Coping with injury

3 Apr

Coping with injury and the taper

Two things any athlete hates to deal with are “Injury” and “The taper” but if respected properly and you use an open mind during it to heal and focus it can pay off big time in your next race.

I write about this today because over the last 3 weeks I’ve been dealing with nagging little injuries that have prevented me from getting in a lot of my workouts. These little injuries have forced me to rest and heal my body which as you knows I push pretty hard. I think the rest has been great for me both physically and mentally but enough is enough I want to run!! The timing of my little injuries is not all bad because it’s really during my taper time into the Boston marathon which means I’m supposed to be getting more rest than workouts right now anyway. However I could really use a few more good runs to feel ready for Boston and to nail my time goal I’ve set up for myself.

This all started with some tendonitis in my left posterior shin muscle area. That was pretty painful at time but I pushed through it some and even attempted my final 21 mile run and ended up cutting it short at 18 miles. Just as the Doctor said it will pass in a week and you will be back to running. But as the pain went away I developed some pain in my right big toe more in the joint and bottom of the foot. This has been pretty uncomfortable now for about 5-6 days and has me wearing my boot over the last three days to baby it even more. I have no idea what I did? But it seems like some sort of bruise of strain? It is getting better and I’m hoping to run tomorrow.

During this time it has given me some free time to work on other things which has been good, time to think about my race and my upcoming race season visualize and focus on what I need to do this year to nail all my goals. It’s allowed my body to rest and heal which has been very good. And it’s helped me focus on swimming more since I’m not running. As a Triathlete with a lot of big races this summer I need to focus on the swim more. So all though I have really missed running in the beautiful weather and missed some of the group runs as of late it has also been a very good and needed break.

I often think that these little nagging injuries are Gods way of telling me to slow down. He never inflicts any long lasting stuff on me or anything to serious but more something that triggers my brain to say you need a rest so take a couple days off.

So my point is everyone needs to take these little breaks and if you’re the type of person like I am that is pretty much 100 miles and hour all the time then maybe these type of things will pop up and help tell you slow down and rest for a couple days. You need to learn your body and listen to it you need to learn when you get these aches and pains if they are serious or if they are something you can work through and then be cautious how you work through them.

Happy training and racing season!! Stay healthy and plan some days off in your training schedule every few weeks and every few months take an extended break and let the body heal you will bounce back with a new life and focus and perform and an even better level than you were before.

Coach MB

Workouts: Well like I said not much going on. I had a really great 2100 meter swim today just jumped in the pool and went never stopped until 2100 meters had passed. I felt great and it was just what I needed. My Saturday 16 mile run was tough because of my foot pain I plowed through it but it hurt. I did finish strong with some good miles into the wind and overall the pace of the run was decent for an easy leading the group training run.
I think my fitness is really good right now even with time off and as long as I feel good on race day in Boston I’m thinking I can get out and go!


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