3 Mar


Today truly was a wonderful day! It started out with my daughter Bella and I heading to Life Time Fitness in Chanhassen for our swim workout. Bella has a big swim meet this weekend swimming in 7 events over the next two days. So she jumped in one lane and rocked her warm-up and worked on the events she will be swimming in. I jumped in another lane and swam freestyle lap after lap. When that was done it was time for me to teach a cycle class and Bella joined me on stage and rocked the full hour with us on the bike. So we got in a nice workout to start our day but that’s not what I’m writing about today. Because after that workout we went to the movies and saw “The Lorax” a great Dr. Suess story with a great message.

So today’s blog is about this; in the movie there was a rock outside once-lers place and on that rock it said “Unless”. The meaning is this unless you do something about it, unless you are willing to make a change, unless you are willing to fight for something you believe in unless you are willing to stand up for something you believe in then nothing will get done and nothing will happen. Our world is a amazing place but it is also a very messed up place. People lose perspective on things they get caught up in big business and money and greed and often forget about those they may be hurting along the way or nature that they may be destroying and UNLESS they do something about that and recognize what is going on the damage continues to occur.

The same goes for your health as you eat junk food, don’t exercise, drink and get no sleep and slowly destroy your body UNLESS you take notice and are willing to make a change and then make that change you will slowly kill yourself as you get fatter, more out of shape etc…
The key here people in everything you do every choice you make is that UNLESS you do something about it UNLESS you notice it and UNLESS you care nothing will happen and you will do nothing to correct things. That is not healthy so think about it and think about that simple little word “UNLESS” and when you think about doing nothing say that to yourself and then see if it changes how you act.

The world is falling apart, we tear down nature everyday to build more mini malls or homes or whatever crap these people with greed choose to do. And UNLESS we all start acting soon and do our part to save the planet to protect green space and mother earth we will all soon be living in some awful place like Thneedsville the closed in future city in the movie. That’s just not OK with me and it should not be OK with you. Obesity is at an all time high right now kids eat and just play video games and get fatter and fatter it’s gross!! And UNLESS we take notice as parents and teach them healthy eating habits and take away the video games etc… those kids will grow up fat and lazy and have a life of health issues. That’s also not OK with me and again should not be OK with you! As parents we need to set good examples for our kids and ignoring our kids and letting them eat crap and just sit around playing games so that we as adults can pay attention to ourselves doing what, facebooking? Or whatever is a bunch of crap. Make those kids get outside breathe fresh air and exercise!

So UNLESS you open your eyes and are willing to do something about it nothing will happen.
So think of that simple word from the movie and hopefully it affects you in a positive way and moves you to do something.


Yesterday workout: 6.2 mile run nice and easy in the morning and then went and joined some friends in the Computrainer and rode the 56 mile bike course of the Oceanside 70.3 race. This is a very hard course full of some nice climbs so it was a good ride!
Tomorrow I have a 22 mile maybe more run with the group of runners I coach and I’m looking forward to it. Hope the weather is nice!


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