2012 fashion….

29 Feb

Endurance sports and fashion….

Two things I love and go hand in hand. Fashion and sports like running, cycling, and swimming.
Hot colors for 2012 get ready as bright is in!! Orange, bright green, yellow, and violet shades of blue; styles will vary depending on who makes it and if it’s athletic apparel or just looking good apparel.

Here are a few designers and hot pieces that I like.

Running shoes:
Nike just came out with a limited edition shoe called the Lunar Montreal the shoe is bright green and is one of the best running shoes I have ever put on my feet. A lightweight racing shoe or trainer as my size 13’s weigh 7.8 ounces and feel like nothing more than socks on my feet.

Pearl Izumi iso-transition they have 3 color styles and get this going with my hot colors of 2012, color choices are; Orange, Blue or Green how hot is that! I have a pair on right now as I will be testing them tomorrow. I better like them because Pearl Izumi became a sponsor of mine this year. The shoes run small so think about sizing up when trying them or ordering them. This is a Triathlon shoes with special quick laces and vented for water to flow out and very comfortable sockless.

Cycling shoes:

Pearl Izumi just launched the “Tri-Fly 4” a very light weight cycling shoe geared for Triathlon and quick on and off. Color Bright orange they are hot! So not only is it a great race shoe but it’s very fashionable.

All manufactures of athletic clothing make some pretty cool color schemes.

Lulu Lemon is some very nice stylish stuff almost too stylish and nice to stink up and sweat in. However the gear is solid and feels good to run in. Love their running socks and shorts, and woman always look great in about anything they make. I do find LuLu is more of a ladies thing but dudes I own some of this stuff and its quality!

Pearl Izumi has a line of some race suits, and shorts etc… using bright green and Orange which look very cool! And then you can never go wrong with a classic white design for their inercool triathlon line.

Nike has some great running shorts in plaid designs for the ladies this season using the bright colors like greens, blues, and oranges.

There is a lot of stuff out there to choose from these just happen to be a few of my favorites in the athletic line.

Other fashion for just going out and looking good;
I’m a huge fan of Hugo Boss they have a few lines the “Orange” line gives high quality at more of a value and typically more hip casual styles. The beauty of “Boss” clothing for a guy like me is it’s slim fit and cut very well so for you larger dudes sorry but Hugo Boss is not going to look so good on you or fit so well.
Ben Sherman is another one of my favorites. Again they make more slim cut fitted shirts and track jackets. They use some great colorful plaid designs or just a classic solid color scheme with bright blues etc….

AG has a great line of slim fit jeans out called “protégé” they come in various colors to give a little life to your wardrobe. White is always a great spring/summer look and they have shades of green and tan etc…
Of course lines like Citizens of Humanity or Seven are hard to beat for style and fit but these AG jeans have been very nice and stylish.

Sunglasses; Burberry sport makes some stylish shades, Prada has a hot pair of white with red trim glasses and the aviator style certainly has made a huge comeback in the last year. If you really want to drop some coin the hottest pair of shades I’ve seen is some Tag Huer’s that actually are made with some rubber from high end racing tires.

As we roll into the spring and summer fashion of 2012 is ready for color and bright color is ready to change things up and go for a new look and spice it up. 80’s fashion is coming around again I’ve seen trends of this within some designs that designers have been going with. Of course the classic looks will always stand the test of time and always be safe bets but maybe for a little fun this season mix things up and try some loud color schemes and some new designs.

Whatever you go with, feel good, be comfortable and look hot!


Today’s workout:
2100 meters in the pool felt great just got out and went after it.
Then 8 miles of running on the awful treadmill in my new Nike Lunar Montreal shoes which running in those shoes was the highlight of the run as those things are great!! Thank goodness I can run fast cause I knocked out the 8 miles in 48 minutes and it felt easy and relaxed never pushed out of zone 3.


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