Think about why you do it?

16 May

“You have to wonder at times what you’re doing out there. Over the years, I’ve given myself a thousand reasons to keep running, but it always comes back to where it started. It comes down to self-satisfaction and a sense of achievement”
Steve Prefontaine

Today’s Blog comes fresh with a quote from one of the greatest runners ever! The late Steve Prefontaine. “Pre” as he is referred to had more guts and more confidence than anyone in the sport. He beat people on that alone when he showed up to race you were going to have to hurt like you never hurt before in order to beat him.

His quote above kind of hits home with some athletes I have spoken with lately and even with my own self sometimes. “Why do you run”? We all started running at some point of our life for a reason. Maybe to lose weight, because your competitive and want to compete, for self satisfaction, for the goal of running some long endurance event whatever the reason is that got you started I’m sure it’s a reason that keeps you going today along with many new reasons.

This is something you should think about and always go back to when you start to get in a rut or start to skip your runs and think what am I doing? Why do I run? Do I really like to run? Because I’m sure you do love to run but you might have just lost sight of why and need a little reminder. To me the biggest reason that should keep you going is the last one “Pre” mentions. “Sense of achievement” Every time you lace up those shoes you run for yourself you run to make yourself happy and feel good. Those endorphins kick in and then all is right in the world; That free feeling you get when you run is just amazing and reason enough to wake up early everyday and log those miles. Sometimes we need a kick in the butt to keep us focused and to recharge us and remember why we run or why we do anything. Everything we do in life there is a reason behind it and many times that reason can get lost and then we kind of do an average job. But once the focus comes back and we know why we are doing something and we do it with a smile and love every moment of it then we do it well.

Enjoy your next run, enjoy letting your mind wander and ask the question why do I do this? What motivates me to do this? Do I get self satisfaction, do I feel self achievement?

Run well, Run smart, Run happy just keep running!


My workout update: My focus as of late has been on Ironman Kansas 70.3 race in June. All though I have these running races coming up like the TC 1 mile this week or the Brian Kraft 5k in a couple weeks. I don’t taper for them or rest any. I’m not training for those races as my focus is on 70.3 and going out and killing it that day. I have been feeling pretty good and having good workouts. All though this morning my legs were very heavy on the bike ride those sprints were not my friend. Tonight I had a solid 6 mile run on river road helping pace out my friend Melissa (who I coach) before she goes off this weekend to run the Green Bay half marathon. And then I logged an easy 2 mile run with the kids of the Tuesday night social runs. Tomorrow will bring some pool time for sure after my early morning run. and then Thursday night who knows what will happen. Just how “Pre” raced I’ll go out and see who has guts that night and wants to push it I’ll push myself and give my best effort trying to show I have some guts and am willing to push my limits as far as they can go that night. That might mean a fast mile and that might mean a slow mile but whatever the outcome I will give it all I have and then some. And that is exactly how you have to race when you have time goals or goals of podium finishes. You need to go out and push yourself beyond your limits because the moment you set limits for yourself is the moment you stop growing and improving. So go for it!


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