then it’s packet pick up and go home and prepare my gear and kick the feet up.
I have been coaching some athletes the last couple months for this event and I’m very excited to see how they perform. I know they will rock it and do great!! I’m so very proud of each of the athletes and the progress they have made!
I feel despite the hot weather 92 degrees I should be ready to perform and have a good race. Whatever happens I will give it my all and lay it on the line. Nothing I can do about the weather so won’t even think about it. I will just control what I can (hydration, nutrition, mental game) etc… and go out and race.
Best of luck to everyone who is competition tomorrow! Be safe, have fun and enjoy your moment!


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