Get in Gear 2012

28 Apr

Get in Gear!

Today was the 35th annual Get in Gear running race. 2k for the kids, 5k, 10k, and half marathon.
It was cold, rainy, and windy but that did not stop us from having a great time!
I was here to run the 10k today for Team Life Time Run and compete in the USATF team circuit race. My wife and daughter Bella ran in the 5k race with our friends Ben and Cindy Lesage.
This race was not really about myself today what brought me so much joy today was watching the kids from Excelsior Elementary Run Club go out and run their first 2k or 5k race. Over the last month I have been helping two mornings a week with Mr. Renlund as we prepared these kids to go out and run a race and learn about the joys of running. I’ve had a blast getting to know these kids and run with them and share my passion for running with them. The group was 60 kids large 40 girls and 20 boys. I arrived early this morning and cheered and gave out high fives to the kids as they ran down the finish line. Seeing the smiles on their faces and the excitement in their eyes was just awesome!

Then came the team race and the 10k. I met up with my good friends Melissa and Greg both runners I coach. We went out did a warm-up together and then got ready to take on that beautiful 10k course! I lined up in the corral just behind the elites with all the other young fast dudes. The pace was quick to start out faster than I wanted to start but I got caught up in it some. Mile 1 was 5:22 for me. Now my legs are pretty tired and sore from running Boston marathon less than two weeks ago and from being out at a rock show all night at First Avenue. Social Distortion ripped it up! So I was not sure how I would perform today? But I went out and gave it my all and am very pleased with my finish. I’m sure I could run faster if I was fresh but I’ll take my time today in this very swift field. 35:15 was my final time a 5:41 per mile avg. Greg and Melissa also had stellar performances and some PR times in the 10k distance!

The proudest moment of the day was watching my 9 year old daughter Bella come down that last ½ mile or so to the finish and put on a serious sprint! The girl finished with a PR in the 5k time of 25:45 and she took 3rd place in her age group of the 14 and under girls which had 69 girls in it. It was awesome for me to see her go after it because she had started with her mother in the race and they ran most of it together but when Shannon fell off pace she told Bella to go and so Bella went and beat her! I truly love watching my daughter race and compete it’s so exciting and I love training with her and just getting out sharing this experience together.
After the race Bella got to meet Carrie Tollefson a former Olympic runner who is making another shot at London this year. She got interviewed for Carrie’s TV show and did a excellent job handling the questions and spoke clear and with no shyness loved it!

Today was just one of those great days. Spending time with the family and with good friends; Cheering for kids doing their first race and taking the time to make them all feel special and proud. This is what it’s all about. And what better way to cap off a good run than a trip to the Mello Glaze for a tasty glazed donut with Melissa, Greg, Ben and Bella.

Congrats to everyone who ran today and crossed that finish line! I’m proud of you all. I did see many friendly faces out there today competing at the various distances and that’s always a lot of fun!

Thanks Paulette and all the staff and volunteers who put on such a great event year after year with the Get in Gear!



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