Help your kids set goals!

24 May

Motivating your kids teaching them about goal setting

I talk about my daughter Bella a lot because she is just one cool kid! Sure she can drive me crazy and push my buttons but she has a fire in her and a passion just like I do and I love that.
Bella is a gifted athletic little girl and has taught me a lot about myself and a lot about how motivating people to make them go after their dreams, their goals and don’t sell themselves short.

I have exposed Bella to the multi sport lifestyle over the last few years as she is a competitive swimmer, she loves to run and she loves the sport of Triathlon. All of those she has been doing since age 5/6. I use these things to help teach her discipline, competiveness, and how to set goals for herself and then chase them. The same principles that us as adults have in work or in taking on endurance sport challenges is the same for our kids. We need to teach them and motivate them to set goals for themselves and to push themselves going after those goals.
Kids can be funny they can have all the talent in the world but without a little nudge or incentive they might not ever tap into it and find out truly what they are capable of. I recall as a kid that I was full of talent and my coaches knew it but I also had a lot of attitude and struggled being told I had to do something so I would fight it and not train hard and therefore never really tapped into my talents. Now my parents were not athletes so they did not understand this and they did not know how to push me and make me realize my talents. Don’t be that parent that person. If you can see or someone else can see that your kid has talents or even if they don’t have talents but they have a passion for something then we need to nurture that and motivate them to chase it and go after it.

I set goals for Bella all the time and then I have her set her own goals and we talk about them. Bella is no different than all of us because inside all of us we have the competitive drive and spirit to do our best and go after it. But when kids are 9 years old like Bella sometimes they need a little guidance and help figuring out their goals and how to pursue them.
We need to encourage our kids that the sky is the limit and whatever they dream they can go after. I love using a steak dinner or trip out for some ice cream as motivation to get Bella to push herself. She can be funny and just lolly gag along and then all the sudden a light goes off she hears the crowd roar or some boy challenges her a little and next thing you know she throws down and starts using her talents pushing herself to the limits she is capable of. So you need to figure out how to get inside your kid and what will make that light go off inside of them and push themselves push their limits and try to be the best they can be.

Kids are no different than adults they just don’t have the experience yet or the knowledge a lot of times to accomplish their goals and dreams. So figure out how to help them and realize their talents.

Bella impresses me all the time and I love talking about her. She has run the mile 3 times in the last week. Improving her time each time. I helped her set goals for her mile time and I talked with her about how to run that mile and reach her goal. It started last week with the TC 1 mile which this was a hard course and she ran dead into a very strong head wind. So her 7:04 time that night I thought was quite impressive given the conditions. Then this week Monday at school for the President’s award in gym class they ran the timed mile. She busted out a 6:59 her goal was to break 7 minutes and she pushed herself to just that. Then today Wednesday they got a second chance to improve their mile times. I said I want you to go out and break 6:57 that is your new goal and if you push yourself hard you can do it. I gave her a little prize if she did it to help motivate her to push herself and find out what she has in her. Well the little turkey went out and busted a 6:51 mile an 8 second improvement in 2 days which told me on Monday she has more in her she just did not push herself all the way and so that little bet I made with her this morning was the motivation and kick start she needed to nail her goal and find out what she has in her.

Try these techniques and find out your kids maximum potential and support them in chasing after their dreams and goals.


My workouts: I’m feeling great!! Truly running at a nice level and being able to push the pace after a hard bike ride or swim. My cycling is feeling great and yesterday in strong winds I went out on my Trek Speed concept TT bike and rocked out 23 miles pushing 24-28 mph for most of it and even with a stretch of a couple miles at 30-32 mph. My swims have been feeling good and I’m learning how to push myself here like I do running. Its 17 days until my big race in Kansas and so far so good! My focus is strong so stay healthy and things should line up pretty good on race day.


One Response to “Help your kids set goals!”

  1. runninfromthelaw May 24, 2012 at 12:35 pm #

    Love it! Bella is super speedy and determined, just like Dad. You need to bring her to the track this summer so we can all chase her and get speedier ourselves!

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