Teach your kids the healthy way of life.

21 Apr

Expose your kids to the world of Multi sport.

This afternoon was one of those moments in life I live for; one of those days that I’ll never forget. It might have been cold, rainy and windy but that did not stop my 9 year old daughter Bella and I from going out for a little 2 mile run. As a multi sport athlete myself I have taken time to expose my daughter to this and get her involved get her to love swim, bike, run as much as I do. I can’t really think of a better way to spend time with family than getting some exercise and teaching your kids the great benefits of living a healthy lifestyle. Of course our little workouts always come with a treat at the end which makes it even more special. Like today we went to Caribou for a hot coco and just talked about her Harry Potter books and the hamster she wants to get.

Teaching your kids the values of working hard towards something, the dedication and discipline that comes with training for an event like a 5k run or Triathlon I feel is very good stuff. Traveling as a family for races is something we love to do. Pick a destination race that offers a Kid’s Triathlon one day and the adult race the next and then everyone has something to work towards and celebrate when it’s done. This year the family is traveling to Lawrence Kansas for the Ironkids event on Saturday and then the 70.3 Ironman race on Sunday.

Keeping your kids healthy by making exercise fun to me is such an important thing in today’s world of childhood obesity. Kids’ are simply becoming fat lazy slobs that lie around play video games and never see daylight it seems like. Change that encourage them to get outside soak in the sun and ride their bike or run. The times I spend running next to Bella just chatting or riding bikes down the trail is just awesome! It’s time with no distractions and we can just talk and enjoy each other’s company.

The world of multi sport is growing more and more each year for kid’s with more and more opportunities which makes it more fun to get them involved. I love watching Bella race and compete. I get more excited when I watch her than for my own event. Ironkid’s has really expanded their series and offers races all over the country and then closes the season with a big championship race. This gives the kid’s something to work for and go after. Get them competitive and focused on living that healthy lifestyle.

So today was just one of those day’s as a father that I smile and cherish. My little girl Bella is pretty remarkable and she makes me so proud. Not only as a great athlete but she is a great student and so very kind to people. I try to get a little of myself to keep rubbing off on her and I see it. But then I also try to get a little of her to rub off on me.

Thanks Bella for a nice afternoon and I look forward to so many more over the years as we swim, bike, run together and then share in some frozen yogurt or a hot coco afterwards.


So post Boston marathon workouts:
I have started back to some limited workouts and can tell the body is not 100% ready yet. Swimming has felt good and I’ve had a couple really good swims the last couple days. I also taught my 60 minute cycle class on Friday and that went OK. I even took out my Trek Speed concept Tri-Bike Friday night for a 15 mile time trial around Chanhassen. Nothing hard just a relaxed 22mph ride. Today I went for my first run miles a slow easy 4.75 miles in the morning with the group and then my 2 mile run in the afternoon with Bella.
Sunday looks to be a big workout: swim, 50 mile bike and then a 3-4 mile run
Time to focus back in on my training.


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    Good stuff from a good dad. Way to go Mike and Bella!

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