The Power of Chi

1 Mar

The New Pearl Izumi Iso-Transition shoe

The power of Chi

What is Chi you ask? Chi is known as a life force. It generates movement in the physical world, and it animates life. It’s the life giving energy that unites mind, body and spirit.
When your Chi is in a good place so are you.

I have spoken a lot about mind, body and spirit when it comes to endurance sports and how when you combine those three things and get them working in harmony how powerful it can be. Those are three elements in life that when they all align anything and everything is possible. To me that is having your Chi in rhythm.

It all starts with a clear mind. You need to relax and let your thoughts flow clearly let the clutter leave your head and let in new open positive thoughts that create more positive energy and keep your Chi flowing in the right direction. Once you have the mind set then you can relax the body and go about your workout running, cycling or swimming with effortless fluid motion. Now that the body and mind are in sync we add in the spirit and how these two things working together can create a positive spirit how you can dig deep within yourself and find motivation, inspiration and positive energy from your spirit and brings it all together and makes the Chi work for you.

Many ways to open yourself up and get the Chi flowing. Acupuncture is a great method, meditation, maybe yoga, there is many ways to improve your Chi and get it flowing in the right direction. You need to explore what works for you what gets you into your relaxed positive state of mind and allows you to bring together mind, body and spirit.

Next time before you go for a run work on getting your Chi moving and bring together your mind, body, and spirit and see how well you perform. When you are relaxed when you can keep your heart rate low and not elevated from stress when you can run without a tense body you can run more smoothly, faster and avoid the risk of injury. As most running injuries happen because of bad form, over compensation for something, running tense and not being relaxed; Think back to when you were a child with no worries and you were just carefree.
Your diet, your sleep patterns all of that can have an outcome on your Chi and how you perform during workouts or races everything you do day in and day out can play a part in having positive Chi. Training is more than just hard workouts it’s a lifestyle it’s a commitment to how you treat your body and you need to respect it and treat it well. Sure we all run or exercise so we can enjoy some of life’s tasteful treats like chocolate cake or a glass of wine. But we also need to know how to take that in moderation in order to stay healthy and not come up injured and allow ourselves to perform at the level we want. So don’t give up those things but rather use them as a reward after a long run or really hard workout.

Start working on getting your Chi in alignment and notice the difference in how much better your workouts go, how much better you feel as a person and how it affects everything you do in life in a positive way.


Today’s Workout: The biggest storm of the year came into town last night and this morning dumping ice and snow all over the metro. So the thought of running outdoors today quickly went out the window. So I ventured up to Life Time Fitness and jumped on a treadmill to bust out an 8 mile run with hills in it. I was also testing out a new pair of shoes the Pearl Izumi Iso-transitions. These are a lightweight racing shoe geared for Triathletes and they felt great and performed well. I finished the 8 miles in 48:38 and never really pushed myself too hard.
After a warm-up I would go into 3 minute climbs of 4-5% incline and hold onto a 6:07 mile pace after each 3 minute climb I would then come down to some negative grade for recovery and part to train the legs for the downhill running of the Boston marathon course. I did 6 of these repeats and the last 2 climbs I did take the speed to 5:57 pace which felt OK also. I closed out my final mile doing 60/60’s 4 of them 60 seconds at 11.2mph, 60 seconds at 10.1 mph back and forth and that felt nice and easy. So it was a solid workout and I was left dripping in sweat!


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