Hidden meanings and power of song

9 Jun

Powerful signs and a tuned in mental game

Today I traveled to Lawrence Kansas as this weekend my daughter Bella will be racing the Ironkids Triathlon on Saturday and I will be racing Ironman 70.3 Kansas.

Earlier this week we laid my uncle Jerry to rest. He was a great man and I really have a lot of great memories of him. Jerry was like a brother to my dad (they were not real brothers) but Jerry was married to my dad’s sister. So they were very close and two very funny characters.
Jerry’s funeral was very tough a roller coaster of emotions but he is better off now and up having a coffee and fishing with my dad Johnny.
So where this is going is that Jerry was born in Winstad Missouri. And today as I was traveling to Kansas I passed Winstad Missouri and also when I entered Missouri I rolled down my window and did what Jerry always did when he came down to Missouri he opened his window and said “smell the great Missouri air”. I feel that this presence of Jerry has brought some power into me the power of my father and Jerry up there in heaven looking down on me this weekend helping me keep my focus and eye on the prize is key.
As you go through life you need to pay attention to things look for signs look for meaning in song whatever it may be and use that power that spirit to lift you up and give you clear focus, focus that allows you to complete your task and accomplish your goals.
My close friend Todd Beeson talks a lot about weird encounters like this and in-fact has been kind of writing a book based on weird things like this and how they happen and bring focus into his world.

I get this from song often and one of my other good friends who is also a great songwriter Ryan Smith of the great Minneapolis band The Melismatics writes not only great music but great words. One song he wrote a few years back called “Digging Deep” is my mantra always and I even have it on my Road ID bracelet I wear daily. Dig Deep Finish Strong that’s my saying and it comes from that great Melismatics song. When that song came on my Ipod today after we passed the birth place of my uncle Jerry it was odd but it tuned me in and I focused on those lyrics again and heard them like never before. One of the lyrics in the song is “pick myself up off the floor find the strength I had before, I am digging deep” That kind of has great meaning after struggles of losing someone close to you like the death of my uncle and watching the sorrow on my aunts face and my cousins. The tragedy has happened and is over so we need to now pick ourselves up and find the strength we had and dig deep and move on. This happens so much during races especially endurance events like I’m about to compete in this weekend.
The weather is very hot here, the course looks tough with a lot of hills and rumor has it we might not be wearing wet suits? There might be moments during this race when I’m hurting when I struggle? And if that happens I need to do exactly what Ryan says; pick myself up find the strength I had before and dig deep to finish strong.

So as I finish my prep for race day on Sunday know my mental game is intact and is ready. I’m visualizing the course, the transitions and my race. I’m focused on knowing I’m strong and I’m fit and if I nail my nutrition and stay hydrated no matter how hot it gets no matter how tough the course is I have what it takes to crush it and come out reaching my goal and that podium finish.

Sunday morning the power of my dad (Johnny) my uncle (Jerry) and the great lyrics of The Melismatics ring in my head know I will be gutting it out and dialed into my race and feeling no pain! Because these powerful thoughts, words, moments that I have noticed will carry me through and lift me up

Stays focused in life and looks for these subtle little hidden meanings in life and use them to power you through and stay strong.



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