Running… Can be a study of life

23 Feb

Running a Study of Life…

I have been reading this book “Chi Running” really great book with a very interesting method to running. It’s not about training for marathons all though can be applied that way but more about running for many various reasons, could be racing, could be fitness, could be stress relief whatever it is. The concept of the book is to teach you how to correct running form and how you can run miles upon miles injury free. Many of the thoughts in the book make a lot of sense. There was a paragraph about running like when you were a kid. Remember when you were a kid and how free and effortless it was to run, we ran all the time from point A to point B we ran playing sports or just for the freedom to get outside and get lost. As a child we are carefree and have no fear we do things naturally and don’t think about it. But as we grow older we start to focus on how we do things and can develop bad habits bad form and those bad habits can create injury etc… So I find the book very interesting and maybe you will as well?

But a line I saw in the book today got me thinking. “Running can be a study of life itself”
Let’s think about that for a moment. How can running be a study of life? How does running apply to my life other than just fitness? Well running can become a way to test your limits as a person it can give you confidence it teaches you consistency and perseverance. When you are committed to your running and you get into a consistent pattern it can help channel that same action over into other things you do. The perseverance part really comes into play if you are training for an event with running as you want to grow as a runner and you test your limits you learn more and more about yourself and how far you’re willing to go to accomplish something. This easily translates over into your work life or family life whatever. Running can teach you a lot about yourself and what you are capable of. Some of my best moments, creative ones, ones that bring me great thoughts for my work life come while I’m running. Being out in the open air just running no worries, no phone, no computer nothing just clicking off miles and letting my mind wonder is so beneficial to my everyday life. Running has taught me that anything truly is possible. I remember getting ready for my first marathon and I thought “why would anyone want to run 26.2 miles?” “How am I going to run 26.2 miles?” well I did and I’ve done many more since then getting faster each time. That has taught me that if I put my mind to it if I stay focused and driven I can go after things and I can obtain them. The rhythm of running and the consistency of that daily run help get my day going and myself into a groove. No better way to kick off a day than with a morning run! Running can be so much more than just training for an event running can be that peaceful place for you, that relaxing free your mind time and while it does that for you it also makes you healthy not bad. Don’t look at running as a negative form of exercise you don’t like look at running as a study of your life as a way to learn about yourself and to go on and make improvements in other things you do daily. Running is powerful try it out and enjoy it! Be a kid again and just run free, run effortless and carefree.


Today was exactly that for me. I had planned to take the day off from training but after a morning of work and feeling the warm air I said I just have to run. So I headed out the door got 6 miles in quickly before going back to work and it was just so relaxing and free! It really helped clear my head and bring me back to the computer to get some things done with a fresh outlook.
I had no clear plan for the run, start easy which I did and see how it goes. I was feeling great after 3 miles that I picked up the pace some and went into some faster miles to finish the run a 6:05, 5:55, 6:09 and closed out the 6 miles with a 6:16 pace avg.
I love to run and can’t wait for my Friday morning run after teaching cycle class!


One Response to “Running… Can be a study of life”

  1. runninfromthelaw February 24, 2012 at 1:58 am #

    Totally agree. Running IS a study of life. Running has taught me all the things you say, plus some. It has taught me to relax. To enjoy myself. To believe in myself. To have confidence. And on and on.

    Let me borrow that book when you are done!

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