A night with Janes Addiction!

21 Mar

Janes Addiction comes to Minneapolis!

Monday night March 19th 2012; One of my favorite bands of all time one of the best bands in the world strolled into Minneapolis on tour in support of their new album “The Great Escape artist”. I was pumped!! I tried to buy tickets the day they went on sale but they quickly sold out and I was bummed. So I shopped around on Stub Hub and Craigslist for a month looking at ticket prices and was about to buy some on Sunday night before the Monday show and then on a whim I went to the clubs website and was able to buy two tickets. Not sure how a sold out show all the sudden had tickets avail on the website but I was not complaining. (except for the very high service fee they charge which is crap!)

Tickets in hand and its Monday night and time to rock! I go pick up my very good friend Craig to head downtown thinking we would get their about the time the opening band plays stroll in the club catch the last few songs and then prepare for JA to rip it up! Wrong we arrived and found out the club could not figure out how to get these people in the door and so we waited 50 minutes outside waiting to get in the club and we completely missed the opening band. Once inside we looked around and said this place sucks and this is going to be a nightmare. The club was way over sold out and so crowded you could barely move. It’s a long narrow room with a balcony and high ceilings of course exposed brick everywhere and was not acoustically designed super well. We headed upstairs for a trip to the bathroom before the show which was a joke long lines again because for 2100 people only urinals in the dudes bathroom.
Finally we get down to the floor and stake some ground toward the back of the club under the balcony which is never good because it never sounds that great under those things. We waited for the show to start.

Janes Addiction hit the stage and it was game on!! They tore it up! The second song they played was “Mountain song” and the place erupted then they jammed into “Just Because” after that and kept it rolling!! The band looked great with a cool stage, great light show (lots of strobe lights) and Stephen Perkins is just one of the most amazing drummers ever! Love his style!
“Ted just admit it” was a highlight of the night the vibe was cool with the dancers and the music was so dynamic and moving it just rocked! Then they busted into the best performance of the night and one of my all time favorite JA songs “three days” this was freaking brilliant!! Both of those songs showcase the great dynamics this band has as they play through the song creating various moods going from quiet and mellow into ripping your face off. Stephen’s drumming during Three Days was mesmerizing you just found yourself locked into the rhythm and his groove dancing away (as much as you could giving you were packed in like sardines).
The show ended with “Ocean size” and had you so pumped up! The only moment of the show I was a little bummed with was the encore was “Jane Says” which was cool but not what I was looking for after I was all jacked up from that ripping performance of “Ocean size” but of course no complaints about JA and their show it was top notch!
My complaints on the night lie with the club and how much that venue sucks, how much the staff sucks and how the bad experience of a crapping club and staff really kind of put a damper on what should have been a magical night. I hope the Brick goes out of business ASAP and shuts down!! Minneapolis does not need another venue like this one we have the best rock club in the country down the street with First Avenue! I wish every band and show I wanted to see would just play First Avenue because truly there is no better venue!! You can always see the staff is great, the sound is great (unless you have a bad engineer) I truly love this place and have spent more nights in this club watching music, mixing sound for bands than any other place! Long Live the rock n roll and long live First Avenue!! Had Janes Addiction played First Avenue the show and the night would be one of the most magical nights ever in all my years of going to rock shows. At the end of April one of my all time favorite bands Social Distortion will be at First Avenue and I will be there and can’t wait!! I’ve seen them here before and it’s awesome!

So the night was still fun because I was out with my buddy Craig and JA ripped it up! But that venue and staff suck so bad that it does leave a bitter taste from the event.
Here’s to hoping the Brick closes down soon and AEG leaves Minneapolis!!
And cheers to the greatest rock club in the country First Avenue!! That’s a place I call home!

Rock on!!


5 Responses to “A night with Janes Addiction!”

  1. Luke March 21, 2012 at 3:13 pm #

    Nice article – I would agree with most, but you should really check out their latest album, because the opener “underground” and the “words right out of my mouth” songs were a couple of my favorites on that night…i always thought 3 days was a bit overwrought and pretentious. I liked those 2 in particular because you could tell Perry was into them – not messing so much with the melody and lyrics of the songs he wrote 10-20 years ago where memory fails or he’s just bored with them.

    As for “Jane Says” – i wanted to leave after Ocean Size like crazy…my wife and i were next to the sound board and she saw the set list and it had “Jane Says” and “Chip Away” as encores…so she insisted on staying…mainly for Chip Away….which they ended up skipping…probably because the club sucked and Perry wanted to go do what he said before he said the last 2 words at the beginning of Ocean Size…I can’t blame him 😉

    • mikebuenting March 21, 2012 at 5:13 pm #

      I agree the new album “The Great Escape Artist” is awesome! I have it and loved the new songs when the band cranked them out!! Iressistable Force is a fav. of mine and they kicked that out!! JA is one of the best bands around. Chris Chaney does a great job but I do miss Eric Avery! Rock on JA

      • Luke March 21, 2012 at 5:18 pm #

        Forgot about that one – that was great too….that was a bucket list type of show – too bad the venue wasn’t on par with the band.

  2. Fellow Jane's Fan March 21, 2012 at 10:14 pm #

    Saw on The Brick’s fb page that you had written a review so I thought I would check it out. First, The Brick is terrible and I just don’t see how they can fix all the problems without shutting it down and redesign the entire place. My group got there before the opening band and were lucky enough to be about 5-6 people back from the front of the stage so we saw the show fine but you could feel how packed it was from there. In fact, you felt trapped. I tried to go to the bathrooms between the band’s sets and gave up after about 20 feet knowing I would never get back. I think it really sucks that a lot of people couldn’t even see the stage. And I agree, if this show was at First Ave it would have been incredible. I saw them at First Ave in 1990 and it is still one of the best shows, if not the best, I have ever seen. And that includes Nirvana on their “Nevermind” tour at the Ave almost a year later! JA never seem to get the credit they deserve for their contribution to the “alternative” scene that I think they deserve.

    That being said, this was my 5th Jane’s show and they were great. I had last seen them on their Relapse tour in 1997 and they looked better this time around. Well, healthier I should say! Anyway, nice blog about the show. Cheers.

  3. Fellow Jane's Fan March 21, 2012 at 10:17 pm #

    Oh, I’m looking forward to Social Distortion as well! It will be my 12th S.D. show since 1989 and they never disappoint!

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