Attitude is key!

22 Mar

Attitude is everything!

In 2010 I traveled out to Boulder Colorado to race Ironman 70.3 Triathlon. The day before was a Ironkids Triathlon that my daughter Bella would race and I remember sitting at her race meeting and the race director saying one of the 3 most important things the kids could bring on race morning was “A Good race attitude”.

A good race attitude a good training attitude is everything in life. If you have a positive outlook on life on what you are doing even if it’s not your favorite thing to do or you know it’s going to hurt but if I do it I’ll get better it will make things so much easier for you. A good attitude is key in life every day. When you train with others you need to treat them with respect you need to encourage them and help them along you need to show them a good attitude. You need to treat your coach, your teachers with a good attitude and not roll your eyes at them when they say another mile at 5k pace go! You need to run at those hills with a good attitude not the “hills suck” attitude. You can make life happy and enjoyable for you and others if you carry this “Good race attitude” around with you.

At events this means you stop and cheer for people, you say hello to them as you pass by on a warm-up. Give them a hand in transition lend them a tire pump or help them fix a flat if needed. Sure we are all there to compete and do our best but at the end of the day it’s the good sportsmanship that counts it’s that good race day attitude and that giving a big cheer to someone. I’ve stood at many races and events and watched as other athletes barely take the time to give a cheer to someone coming into the finish line because they are so focused on themselves I mean really? You can’t stop for 1 minute and look at that person struggling to hit the finish line give them a clap and a smile and say great job. If you do those types of things and you go out of your way to treat people with respect and care it will go a long way for you.

During training you have to have a good attitude you have to have that attitude of I can’t wait to wake up in the morning and get after it! I can’t wait to get out and try that workout push myself to my limits and make myself better. You have to have the positive attitude of “hey today did not go as planned but that’s OK I gave it my all and I will learn from this” be proud of every performance even if it’s not your best. And good race attitude really comes into play after an event after maybe you lost the race or had a bad time in your mind. Because people will still be there saying nice job and trying to chat with you don’t act rude and shut them off because you are unhappy with yourself. Keep that positive attitude and congratulate the person who beat you tell them “hey great race”. Because someday it might be reversed and you could beat them and when you are standing at the finish line all excited about your performance that if you have been the person with the bad attitude before races and after races no one will give you the cheers you want and should deserve because you have flagged yourself as the person with the bad attitude.

Life is tough and every day we get challenged with something new and so if we look at things in a negative way it’s hard to get out of the cellar and turn things around. But if you look at things with a positive attitude then you can flip things around change that momentum and make life so much better and enjoyable.

I know sometimes this is not easy to do, I’m guilty of it and writing this right now is helping me decompress and relax from some stressful negotiations yesterday on a deal. That I was letting get to me when I should not have. So keep things in perspective and always think about how you want to be treated and looked at and then make sure you treat people the same way.

Keep a good attitude, and best of luck in all you do!


Workouts this week: Nothing to report I’ve been nursing a slight strain in my left leg and have not been running or biking this week. Well OK Monday morning I taught my “Brick” class and did cycle 40 minutes, and Wednesday morning I did run 4 miles slow and easy as I went out with the group had them do their hill workout while I sat on the curb, then ran easy back with them. The rest has been nice and needed but I’m ready to get back at it and well can’t because I’m not 100% and I need to be careful with Boston 3 weeks away.


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