Words to make you think….

3 Jun

Words to make you think….

I’m sorry I have not blogged in a few days as I know my faithful followers have been looking for something from me.
First I can say this has been a crazy week! My Uncle Jerry who I’m close with and close with his kids my cousins. Had a heart attack last week and then a severe stroke this week. Jerry has been in the ICU at the hospital down in Des Moines and well that has been weighing on my mind. The tough thing about what has happened to my uncle is that it brings back memories of when my father had his stroke and we dealt with him in a very rough state for 10 months before he passed away. And then on top of that it’s just been busy with work (which is a good thing) and I’ve been busy trying to focus on my workouts as I finish preparing for Ironman 70.3 Kansas next weekend. So as much as I have wanted to sit down and write some words give some thoughts or advice my time has just not allowed me to.

So my thoughts to this blog go with a quote out of my running log book.
“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing” ~ Helen Keller
That quote seems right on for me this week considering the events going on with my uncle. I feel this way and say it all the time. “You just never know when your day may come? So live life to its fullest and make the most of every moment” So as Helen puts it live life adventurous don’t be conservative living for way out in the future but rather live life exciting and daring living for that current moment.
I’m not conservative at all, sure I can be sometimes and with some topics but most the time I say “drive fast take chances” If you’re willing to get outside the box and live on the wild side be daring you allow yourself to experience all kinds of things that you maybe have wanted to do but never thought were possible.
Get out and make the most of every breathe you are given.

I can tell you the more tragedy we have in this world like the passing of people like Donna summer and MCA or the massive stroke that happened to my uncle that might take away how he does things and might take his life. It really gets me going it really makes me want to live life wilder and just have fun. I mean two weeks ago all was normal with my uncle and then bam he has a heart attack and then he seems to start recovering from that and bam the stroke hits him. I do believe in higher powers and that we all have a day that is meant to be the one when we are taken. Of course we don’t know when that is so we can’t live our life saying I know my final day is XXXX 2030 or whatever. The only person who knows this is that man upstairs. So until that day just keep living and just keep enjoying life and all you have been given.

Coach MB

Workouts the fitness part of this:
I’m feeling great, my runs feel smooth and effortless, my cycling is coming around and I’m feeling quite strong here as well. The other night I did a 23 mile time trial on a hilly course and averaged 24.8mph now that is not super fast for me but it’s decent and considering my legs were fried, it was windy and a hilly course I’ll take it. I also got out this week and did one of my all time favorite runs with my good friend Melissa. The Hyland trail run loop. It’s 7.1 miles of but kicking hills on open trails, single track and various terrain. My swims have been feeling really good as well and I’m having a lot of fun.
I have two training groups going now that I coach which leaves me with not much time to sleep in these days. I coach a group of Triathlete’s that meets 3 days a week and then a group of runners that meets 3 days a week. I really enjoy these people and their energy so it makes it a lot of fun every morning when we gather for workouts.
Tomorrow (Sunday) morning a new runner I Coach Karen will be running her first half marathon. I’m so excited for her! She has been running really well and it just a blast to work with. She has a great attitude and a lot of untapped talent that I’m going to dig in and polish this summer.
That’s my world over the last week, so enjoy and I’ll have a nice review and detailed blog coming on the new Garmin 910 GPS watch I’m using and just love! Best watch ever really is. Very user friendly and calculates open water swim!!


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